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Gilmar must be consistent and change dress for the vote.



Gilmar must be consistent and change dress for the vote.

Former Lava Jato attorney Deltan Dallagnol, recently associated with Podemos, says Minister Gilmar Mendes of the STF (Federal Supreme Court) must “be consistent” and “swap the robe for a vote.”

In an interview with UOL, per emailNow a preliminary federal candidate and constantly criticized by Mendes, defends the extinct task force in Curitiba, of which he was the main spokesman, and says the magistrate is “exhibiting numerous inappropriate behavior.”

Deltan Dallagnol, 41, who said he has no plans to run, now says: “he wants to fight in the political arena, not in the judicial system. “

Dismissal of an attorney

In early November, Dallagnol retired from the MPF (Federal Attorney’s Office) after 18 years to join Somoz, the new party of former federal judge and former justice minister Sergio Moro. The prospective 2022 presidential candidate Moreau had claimed he would “never” go into politics

According to the former prosecutor, “a number of factors have accumulated” to change their minds and make the decision to join a political party, but he emphasizes the STF decisions against Lava Yato, in particular the one that Moro considered biased in the decisions of ex-President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) and revocation of PT.

At the height of the Lava Jato in 2016, Dellagnol was marked with a PowerPoint presentation against Lula in which he listed factors indicating that PT was spearheading a corruption scheme at Petrobras.

“Recently, every week the Supreme Court annuls more and more corruption cases. These are deeds that followed the rules of the game, but the STF changed the rules and applied them to the past. It looks like the referee changed the rules before the whistle. the end of the match nullifies the goals and changes the result of the game, ”the former prosecutor said.

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It has become increasingly clear that today the arena for fighting corruption is the political arena in the National Congress, not in the courts. “
Deltan Dallagnol, former prosecutor da Lava Yato

Reviews about Gilmar Mendes

Exhausted by the disclosure of conversations he had on the Telegram app that were received by The Intercept Brasil website, Deltan Dellagnol left Lava Jato last year but continues to vigorously defend the operation and Moreau.

Messages received by Intercept and published on the website and other media such as UOL, highlighted the closeness between the then judge and prosecutors of Lava Jato, created in 2014, and questioned Moreau’s impartiality in assessing the processes of the operation, which Dellagnol rejects.

“STF has adhered to decisions such as enforcing, releasing audio, and issuing the Palocci Collaboration Agreement. And in this, the STF’s decision was wrong, because such decisions simply followed the law and the standard adopted by Lava Yato in all other cases, ”said the former prosecutor.

Deltan also reacted to statements from Mendes, Lava Yato’s top critic at the STF, who accused both of them of “political militancy” in November.

In an interview with UOL The Chief Minister yesterday echoed the task force’s criticism and said that both Podemos are “an admission that they have already played together.”

“Interestingly, the minister makes such comments, after all, he speaks and gives interviews on issues addressed by the STF, which violates the law on the judiciary,” Deltan objected.

“I could continue to recall the numerous incidents of inappropriate behavior that are known to Brazilians and that do involve political action on the part of the minister,” said the former prosecutor.

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If, as he says, the place for this is politics, the minister must be consistent and do what he advocates: join the party and change the voting robe, pursue politics in the right direction, run for office in 2022. “
Deltan Dallagnol, former prosecutor da Lava Yato

Wanted by the report, Minister Gilmar Mendes did not comment on Deltan Dellagnol’s statements.

Deltan Dallagnol and Sergio Moro at a former attorney’s involvement with Podemos

Image: Theo Marquez / UOL

political coexistence

Podemos Membership December 10, Dallagnol he served as a preliminary candidate for federal deputies from the state of Parana with the fight against corruption as the main flag. He does not speak about the possible coexistence of Lava Yato with former judges in the Chamber, if she is elected.

“We’re going to wait and see what the next Congress looks like,” says the former attorney, who nevertheless hopes for a renewal among politicians.

“A great civil society movement needs to be created to democratically place 200 MPs and senators from various parties in Congress who have signed a triple written commitment to democracy, anti-corruption and consistent and continuous political preparation,” he said.

He is due to tour Brazil next year with Moro, with the exception of states in the northeast, which UOL has found to be largely controlled by left-wing politicians. According to the latest data from Datafolha, the former judge is featured in 3rd place in the race for the Plateau, with 9% of the vote, significantly behind Lula (48%), who would have won in the first round, and President Jair Bolsonar (Poland), with 22%.

Both Deltan Dallagnol and Moro are also banking on Lava Yato’s popular backing to gain votes. However, according to a study by Datafolha in March this year, approval of the work of the former judge in charge of the operation fell to 45% (in 2016 it was 65%) and waiver of your name is 30% – the former boss Bolsonaro – 60%, Lula – 34%.

I am proud of the work I have done at Lava Jato with a great team and with the Brazilian community. We have a common cause “
Deltan Dallagnol, former prosecutor da Lava Yato

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The State President of the PL in Ceara, Mayor Asilón Gonçalves, said this Wednesday (6th) that the party must set the course for candidacy to the state government around the 15th of this month. There is the possibility of nominating your own candidacy, as well as supporting the name of Captain Wagner (UB).

Asilon, who politically leads several prefectures on Ceara’s east coast, will wait for other groups (including a ruling base) to be determined before Bolsonaro’s opposition is any.

“You have to understand the political game of others in order for the political-administrative project to win,” the manager said during the presentation of Jair Bolsonaro’s candidacy for president in Ceara.

Captain Wagner (UB) was invited to the event. The pre-candidate sought dialogue with the party, trying to reach an agreement by August 5, the last day for registration of candidacies.

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