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How Jupiter in Pisces can ruin your sign



How Jupiter in Pisces can ruin your sign

Jupiter, the planet that reinforces the theme of the sign it passes through, will enter Pisces this Wednesday (12/29), where it will remain until May 10, 2022. And at the end of 2022, after spending a season in Aries, the giant returns to Pisces (from 10/28/2022 to 12/20/2022).

It’s all about here Jupiter in Pisces 2022… Then see how traffic can affect your life, but also watch out here are the predictions of signs for 2022


Jupiter’s sojourn in Pisces will require the Aryans and Aryans to withdraw in order to end and close the cycles at the beginning (before May) and at the end of the year (after October). This way, you will be able to use the energy of Jupiter for the remainder of 2022 to search for experiences and projects. This will be critical to delivering results in 2023.

The idea is to work on internalizing and developing projects so that when Jupiter enters Aries, you can make your plans a reality.

Use this time to reflect and plan your wishes and dreams. It’s time to get ready, think about each step, and get ready for the start of the great blessed phase of your year, which will be Jupiter in Aries.

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Jupiter in Pisces for the Taurus person means opportunities for expansion and growth, in many ways related to the people with whom you can communicate, your networks, your social networks.

Future projects should also be very Pisces-like, helping other people, giving, moving, captivating and healing. The more they are associated with a cause, the more they will strive to work and advance.

Try to open up to friendships and charitable projects. Choose exchange relationships, generosity, but not just donations. Taurus and Taurus need to learn how to give and receive. The key word in your 2022 year is reciprocity.

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Jupiter in Pisces influences questions about Gemini’s career. During this period, there may be many opportunities for professional growth.

If you are not working, you can start during this period. And even those who are already working can find great purpose not only in what you do professionally, but in your life in general.

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This period is also great for traveling, taking courses, learning a language, and even becoming more active in religion.

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Jupiter in Pisces means that you, Cancer, have excellent periods for looking for new experiences, intellectual development, for example, taking courses or traveling.

A great time to focus on wisdom. Try to do your best to expand your cultural, philosophical, religious, or even professional field. It will even be very productive to transfer knowledge.

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a lion

After spending a year with Jupiter focusing on their relationship, the now expanding planet will be giving out money and values ​​to each other, especially in early and late 2022.

Sales, commissions, variable income, and even partner money can go up. However, since this is a monetary realm that is in the hands of other people associated with you (including loans), great care must be taken so that the increase in resources is not only indirect.

To reap the benefits of Jupiter in Pisces, Leo people can learn more about equity investment.

Also, anyone who belongs to Leo will see that their closeness, sex, and childbirth are also highlighted by Jupiter in Pisces. 2022 can be stressful in the sexual realm, but it can also be a year to try to better understand what’s going on in the realm.

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Jupiter will be in Pisces at the beginning and end of the year. This means that for those who are Virgo, opportunities for expansion and growth will have a lot to do with relationships and partnerships.

This is a great time to meet and network with influencers who see value in you and who can open doors or act as a bridge for your expansion, both on a personal and professional level.

On the other hand, ask yourself about your existing relationship with a partner, friends, clients, partners, co-workers, or bosses: To what extent are you giving too much of yourself to the other person?

The issue of justice has a lot to do with Jupiter and his realm of relationships. Hence, thinking about a fair relationship (or not) should be very obvious. Take the opportunity to learn everything you can about the affective area, whether in courses, through observation, experience, or talking with others, including the therapist, about relationships.

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Routine and your health are emphasized in 2022 with the Jupiter period in Pisces, Libra and Libra. You already announced this in 2021, from May to July. What happened during this period to your daily life and your health? You may now have more of this.

You may feel like you are working too hard and have little time for pleasure. Remember that profit is guaranteed if you work hard, invest in knowledge and self-knowledge.

This is a great time in terms of partnerships, contracts, negotiations and stable relationships.

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Jupiter in Pisces is a great time to be more confident and engage in activities that give you pleasure, such as hobbies, romance, and sex.

Relationship with children is also evident. You may be spending more time with your kids, your caregivers, and whatever else you can do to keep your inner child entertained and entertained. But it can also be very beneficial for anyone looking to have children, be it pregnancy or adoption.

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If you want to have kids, enjoy the season of Jupiter in Pisces, which runs from the beginning of the year to May 10 and back from October 28 to December 20. Now, if you don’t want to have children, be careful!

Moving home (even to a city or country!) Or expanding your current home are also great opportunities at this time for Sagittarius and Sagittarius. It’s also a good time to have fun with your family!

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Jupiter in Pisces is a place that can support and promote growth – if you follow this movement, Capricorn and Capricorn.

This is a combination that allows you to make your dream (Pisces) come true (Capricorn). This is the realization of dreams and expansion, mainly in the field of study, work, connections and in their own spirituality.

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Jupiter in Pisces will strongly emphasize the use of talents and how Aquarians and Aquarians use them.

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In 2021, Jupiter in Aquarius lifted the spirits and lifted all the energy of those born in the sign of Aquarius. And Jupiter in Pisces will ensure the continuity of this energy. In other words, everything that you started or defeated with Jupiter in your sign, now is the time for continuity and realization.

It’s time to bring your plan to life and bring it to life, Aquarius and Aquarius!

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The year Jupiter passes over our Sun or Ascendant begins a cycle of growth, expansion and progress that will last 12 years. Although the planet will pass through Aries in 2022 (May 10 – October 28), it will be a year for swimming pools and Pisces with more hope, faith, expansion and opportunity.

Jupiter will work, opening doors of Pisces for you. Thus, travel opportunities may arise for professionals and students. Anything that brings growth and has a higher purpose can be sown.

The main concern is not to scatter the seeds too much or scatter them. This is why it is important to think about what makes the most sense and what motivates you to invest in it and harness the full power of Jupiter.

Jupiter is also highly associated with travel. If the pandemic continues to interfere with your plans, take the opportunity to learn a different language, not necessarily traveling but getting in touch with culture or becoming more connected with religion or beliefs.

Striving for more spirituality can greatly help you find your purpose in this beautiful period of 2022.

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Marcia Fervienza and Yub Miranda

Marcia Fervienza and Yub Miranda are astrologers and together they are the authors of the 2022 Personare signs predictions.

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Carlos Santana took to social media to explain what he has “forgets to eat and drink water”: “Then I got dehydrated and passed out”.

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After a hard night, Liliana Filipa shows her children in “highs” and confesses: “These two deceived me today …”



After a hard night, Liliana Filipa shows her children in "highs" and confesses: "These two deceived me today ..."

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The comment box on the post quickly filled with messages from subscribers: “They are doing their coup 😂😂😂”, or “Ahahahaha who never pretended not to go to school 😜”, or “What sweet cuties ❤️”, or “There is a coup, whoever wants to fall 😂”here are some of the examples you can read.

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