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Shouldn’t you trust? Four Signs of the Dark Side of Friendship



Shouldn't you trust?  Four Signs of the Dark Side of Friendship

V the horoscope gives us hints. It serves to describe the lifestyle of each sign or to indicate its features. And it’s as seductive as it is demotivating, as this article shows.

The sign specialist at Metro World News points out, for example, four signs that cannot be trusted in friendship. See below if you know someone like this:

Taurus (april 21 – may 20)

A Taurus native will forever remain among these friends. He is good at keeping secrets and loyal, but when he feels that he is not a priority, he discovers the worst in himself.

Crab (June 21 to July 21)

The crab is one of the best friends a person can have, but he is also quite ambitious, which makes him turn to the “right” people for your own benefit.

Gemini (may 21 – june 20)

Gemini don’t shy away from outsmarting others in order to take a few steps in friendship.

Sagittarius (november 22 – december 21)

Sagittarius is the soul of the party and is always surrounded by friends. However, his priorities are constantly changing, so he may not always be present in difficult times. His detachment and difficulty with dramas render him emotionless.

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Tony Khan bans William Regal from WWE



Tony Khan bans William Regal from WWE

O Tony Khan has confirmed the return of William Regal to WWE. already media challenge which served to promote Final battle next Saturday.

even during this media challengethe AEW president also stated that he “banned” William Regal from appearing on AEW programming. WWE.

In response to journalist David Bixenspan, Tony Khan stated that there is a clause in the dismissal of the Englishman that does not allow him to appear on WWE television programs for the next year.

Tony Khan explained that it only made sense under such circumstances to let the Englishman go, and also stated that it would not ease all the “family gatherings” that AEW wrestlers might need.

Tony Khan also expressed some surprise and dissatisfaction that WWE used a montage of William Regal yelling “WAR GAMES!” to promote the Survivor Series.

What do you think of this Tony Khan “ban”?

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Barbara Norton de Matos shines with her sensual look



Barbara Norton de Matos shines with her sensual look

The actress and businesswoman announces the Christmas set of her new fragrance on social media and on rock music. Barbara Norton de Matos opts for black for a sensual look. Watch the video and confirm!

The actress wears a sensual top with a plunging neckline.

Barbara Norton de Matos shakes social media with her sensual look. So the actress and businesswoman presents a Christmas set created in partnership with another brand.

On your page InstagramBarbara writes: “The dream Christmas gift has arrived: a box of cologne, body oil and linen!”

Watch the video and see how amazing the actress looks!

Barbara Norton de Matos it also shows that it is the perfect set for women to take care of themselves. She adds: “Use this kit to rediscover yourself and find the confident, fearless and daring woman that you are.”

Finally, the actress leaves a message: “Prioritize yourself, and this is the first step to defeating self-love.”

Thus, and taking into account the pictures, the actress’s followers did not spare praise for her good physical shape. “Beautiful”, “Sensual”, “More beautiful”, “Big Woman”… these are some of the words of praise.

Check out the image gallery we have prepared for you!

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Vanessa Martins has a new boyfriend? Tips in pictures



Vanessa Martins has a new boyfriend?  Tips in pictures

Vanessa Martins saw your relationship with Miguel Angelo will end in April this year. In October influential person and business woman Turns out he doesn’t have a boyfriend 🇧🇷 Just in September there were rumors that she was in love David Soaresbetter known DavidGYT🇧🇷 But, despite the statements, there seems to be no doubt that both are getting closer. See how to find out who David Soares is.

In addition to the constant exchange Like in every publication Instagram there are even comments with hearts to the photos of both. But the details don’t end there, as Fama discovered. Last month, Vanessa Martins shared a video with several photos and the following caption: “Putting together the perfect weekend🇧🇷 And there is more evidence. Now see:

Image posted by David Soares, in exactly the same location, wearing the same shirt and watch (reproduction on Instagram)

And more. Last Tuesday, the 6th, it could be seen that David Soares would be working at the businesswoman’s house, as he revealed on his social media. Considering that Vanessa Martins has already shared several photos of her home, it’s not hard to see the similarities in decor such as the sofa, coffee table, carpet, entrance, and other details.

Now see:

(replay on instagram)
(replay on instagram)

And, as he also revealed on Tuesday, David Soares will be cooking dinner for two at Vanessa Martins’ home. Compare the video shared by David Soares with the image of her kitchen (below) that the businesswoman has already shown.

Watch the video shared by David Soares:

Who is David Soares?

You may have already heard of David Soares. Not? Does DavidGYT does that tell you anything? In 2021 youtuber it was news in the country. According to Renaissanceowned weaving and promised clients that they would achieve “€5 million in less than six years”.

The Youtuber receives a commission for every client that links to an international BDSwiss website that does not comply with European regulations and allows leverage up to 1:500. In 2019 alone, he earned 1.2 million euros.” said the radio at the time.

Facing controversy, David Soares was absent from social media for a year and a half, returning to YouTube November 6th. 🇧🇷A comeback that took months to plan and is finally underway. Thanks to everyone who has been waiting. The best is yet to come…” wrote in the comments.

Five days later her story and testimony were purpose of the podcast Extremely unpleasant.

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