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The Louvre will open an exhibition of 15 pieces of the Portuguese Renaissance from the MNAA – Observador



The Louvre will open an exhibition of 15 pieces of the Portuguese Renaissance from the MNAA - Observador

In 2022, the Louvre in Paris will host an exhibition on ancient Portuguese painting, featuring 15 works from the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon, a source from the French institution told Lusa on Tuesday.

The exhibition will be held between June 10 and September 10, in the Richelieu wing of the Louvre, the most visited in the world.

The exhibition, which takes place as part of the season of the crusades of Portugal and France, cultural diplomacy between the two countries, will present about 15 paintings donated by the Are Antiga National Museum (MNAA) in Lisbon through partnership.

Very rarely represented or even identified in French museums, Portuguese painting deserves wider recognition: this presentation of fifteen very good quality painted panels donated by MNAA will be a revelation to the French public, ”the Louvre text stresses. at the exhibition, sent to Lusa agency.


Commissioned by Charlotte Chastel-Rousseau, curator of the painting department of the Museum of Paris – the largest art museum in the world, located in a historical monument of Paris – the exhibition is based on the scientific collaboration of this department and the Portuguese museum.

Visitors to the Louvre “will be able to discover exquisite and wonderfully executed paintings” by artists such as Nuno Gonçalves (active 1450 – until 1492), Jorge Afonso (active 1504-1540), Cristovan de Figueiredo (active 1515-1554) and Gregorio López (active 1513-1550) promotes the museum.

From the 1930 exhibition at Jeu de Paume in Paris on the Portuguese art of the discovery period, and from the most recent exhibitions in France (“Sun and Shadows: Portuguese Art of the 19th Century” in Paris, at the Musée du Petit Palais, in 1987, and Rouge et Or. Trésors du Portugal Baroque “, also in the capital of Paris, at the Museum Jacquemard-André, in 2001), which”this privileged period of the Portuguese Renaissance did not fit, still remembers the French museum.

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“Carrying out a very original synthesis of the pictorial inventions of the first Italian Renaissance and Flemish innovations imported by artists such as Jan Van Eyck, who stayed in Portugal from 1428-1429, the Portuguese school of painting took root from the mid-fifteenth century, in parallel with the enormous expansion of the Kingdom of Portugal.… Under the patronage of the kings D. Manuel I (1495-1521) and D. João III (1521-1557), who surrounded themselves with court artists and commissioned numerous altars, Portuguese painting experienced in the first half of the 16th century. a golden age, before it was overshadowed by the crisis of the Portuguese throne in 1580 and the annexation of Portugal by the Spanish crown, ”notes the Louvre as a historical basis in the text about this exhibition of Portuguese painting.

In this museum, the acquisition of some paintings, “in particular thanks to the generosity of donors, allowed us to begin sketching the history of this school with a small nucleus of four Portuguese paintings dating from the 15th-18th centuries”, the museum recalls that it contains about 38 thousand items from prehistoric times until the 21st century, exhibited on an area of ​​72,735 square meters.

The painting department also states in a document sent to Lusa that it wants to “continue to add to this collection. [de pinturas portuguesas]in accordance with the Louvre’s universal vocation and the requirement to offer the most complete panorama of European painting. “

The duration of this “dossier exhibition will also provide an opportunity to make famous the Portuguese paintings represented more widely in Franceas part of a project to identify Iberian paintings from French public collections, ”says the same source at the museum, which was visited by 9.6 million people in 2019.

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The exhibition is part of the France-Portugal cruzade season program, a cultural diplomacy initiative created with the aim of deepening relations between the two countries and which will run from February to October 2022 with exhibitions, shows and other events. events curated by director Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota, together with Manuela Judice and Victoire Bigedine Di Rosa, at the general commission.

Established in 1884, the MNAA has held the country’s most current public collection in the fields of painting, sculpture, decorative arts – Portuguese, European and expansionist – since Middle Ages to 19th century, including the largest number of pieces classified as “national treasures”, as well as the largest collection of Portuguese furniture.

The collection includes, in various fields, some reference works of the world’s artistic heritage, namely the Panels of San Vicente by Nuno Gonçalves, a masterpiece of 15th century European painting.

It also houses the Custodia of Belém, a piece of jewelery by Gilles Vicente carved by King Manuel I from 1506, and Namban screens from the late 16th century, documenting the presence of the Portuguese in Japan.

