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The big name in Portuguese badminton is back at the top of the world



The big name in Portuguese badminton is back at the top of the world

Farther and Up is a section of Maisfotebol that looks at athletes and other sports outside of football. Stories of effort, overcoming, success and difficulty.

And the wheel has never failed to lead a badminton career at the highest level.

Thelma Santos, 38 years old. Nearly 30 were associated with sports, for which she was encouraged by her uncle Fernando Silva. “This is my idol, there is no way out,” he shoots.

As a child, she saw him prepare for the Barcelona Games in 1992. And she also took on the racket to pursue a career full of national and international achievements. Among her extensive curriculum, she holds the record for 12 national championships, in addition to two trips to the Olympics in 2012 and 2016. First, in London, gave Portugal first Olympic victory

Earlier this month in Huelva, the city of the club he played for for seven years in the Spanish league, he returned to the top. At the World Championship among veterans there were world champion in category 35+ and once again felt the “special flavor” of international victories.

“This is not a world championship in which I would like to play, but what is happening – not to become a world champion, but to participate – has a special connotation, because I did not expect to become a world champion. I went because I wanted to have fun, to feel the adrenaline of playing with foreign athletes again. It was important, it made me happy and convinced me that my place was not in such championships yet, because I still have a high level, and I would have a high level if I continued to train in tough competitions before so far. to be on the big stage “, – considers more football

This did not happen after the career change. Not at the end, but at the end of the “one”. A problem with the Federation, which Thelma cannot appreciate, brought her to the end of a cycle that prevented her from competing for her third Olympic participation.

Earlier this month, Thelma Santos became the 35th + 35th World Veteran Badminton Champion (Huelva 2021 World Cup).

“I didn’t finish my career, it was more like the end of my career. In 2016, after the Games, I had a problem with the Federation that has not yet been resolved and prevented me from continuing to play at the highest level and try Tokyo. There will finally be a hearing on February 10, but deep down I’m not even sure what’s going on. I was just banned from training, budget issues, I don’t know. There is nothing to justify prosecuting an athlete because the athlete did nothing. I just want this issue to be resolved, ”guarantees who also changed their professional and personal life in 2017.

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Thelma from Peniche traveled north in search of experience as a coach at the invitation of Clube Badminton Gaia, which she left in 2019 to focus on her professional project in Pauvois de Varzines. “I have ambitions to help young people, and I accepted this project, but since I was in Povoa it was impossible to combine work with study – and when I do something that I like to do well – it was unfair that the coach sometimes I was late because I had a workout, and not just because of traffic jams. In the end, I abdicated the throne, and he was transferred to another coach, they are well placed. I am thinking about returning to the role of a coach in the future, this will be my project from the very beginning, ”she says.

In Povoa, where he lives and has a studio. personal trainerThelma reconciles this with badminton training in Esposende whenever she can. He only travels to Spain on the weekend to compete.

Maybe that’s why the preparation for this World Championship was completely different. “I was an athlete who used to train twice a day, five to six times a week, and that stopped happening when I came from Rio. I have to work and find a way to train. Sometimes you could not train every day, sometimes you could only walk for half an hour and had to come back because it was someone else to train [ndr: no estúdio]», Reports who has never dropped badminton since 2016. The trip to Spain was victorious at the IES Badminton La Orden.

“Except last year, we were national champions six times, the club represented Spain in the European Cup, and in order to play in Spain, I have to show a good level. Only the location of the training has changed. Also quality, because I stopped training with my coach because I was far away. So, I have always had a connection with badminton. I stopped playing in Portugal, representing the national team, but continued to train because I always believed that everything would be resolved quickly and that I could try Tokyo right away. Unfortunately, it did not happen. From now on, I will probably be doing more coaching and doing my own project, but it will need to be thought out calmly in order for everything to be good, ”he emphasizes.

“Portugal has improved, but we need to work and sometimes look at Spain.”

