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James Webb Telescope Ready to Explore the Universe – Current Events



James Webb Telescope Ready to Explore the Universe - Current Events

Takeoff should take place “as soon as possible, with the launch window starting at 12:20 GMT, the European Space Agency (ESA) said Wednesday. According to NASA, the window will be 32 minutes.”

The James Webb Telescope will follow in the footsteps of the mythical Hubble, seeking to clarify two important questions: “Where did we come from?” and “Are we alone in the universe?” – summed up NASA astrophysicist Amber Strawn at a press conference in early December.

Conceived in 1989 and named “JWST” (James Webb Space Telescope, after the former director of NASA), the telescope was developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

Its development was overshadowed by many problems that delayed release for years and quadrupled its initial cost to $ 10 billion.

The device was manufactured in the United States and will be launched in Kourou, French Guiana, aboard an Ariane 5 rocket.

– Revolution –

“We are very excited, we have been waiting for this moment for a long time,” Pierre Ferruil, one of the scientists in charge of the telescope project at ESA, explained to AFP.

For Ferruit, as for many other scientists and engineers, this mission represents a career achievement.

The watch list is growing and the ESA has already received over 1,000 requests in its first year alone.

For the scientist, this shows that “the questions with which Webb was created are still relevant” 20 years later. ”

This “shared observatory” is unmatched in both size and complexity, equipped with a huge mirror made up of 18 hexagonal segments. Its diameter is 6.5 meters, which is three times that of the Hubble.

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The mirror is so large that it had to be folded like origami to fit on the ship that will take you into space. Once you reach your destination, the placement operation is extremely delicate, as your umbrella is the size of a tennis court.

This “giant” will be placed in the orbit of the Sun, about 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, far surpassing Hubble, located “only” 600 kilometers from our planet.

Webb’s location, known as Lagrange 2, was carefully chosen. Its position allows “Earth, Sun and Moon to be on the same side of your umbrella, which allows you to stay in the dark and in extreme cold,” explains Pierre Ferruy.

Thus, the telescope will be protected from any interference, which is a sine qua non of its great mission: to track the invisible world of infrared rays, a spectrum to which Hubble has no access.

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Huawei presents several new products in Berlin – Gadgets & Lifestyle



Huawei presents several new products in Berlin - Gadgets & Lifestyle

Huawei presented several news this Wednesday, with a special focus on the announcement of the new Matebook 16s, Matebook D 16, FreeBuds Pro 2 and MateView SE. beginning with FreeBuds Pro 2, according to the brand, offers users superior sound quality in a product with an “elegant design that, together with the innovative technology specific to Huawei TWS earbuds, delivers realistic and outstanding sound.” Developed in partnership with Devialet, the FreeBuds Pro 2 features a unique Ultra-Hearing True Sound Dual Driver system that intelligently coordinates the two drivers to create perfect harmony for outstanding sound quality. They have a launch date in Portugal on July 15 with a suggested retail price of €219.99. As for the MateBook, the most expensive is Mattbook 16s, which will go on sale July 12, priced from €1699 (Intel 12gen i9 series H/16+1TB/Touch/EVO) to €1899 (Intel 12gen i7 series H/16+1TB/Touch/EVO) . These are two lightweight laptops (1.99 kg) with the promise of extremely high performance (thanks to the use of a 12th generation Intel Core processor) and a 16-inch FullView screen with a resolution of 2520 x 1680 and 100% sRGB. color gamut, contrast ratio 1500:1, pixel density 189 PPI and maximum brightness 300 nits.

O Matebuk D 16, starting July 18, will be sold at two prices – 1299 euros (Matebook D16 Intel 12gen I7/16/512) and 979 euros (Matebook D16 Intel 12gen I5/16/512), and also has a 16-inch FullView screen. As for the processor, it is equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core H-series processor and comes in a lightweight metal case, which allows it to weigh only 1.7kg.

