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Samsung officially confirms its participation at CES 2022



On January 4, on the 0th day of the International Consumer Electronics Show, a presentation entitled “Together for Tomorrow” will take place in Las Vegas.

A Samsung he regularly participates in various technology conferences, presenting his new products and technologies to the public. The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which takes place in January in Las Vegas, is no exception. It is set to start on January 5, 2022, but the South Korean giant is unlikely to be showing any significant products at the event.

On January 4, on the 0th day of the International Consumer Electronics Show, a presentation entitled “Together for Tomorrow” will take place in Las Vegas. To tell a wider audience “how you can help build a more sustainable planet,” the company’s vice president and head of mobile will appear on the show. “Showcase personalized and connected experiences that can enrich people’s lives,” the company promises.

In this article, you will find:

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE debuts at CES 2022

Expected that Samsung Galaxy S21 FE disclosed on January 4th with a high probability of being shown publicly. This smartphone will be equipped with screen 6.4-inch AMOLED with 120Hz refresh rate, chipset Snapdragon 888 Where Exynos 2100, 6/8 GB RAM and 128/256 GB storage, 32MP front camera and 12MP triple rear camera + 12MP + 8MP, as well as a 32MP front camera.

Samsung officially confirms its participation at CES 2022 1

capacity drums it should be at least 4370mAh and it should be able to charge quickly at a rate of at least 25W. The smartphone is expected to be the company’s first smartphone to ship with Android It has 12 preinstalled.

Apple will overtake Samsung in the last quarter of the year

Wait – i know Apple surpass Samsung as the world’s largest smartphone supplier in the fourth quarter of this year. This forecast was made by the company analysis TrendForce and is based on supply chain data regarding smartphone manufacturing scale. A recent report predicts that the share Apple the smartphone market will grow to 23.1% in the fourth quarter of this year, analysts say.

Samsung officially confirms its participation at CES 2022 2

Combination of high demand for iPhones during the holiday quarter and better supply chain management than the competition should help Apple to break with the leading positions in the next quarters. Despite some improvements, economic uncertainty and component shortages continue to hold back smartphone sales in the short term, according to TrendForce. On the other hand, negative factors had a significantly smaller impact on Apple than other smartphone manufacturers. The company introduced four new devices in the series iPhone 13 during the third quarter of the year. In the same third quarter, production iPhones increased by 22.6% over the previous three months, reaching 51.5 million units worldwide.

Wait – i know Apple According to analysts, the last quarter will be especially successful. According to TrendForce Supply Chain Reports, Samsung, a Oppo, a Xiaomi it’s in Vivo sales are expected to decline in the fourth quarter, while market share Apple will increase from 15.9% in the third quarter to 23.2% in the fourth quarter. As a result, it will be enough to allow Apple surpass Samsung and take first place in the global smartphone market.

Galaxy S22 Note?

A few days ago, we learned about the lecturer on the social network. Twitter, what Samsung decided not to run the model Galaxy S22 Ultra, reborn to name Note, and thus became known as Galaxy S22 Note… telephones Galaxy laptopas we know, has always been the more powerful version of the S series. They were a great way to get the most up to date hardware of the year, but they also brought some small improvements over the S series, which usually debuted a few months earlier. Note phones have also been designed with performance in mind, with dedicated S Pen slots that Galaxy S21 Ultra as if Pleated 3 they still don’t.

Samsung officially confirms its participation at CES 2022 3

Remember that the latest model Samsung It was Galaxy Note 20which was released in August 2020, after which the Note line was phased out in favor of foldable devices. However, many have argued that folding models like the series Galaxy z fold e Z Flip still do not replace the series Note. V Galaxy z fold it even has S Pen support, but that has never been its strong suit.

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Google plans to double sales of Pixel phones by 2023



Imagem de: Google pretende dobrar vendas de celulares Pixel em 2023

BUT Google set ambitious targets for the company’s smartphone division for 2023. Nikkei Asiagiant’s goal is to sell twice as many Pixel phones next year compared to the expected figures for 2022.