The triptych “The Temptations of St. Anthony” by Hieronymus Bosch, “St. Augustine” by Piero della Francesca, “Conversation” by Pietra de Hoja and “St. Jerome” by Albrecht Durer are some of the most famous works from the museum.

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Teodoro Obiang meets the Portuguese he saved from death | NEWS | DV



Teodoro Obiang meets the Portuguese he saved from death |  NEWS |  DV

Teodoro Obiang was received on Tuesday (28.06) at the headquarters of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), where, not to mention the process of abolition of the death penalty in his country, he promised to comply with all the necessary recommendations of the membership. by organization. .

“We are ready, we are organizing to fulfill all the conditions that all CPSG member countries demand,” the President of Equatorial Guinea said in press statements without the right to ask questions.

Accompanied by Zacarias da Costa, executive secretary of the CPLP, Obiang assured that Portuguese, considered a foreign language in Equatorial Guinea, is on the rise, mainly because many young people are already learning the language in schools.

“Portuguese will become the language spoken throughout the country,” he promised.

The President of Equatorial Guinea is in Portugal as one of the senior government officials invited to the United Nations Oceans Conference, which is taking place in Lisbon until 1 July.

The presidential delegation of Equatorial Guinea includes First Lady Constance Mangue, Foreign Minister Simeon Oyono Esono, and Mozambique Murade Muraga, former CPLP Executive Secretary, who serves as Obiang’s Special Adviser for the Portuguese Language.

Jorge Trabulo Marquez spent 38 days canoeing in the Atlantic Ocean.

The head of state of Equatorial Guinea held several bilateral meetings, including with the President of the UN General Assembly, Adullah Shahid; was at the International Craft Fair (FIA), this Wednesday will be received by his Portuguese colleague Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and will visit the Sanctuary of Fatima.

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“Obiang understood and set me free”

At the hotel where he was staying in Lisbon, Obiang received Portuguese journalist Jorge Trabulo Marques, who spent 47 years in prison in Malabo after 38 days of trying to cross the Atlantic by canoe from Sao Tome. . . .

Marquez says he was 30 years old at the time and it was Obiang, then supreme commander of the armed forces, who saved him from death.

“At that time, I was considered a spy because it was hard to believe that a European would sit in a canoe,” Jorge Trabulo Marquez told DW Africa.

“I was taken to Black Beach Maximum Security Prison and sentenced to hang. Five days later, while I was walking, the phone rang and it was Commander Obiang, the nephew of President Macias, who called me to his office to give the president a writ of execution.”

President of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang receives journalist Jorge Trabulo Marquez in Lisbon.

Meeting between President Teodoro Obiang and journalist Jorge Trabulo Marquez on Tuesday (28.06)

But Obiang, then 33, went against the execution order for his uncle Macias Nguema.

“Thank God he was understanding, he was generous, he took my word for it and set me free. I was here today to thank him for life because I saw death before me. Every night I heard piercing cries; terror prison. Whoever entered alive, came out in a tomb.”

At this meeting, the journalist expressed his gratitude by offering a picture painted with a portrait of a man who saved his life in a country where the Castilian language prevails and where the death penalty has not yet been completely abolished.

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Portuguese DJ Narciso among the first advertisements of the Polish festival Unsound – Showbiz



Portuguese DJ Narciso among the first advertisements of the Polish festival Unsound - Showbiz

Musician DJ Narciso is the only Portuguese name in the first group of artists at Poland’s Unsound festival, which will take place in Krakow in October, the organization announced today.

The Portuguese DJ Narciso appears in the dance program of the festival, reminiscent of the organization that is part of the Príncipe publishing house from Lisbon.

Narciso created RS Produções in Río de Mouro, municipality of Sintra, in the middle of the last decade, which he shares with Nuno Beats, DJ Nulo, DJ Lima and Farucox.

This year he released the EP “NXE” with London’s Endgame by Chinese publisher SVBKVLT. According to a biography available on Bandcamp at the time of launch, DJ Narciso is “bringing together a new wave of artists from Kuduro from Lisbon, [sendo] one of the youngest members of Príncipe who helped redefine the genre.”

One of the most influential European festivals, which annually collects names from various musical fields and commissions works by contemporary authors, Unsound will present projects in Krakow in its 20th edition, such as the premiere of Osmium, which features Hildur Guðnadóttir. , Slater of Sam Blanket and James Ginsburg, who will play with singer Rulli Shabara on instruments made especially for the occasion, according to a statement from the event.