From the height of his undeniable experience and the path traveled, Telma believes that “the panorama of Portugal in promoting this sport has improved”, but claims that athletes need more. Even because in Portugal “it is impossible to live off badminton.”

“I think that what we give to our athletes is still not enough, we need to work harder and sometimes take a little closer look at neighboring Spain and the work they are doing working together to promote the athletes. I will not say that there were no improvements. Although it is far away, I can see that there is, and it makes me happy. I hope they are better, otherwise the modality will fall apart a little, and I’m sorry, ”explains one who emphasizes the importance of“ returning to an Olympic athlete ”.

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At this week’s World Cup, in which Thelma would like to participate, Portugal have already completed their participation with Adriana and Sonia Gonçalvesami and Bernardo Atilano. An adventure that also accompanied. “I always follow, maybe I was more silent, because I would also like to try myself at the Olympic Games, but our athletes have nothing to do with it. With this participation, I wish Sonya did not qualify in the singular, she is an athlete who works hard, she and Adriana who have their own jobs and who, like me, are devoted to badminton, who make the effort to train and work. We have Bernardo, who is growing strongly, who was close to going to Tokyo, I hope he can get to Paris, and he and Duarte Angio, two promising and talented athletes. In women, I don’t know what will happen, I hope the girls are trying. “

Future and message to young people

How long do you plan to play? One of Thelma’s last questions about … the end of the Spanish League season in the summer of 2022.

“It will depend on how the league ends, I am thinking of leaving at the end of this season or playing another one. It will depend on how things go and how I feel. To represent this club, you need to have it at a good level, because that’s what they deserve. If you feel that your head and legs are moving in a way that makes this club happy, I will think for another year, because I am happy to play there. If I feel that my job does not allow me to train the way I want and how I want, I have to be right with my club and say that I have reached the end of my career. I would like to continue, but I also have to think that the life of an athlete is more than badminton, ”he admits, leaving a message for those who want to succeed.

“Badminton is cute and demanding. Contrary to what most people think, it takes physical and mental effort. Who loves and has ambitions and dreams … must be persistent, a fighter, remain humble, remember where they came from, that the path is long, always respect the athletes they face, the coaches and refuse so many small wars that Sometimes we come into sports and doing something healthy, ambitious and purposeful. That they are fighting for their dreams, but rightly so, ”he concludes.

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Always with racket and handlebars in hand.

Thelma Santos at the 2012 Olympics (Andres Leighton / AP)


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In a match in which he had 36 minutes to his credit, the Portuguese made eight of 14 field goals and two free throw attempts, and added four assists and two tackles.

After a great game a week ago against the same opponent, with 38 points and 18 rebounds, Nimias was once again the top scorer for the Sacramento Kings second team.

However, this time around, the Portuguese lost the post battle to James Wiseman, number two in the 2020 NBA Draft, who added 24 points and 13 rebounds, in a game in which he converted 11 of 13 “shots” from the field attempt.

The Stockton Kings are now four wins and five losses, fourth in the Western Division, with the Santa Cruz Warriors in fourth with five wins and six losses.

Nehemiah, who went through Barreirense and Benfica in training, has extended his contract with the Kings through the 2022/23 season, re-signing a two-way deal that allows him to play for the first team as well as the secondary side Stockton Kings of the League. G.

The 2.13-meter Pole, 22, became the first Portuguese to join an NBA team since being selected 39th overall by the Sacramento Kings in the 2021 draft on July 29 in New York.

As a rookie (2021-22), Nimias played 15 games for the Kings in which he scored 45 points (average 3.0), 31 rebounds (2.1), eight tackles (0.5) and six assists. (0.4) out of 119.34. minutes (8.0).

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In the 2022/23 season, the Portuguese has not yet been called up to a single game for the Sacramento Kings, who remain in seventh place in the NBA Western Conference (11 wins and nine losses).

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