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Ghislaine Maxwell Trafficking Jury Delays Sentence Again – Current Events



Six women and six men on the jury, who could not agree on Maxwell’s guilt or innocence for a week, were again asked to re-read the transcripts of several witness statements at the trial, which began November 29.

Among those transcripts is a statement from forensic psychologist Elizabeth Loftus, who focused on allegedly “fabricated” memories of victims of sexual assault more than 20 years ago.

Maxwell, who turned 60 on Christmas Day, has been in New York City jail since her arrest in July 2020. The British woman is being sued, among other things, for providing her former partner, American tycoon Jeffrey Epstein, an underage teenager for sexual exploitation. from 1994 to 2004

Epstein committed suicide in a New York City prison in August 2019, depriving his victims of sexual assault trials.

Given the slowness of the discussion, Manhattan federal court judge Alison Nathan on Tuesday raised concerns about the “astronomical spike” in the spread of the COVID-19 virus in New York.

The justice system is concerned about the “significant delay” that the trial could entail if one of the jury members, a lawyer or the judge herself falls ill or is forced to remain in quarantine.

“By saying that, I definitely don’t want to put pressure on them. They must devote all the necessary time, “Nathan assured the judges on Wednesday.

In turn, the defendant relaxed, talking to her lawyers and a journalist, wearing a burgundy sweater and black pants that matched her mask.

There was a lot of speculation in the press during the week, especially about the fact that, according to the criminal process in the United States, the delays in the meetings are a sign of deep divisions among the jurors. will unlock the ability to protect the return to the starting point.

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Ghislaine Maxwell, who has triple citizenship – British, French and American – risks spending decades in prison if found guilty of the six crimes she was charged with, all of which involve acts of sexual violence committed by Jeffrey Epstein against four victims. that they were minors at the time of the establishment of the facts.

All these women testified in court. Ghislaine, daughter of the late British tycoon Robert Maxwell, pleads not guilty.

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Boris Johnson confirms resignation and expresses regret “for turning down the best job in the world” | Great Britain



Boris Johnson confirmed this Thursday in a speech in front of 10 Downing Street in London that he will step down as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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Unprecedented warning: MI5 and FBI warn of Chinese spying in the West – News



Speaking to corporate officials and executives, MI5 CEO Ken McCallum and FBI Director Chris Wray said the threat from Chinese spies is very high in both countries and growing.

McCallum pointed out that MI5, Britain’s domestic intelligence service, had greatly expanded its operations centered in China. “We are currently doing seven times as many investigations as we did in 2018,” the director of MI5 said. “We plan to grow again while maintaining significant efforts against hidden threats from Russia and Iran,” he added.

McCallum noted that Chinese intelligence is slowly and patiently approaching sources and access to information. “In terms of volume, most of what is threatened by the Chinese Communist Party’s aggression is not, so to speak, my business. It’s yours, the world-class experience, technology, research and commercial advantage developed and in the hands of the people in this room.”

The FBI’s Ray said the Chinese threat is a “complex, ongoing and wide-ranging danger” to the US and UK, as well as other allies. China is “seeking to steal your technology, everything that drives your industry, and use it to undermine your business and dominate your market,” he said.

Both officials also warned that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, which Beijing considers a breakaway province, would cause a massive disruption to global trade and industry. They urged companies to remain vigilant and report potential threats.

“The Chinese Communist Party is interested in our democratic, media and legal systems. Unfortunately, not to copy them, but to use them to your advantage,” McCallum said.

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Beijing called the accusations “completely unfounded.” “The alleged cases listed are pure persecution of lies,” a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom said in a statement posted on the mission’s website.

“They are spreading all sorts of lies about China to discredit the Chinese political system, stir up anti-Chinese sentiment, and divert public attention to cover up their heinous acts,” the spokesman added.

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The Chairman of the Duma reminds the USA that Russia can lay claim to Alaska. Vice proposes US state referendum – Observer



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Vyacheslav Volodin, the chairman of the Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, left a warning on Wednesday: The US must remember that the state of Alaska was once Russian and that Moscow could begin laying claim to it.

Let America always remember: there is part of the territory of Russia, Alaska, ”Vyacheslav Volodin said, the newspaper reports. pro-Russian RBC. “So when you start trying to dispose of our resources abroad, you must remember that we also have something to lay claim to.”

The Chairman of the Duma also took the opportunity to ridicule Russia’s alleged meddling in the U.S. presidential election: “We [Moscovo] we do not interfere in your internal affairsand them [EUA] they have been saying for decades that everything that happens to them, like the election of their presidents, is due to Russian interference. You don’t respect your presidents that much. One of them was bad, now another fell off the bike, and here we are again.”

For his part, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Pyotr Tolstoy proposed referendum in alaska decide the fate of this North American state.

The territory of Alaska was purchased from Russia by the United States of America in March 1867. for $7.2 million (to date). On October 18 of the same year, the American flag was raised in Alaska for the first time.


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