To close, MateView SE. It should arrive in Portugal in August, a date yet to be confirmed, and will be priced between €189 and €209. This is an eye-protecting monitor that now features more vibrant colors, promising to provide users with an even more immersive and professional experience. At 23.8 inches, it has received TÜV Rheinland low blue light and flicker free certifications and SGS Low Visual Fatigue certification and offers superior performance and screen quality – not only does it support 1920 x 1080 Full HD screen resolution, but it also also supports 90% of the P3 color gamut and covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut.

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Pokémon Go studio closes projects and lays off more than 80 employees



Pokémon Go studio closes projects and lays off more than 80 employees

Credit: Disclosure / Niantic

Niantic, the studio primarily responsible for Pokémon Go, is having a hard time finding its next big game. And new information shows the studio has canceled several projects and laid off team members to “downsize and streamline” operations.

The San Francisco-based company laid off 85 to 90 direct jobs and canceled the development of four games, including the game transformers announced in 2021 under the title Heavy metalaccording to a Bloomberg report earlier today.

Transformers: Heavy Metal beta gameplay

Niantic faces turbulent times ahead, CEO says

Bloomberg reported that Niantic CEO John Hanke sent an email to the team saying the company “I am facing a turbulent economic time” and that after cutting costs, Niantic will still be needed “a further downgrade of our performance to better prepare for future economic storms”

The other three canceled games featured names such as Blue sky e Snowballin addition to the game called Hamletwhich will be a studio collaboration with a theater company called PunchDrunk.

Niantic had great success in 2016 with the release of Pokémon Go, but has not been able to replicate that success with any other game since. In 2019, the studio released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which never gained a massive player base and was discontinued earlier this year. The studio even released games based on Pikmin e Catanwhich also failed.

Kotaku contacted a Niantic representative who confirmed the layoffs and also confirmed that support for Pokémon Go will continue.

“We recently decided to stop production on some projects and cut our workforce by around 80% to focus on our key priorities,” tell us about Niantic. “We are grateful for the contributions of those leaving Niantic, and we will be here to support them through this difficult transition.”

The studio also told Kotaku that this change will help Niantic focus on “new experience” in that “will continue to invest in the future of augmented reality”.

Personally, I do not see how an 80% reduction in staff will lead to any growth in the company, usually the opposite is true. Who knows how long Pokémon Go will be long enough to pay Niantic’s bills, but mass layoffs are never a good sign.

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The launch of the new device is causing “buzz” among users, with a possible price leaked through the website.




The GSMArena website has leaked information that the starting price in India should be around 31,000 rupees.

Photo: Sanjeev Velmurugan/Getty Images for Nothing
Photo: Sanjeev Velmurugan/Getty Images for Nothing

It’s impossible to talk about great mobile phone brands without mentioning Apple, Samsung, Motorola e xiaomi. Not Brazilaccording to a number of studies, android prevails in several regions, as many devices with the system tend to be more popular and affordable. Other models such as LG e Nokiarun outside in the “race of giants”.

Still without much information or launch details Nothing Phone 1 creates huge expectations around the new device. Thousands of brand fans Nothing ready to invest a lot of money, especially in auctions. Web site ‘GSMArena’ leaked that the starting price should be around 31 thousand rupees No India (or 2064 reais in Brazil).

This value will be from 8 GB RAM e 128 GB storage. Model with 12 GB e 256 GBon the other hand, it can reach 36 thousand rupees (2397 reais). According to “Technical Radar”one hundred units Nothing Phone 1 were put up for auction before release. Some users even bid higher 3 thousand dollars (15,796 reais).

For those who don’t know Nothing is a new brand founded by the Swedish Carl Pei. Some rumors circulating on the internet indicate that the device will have AMOLED from 6.43 inches with permission FullHD+ and update frequency 90 Hzin addition to the main camera 50 MP and battery 4.500 mAh. He must also leave the factory running Android 12.

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