To achieve this goal, the manufacturer has already ordered more than 8 million units of models. Pixel 7 e Pixel 7 Pro, submitted this Thursday (6) along with other proprietary devices, like a tablet this is smart watch.

Furthermore, over 4 million units on one “The cheapest pixel” would also have been ordered for an early 2023 launch. So far, there is no word from the company about launching another smartphone in the coming months.

The previous generation of mobile phone brands, Pixel 6 It was the fastest selling Google smartphone in history. The last cheapest model was Pixel 6awhich has been sold since the second half of this year.

However, it is worth remembering that the company sells these and other models only in selected markets, which does not include Brazil. With ambitious plans, perhaps in the future the company will begin to bring devices to other markets.

The original report contains the same information from two different sources on the subject, but Google hasn’t commented on the case.

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GAME BOOSTERS improve mobile performance? We have tested!



GAME BOOSTERS improve mobile performance?  We have tested!

Do you know that little window that stays open on your mobile when you go to play? Today we will study it in detail. Game Boosters, do these gaming performance apps work or is it all bullshit and placebo effect? This is what we are going to discover today at Roda Liso.

GAME BOOSTERS work or not?

Some time ago I was tagged in a group Smooth wheel in Telegram I suggest testing gaming accelerators from smartphone brands if this feature really delivers better performance while gaming. So I went there with all the fun, I set aside some time a day to test the game with and without the booster activated and was amazed: NOTHING CHANGED! That’s all for today, until the next video…

But calm down, let’s figure out what does not work out? Check it out, Game Booster is a smartphone app that allows you to clear memory and optimize gaming performance. What it does is eliminate programs running in the background and give priority to the running game. Having said that, I end here and point out that the difference between turning the game booster on and off when your mobile is already well prepared to run the game is minimal, something like 3, 4 frames.

real test

But I decided to go further: and if you test a smartphone in two extreme and absurd situations? My first game was with the included game booster, everything was fine, the games started as they should. The second game was made to fully extrapolate the BASIC RULES OF THE WORLD: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Camera and a bunch of other things running in the background.

tested smartphones

We use smartphones from three different brands and three games on each of them. Brands Samsungas Galaxy S22, Motorolaas Edge 30 e xiaomias SMALL F4. We have selected 3 of the hardest games we know: Genshin Impact, Life After and Tower Of Fantasy.

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Samsung Galaxy S22

Genshin Impact

With graphics set to maximum quality, we got the result 58 FPS average with 91% stability without using Game Booster.

With Game Booster activated, we had a much better result, 60 frames at 99% stability. The question here is not what Booster does, but how its performance is affected by the simultaneous execution of several applications.

fantasy tower

We also played Tower Of Fantasy at max with 90 FPS turned on. Here we had a big difference in results, since without Game Booster we achieved an average of 39 frames with 77% stability.

Now that all inclusive is nice, take 60 average frames, 79% stability. You can see on your own a clear difference between the two gameplays, without a booster everything is much worse.

Life after

In Life After, the overall result hasn’t changed much, but you can see very obvious performance differences just by filming the gameplay itself. Without Game Booster and with maximum graphics, we averaged 42 frames with 69% stability.

With the booster activated, we scored 45 frames, 74% stability. Okay, the difference in numbers is not that big, but the experience during the game, the feeling of performance, it’s very noticeable, since Game Booster has eliminated a lot of those crashes and stutters that we had.


Genshin Impact

POCOs usually have a slightly more advanced Game Booster system than other brands as it shows FPS, CPU usage and allows us to create performance optimization profiles for each game. In Genshin, when everything is at its maximum, With Game Booster off and a few apps running in the background, we got an average frame rate of 48 with 91% stability.

It didn’t change much after enabling Booster, but we did get a stability boost with less FPS fluctuations: 48 medium frames, 98% stability.

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fantasy tower

In Tower Of Fantasy we got the opposite result. The game started playing at 53 FPS at 84% stability with Game Booster disabled.

Shortly after performance 52 frames at 71% with him. The booster didn’t affect Tower of Fantasy, it probably happens to other games as well, as it’s not possible to match the application with all existing games.