Polish cellist and composer Resina will join Frenchman Aho San in the Ego Death project, also curated by Unsound.

The Contemporary Spółdzielnia ensemble, in turn, will present “Vitriolum”, in which musicians interpret works on 3D-printed instruments “based on Carpathian flutes and ancient double reeds.”

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From October 9 to 16, Unsound will also host Oren Ambarchi, Johan Bertling and Andreas Verlin as Ghosted, as well as Japanese solo artist Phew and more.

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Portuguese deep tech fund raises over €32m for blue economy projects



Portuguese deep tech fund raises over €32m for blue economy projects

The fund’s first investment in the blue economy and climate action is in Fuelsave, a German cleantech company.

Faber, a Portuguese emerging technology venture capital firm, announces that its Faber Blue Pioneers I fund exceeded its initial target of €30 million to close at €32 million.

Southern Europe’s first venture capital fund focused on “deep tech” for ocean sustainability and climate change has already made its first investment in Fuelsave, a German cleantech company.

Announced late last year, Faber Blue Pioneers I is funded by institutional investors with an impact strategy such as the European Investment Fund (FEI) and Portugal Blue, Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos (through its part of Movendo Capital), Builders Initiative (the philanthropic arm of Builders Vision, impact platform founded by Lucas Walton, dedicated to creating a more humane and healthy planet and with an investment strategy in the oceans), the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Champalimaux Foundation, as well as entrepreneurs Peter Reeve, co-founder of SolarCity, CEO of Aqualink and president of Sofar Ocean Technologies, and Pedro Bizarro , co-founder and chief scientist of Feedzai.

Thus, the fund completes its first closure with a core of investors who are in full agreement with the thesis of the fund, with sustainable and investment programs on a global scale in this area, accompanied by successful entrepreneurs who want to support and contribute to the sustainability of the oceans and climate action, which Faber hopes to leverage with additional investors to join the fund’s closed end by the end of 2022.

AI and climate and ocean data

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Faber combines a dedicated focus on early stage deep tech startups (pre-seed and seed) with thematic funds, teams and dedicated advisors who actively work with entrepreneurs to build global artificial intelligence (AI) and climate companies. and ocean data and technology.

The goal of the fund is to invest in a portfolio of 20-25 early stage companies that develop innovative high-tech solutions with global ambitions in areas such as blue biotechnology, food innovation, ocean clean-up technologies or the decarbonization of many industries. with a clear contribution to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals 13 and 14.

The fund is managed by a dedicated investment team led by Rita Souza and Carlos Esteban (Partners) and Bruno Ferreira (Venture Partner) with extensive experience in investment, entrepreneurship and technology. The team will work closely with a network of experts, including strategic adviser Thiago Pitta e Cunha (CEO of the Oceano Azul Foundation) and scientific advisors Susana Moreira and Joana Moreira da Silva (science and innovation researchers at Ciimar), as well as with other scientists and industry representatives. experts.

At the time of the first closing, the specialized investment group (based between Lisbon and Barcelona) analyzed more than 600 start-ups from all over Europe, with a particular focus on those starting in the Iberian Peninsula or elsewhere. geographically and who are looking for a suitable partner to expand their activities in Portugal and thus take advantage of the conditions that the country offers to launch high-tech and innovative projects in the blue economy.

The fund’s first investment was in Fuelsave, a German cleantech company focused on the decarbonization of the marine industry, and Faber already has additional investments nearing completion and to be completed over the next few weeks.

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“We are proud to announce Faber Blue Pioneers I’s first major plan above the original goal with a remarkable group of investors who share our strong belief that science and entrepreneurs can accelerate innovation and have a positive impact on ocean and climate resilience. action. We are also very pleased to welcome Fuelsave to the fund’s portfolio as we believe its team will pave the way for the decarbonization of the maritime industry,” says Alexandre Barbosa, Managing Partner of Faber.

Faber is the first Iberian partner of 1000 Ocean Startups, a global coalition of incubators, accelerators, venture capital funds and other platforms dedicated to accelerating innovation with a positive impact on the oceans and supporting at least 1000 startups that are transforming the sustainability of the oceans, oceans and making a significant contribution to the Goal. United Nations in the field of sustainable development 14.

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