Life after

In Life After, the difference was minimal, with a POCO score 36 fps on average, 99% stability initially, no booster enabled.

With the application running, we reached the average value 39 FPS, 98% stability. You can see that the change happened in a different way, not for stability, but for rawer FPS, which is also always welcome.

Motorola Edge 30

Genshin Impact

The Edge 30 uses a different boost method than I’m used to seeing, you’ll notice the results we got. In our Genshinzer we took 46 average frames, 97% stability with Game Booster off and complete nonsense running in the background.

Now, by activating “high performance mode”, the result changes dramatically, it’s even funny how it works. We took an average of 57 frames with 97% stability.what a miracle,

fantasy tower

In Tower Of Fantasy, I can already say that we didn’t have much difference, no. With everything off and apps running in the background, we averaged 57 FPS with 87% stability.

When high performance mode is enabled we achieved a frame rate of 59 with 100% stability. What I noticed the most here is the consistency of the frames, they changed less, but otherwise the result was the same.

Life after

The last test video is here, let’s go. Without the booster, we got a low frame rate of 31 frames with 99% stability.quite a nasty performance to play, let’s face it.

After turning on Game Booster, we achieved a very satisfactory result. 49 average FPS with 93% stability. This was one of the games where I noticed the biggest difference in high performance mode, obviously the extra smoothness the optimizer gave us.

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What did you understand?

Many people are biased towards mobile phone optimizers because most of the time it seems like they don’t do anything. Both Nicholas and I hated these Lifetime Game Boosters because we thought they did nothing but turn off notifications and close background apps.

Turns out we’ve been wrong all along (partly because there are still some game boosters out there that actually just clear the RAM and mute the phone). In this series of tests, we proved two points: playing with many applications in the background affects its performance and that optimizers really help.

The important detail is that A LITTLE this is Motorola warn us that smartphone can get very hot using “gaming way”, which happened. Keep in mind that enabling these performance options will cause your finger to burn from the hot screen, and that’s the price you pay for a few extra frames.

Now we have an additional question for you: who was the most impressed with the results? O Edge 30 by Motorola, to be sure. I was horrified by the jump in smoothness that the Edge 30 made when I turned on the “high performance” option, the difference in frames is instantaneous. But one cannot ignore A LITTLE, with its customization menu giving us the option to create specific profiles for every game we play. Another point to note about POCO is that its performance has stayed the same with apps running in the background and Game Enhancer enabled, which means this device handles background operations better and already has very high performance in pattern mode.

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Xaiomi is launching its latest product in Europe, the Redmi Buds 4 Pro, with up to 36 hours of battery life.



Xaiomi is launching its latest product in Europe, the Redmi Buds 4 Pro, with up to 36 hours of battery life.


The brand has just launched the product overseas and there is no word yet on when it will launch in Brazil.


Xiaomi showed the world its new product, last Tuesday (4), the global version of their Redmi Bud 4 Pro headphones without the manufacturer’s premium wire. With a battery that can last an incredible 36 hours, the device will be connected via Bluetooth 5.3 and the high-definition LDAC codec. The product also features water and dust resistance, as well as active noise suspension capability that uses artistic intelligence to eliminate outside noise up to 43db.

The launch was only announced abroad, in Europe, with a suggested price of around 90 euros (about 463 reais at the current price without taxes). However, there is no information about the arrival of new items in Brazil yet. However, its consumers are already looking forward to the novelty.

Redmi Buds 4 Pro are TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds containing two diposros speakers on each side: a large 10mm diameter aluminum one and a smaller 6mm titanium one, which can be used to play higher sounds. However, the device is compatible with Sony’s LDAC codec, capable of playing files at up to 990 kbps, but in this particular configuration, the device will have to compete with this codec. Redmi Bud still supports AAC and SBC codecs and has an immersive mode very similar to Airpods Space Audio.

The brand, in addition to the value for the consumer, compatible in many models with his income, is loved by the public for presenting excellent telephone devices and always with the most modern accessories. The company is one of the most popular brands in the country, ranking 3rd behind Motorola and Samsung by 11.45%.

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