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Don’t look up. What separates believers and unbelievers between reality and fiction?



Don't look up.  What separates believers and unbelievers between reality and fiction?

In fact, the past two years have been, to put it mildly, chaotic around the world, and more and more events are happening that make us question the role we have played in what is our home – on planet Earth.

The covid-19 pandemic, the attack on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters, the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan and the hasty withdrawal of Americans, or even increasingly worrisome reports of climate change. If a few years ago we tried to look into the future, would we change something in our behavior?

Also, while denial focused on ideas, for example, that the earth was flat, we let the danger that was already lurking slip away from us without realizing it. The covid-19 pandemic and the growth of anti-vaccination groups have exposed one of the main dangers of modern society, such a simple one as lack of consensus and lack of faith in science.

And it was the desire to reflect on this paradigm that led American director Adam McKay to create his latest feature film Don’t Look Up, an “astronomical” production, both in its special effects and in its theme and cast: it brings together great stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry, Timothy Chalame, Mark Rylance and others, in a satirical story about the end of the world due to a possible comet collision. with the Earth.

Scenario Released on December 24 both in theaters and on Netflix’s streaming platform, DiCaprio has grossed € 30 million in a short time, and Jennifer Lawrence another 24 million seems to have no competition. However, it also sparked excitement on social media, gained a large following and became disenchanted with production.

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In the film, astronomy doctoral student Keith Dibiaski, played by Jennifer Lawrence, discovers the existence of a large-scale asteroid four to nine kilometers in diameter. She and her advisor, Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), confirm that she will collide with Earth within six months, ending the world. Desperate, they make contact with top NASA officials and head to the White House.

When a pair of scholars confront the disdain of US President Janie Orleans, starring Meryl Streep, a kind of Donald Trump in skirts, the film begins to exaggerate behind the scenes political and media movements. … Since the president considers them “low-ranking” scientists, researchers are not taken seriously, believing that they are “forced” to resort to the press: first a large-circulation newspaper, and then a television program that ends with “ridicule.” »Their image.

The media is more interested in topics such as divorces between music stars, the presidency is more focused on making money than protecting its citizens, and academics desperately need someone to listen and help.

Along with criticism of the political system and the press, there is also a mirror of what “our behavior” is on social media. The student whom Lawrence “gives life” becomes a meme, becomes a target of misogyny and becomes a kind of “villain” in the public sphere precisely because she warns of the “end of the world.”

In turn, DiCaprio, as in many real cases, thanks to his physical beauty and gender, wins the sympathy of the audience, which can be considered as a “durable” machismo present in society – since it was his student, a woman, who discovered the asteroid.

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similarity to reality Then comes the alliance between politicians and mega-businessmen who “know little what they are doing,” showing the capitalist reality that we are inscribed in, always looking at the number of voters and dollars; the entertainment of tragedies with the performance of the artist Ariana Grande; denial promoted by governments and the huge ongoing problem of media full of fake news, “politically correct” speeches and fantasies in front of screens, full of “smiles” and with so little bro and professionalism. “How did we end up here? What are we going to do to understand each other again?” DiCaprio asks desperately in one of the most intense scenes in a feature film.

So it looks like what was meant to be “satire” may end up haunting audiences due to the size of the realism and the similarities to the times we live in. This asteroid, which some stubbornly deny, even when it is already visible from the sky, is also a metaphor for climate change, a reality that some states insist on “closing their eyes” because it brings them some benefit.

The director shows for two hours and 18 minutes of the film, as a blind denial, the ability to expose everything that we have, “at risk.” Maybe that’s why some already love the production, and many hate it. Also, while it may also sound like a metaphor for a pandemic, the production of the film began in November 2019.

The importance of production “I think we all see this film as an incredibly unique gift,” DiCaprio, one of Hollywood’s most environmentally active actors, told CNN. “We were trying to get the message across about the climate crisis, and Adam McKay was able to crack the code by creating this story,” he added, admitting that he had been looking for a film about the climate crisis for some time. but finding the right approach was not easy. “Either you’re making a film about an existential journey through a person’s life, or making a disaster film in which New York freezes over,” he explained.

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DiCaprio also said that he was attracted to the script of the film because he “wanted to support scientists”: “I wanted to take off my hat to people who are dedicated to this problem, who know what they are talking about and are trying to give them a voice. I hope that films like this will start different conversations and more people will talk about this topic, which will ultimately put pressure on the private sector and the forces to implement change. ”

In the same interview, when asked about the name of the production, Meryl Streep admitted that she “still does not watch.” “We are not looking up yet, but we are doing everything in our power. There are many people who put themselves at risk and may be ridiculed, but the rest of us just risk being destroyed without paying attention to them, ”defended what is considered one of the greatest icons in Hollywood.

The film has already been nominated for a 2022 Golden Globe for Best Comedy or Musical, and Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence have been nominated for Best Actor and Actress in the Musical or Comedy category.

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Details of the scandal involving Sasha Banks and Naomi



Details of the scandal involving Sasha Banks and Naomi

O this monday is raw was marked by a great deal of controversy WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomiwhich forced WWE to completely change its plans for main event make show.

According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, Sasha Banks and Naomi disagreed with the plans and tried to change them, but ended up handed over the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and retired from the arena. The “Boss” had a meeting with Vince McMahon, but he did not want to change plans, and the fighter refused to fight. Rawaccompanied by Naomi.

According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Naomi was expected to win the Six-Pack Challenge, which would likely take the spotlight away from the women’s tag team division for a few weeks, with the division’s lack of direction becoming the basis for the attitude. taken by women’s teams two champions.

Sasha Banks and Naomi attempted to have a match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against Dudrop and Nikki Ash for Hell in a Cell, but the request was denied. There was also speculation that Dudrop and Nikki Ash would interfere in a possible Raw Women’s Championship match between Naomi and Bianca Belair to later lead to a match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, but this request was also denied.

It goes on to say that Sasha Banks and Naomi did not want to work with Becky Lynch and Asukaand that there were no plans to force teammates, whether champions or eventual candidates, to fight each other.

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Interestingly, Sasha Banks only follows 6 Twitter accounts (two fans, Naomi, Tamina, John Cena and Snoop Dogg), unfollowing WWE, Vince McMahon and others. Naomi posted two tweets interesting a few days ago, in which seems to criticize WWE e identifies multiple fightersincluding those who no longer work for the company.

What do you think about this whole situation involving WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi?

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Pregnant Sonya Jesus invites her daughter to become the godmother of the child: “He immediately began to cry …”



Pregnant Sonya Jesus invites her daughter to become the godmother of the child: “He immediately began to cry ...”

Sonia Jesus is pregnant for the third time and found out the sex of the child this Sunday, May 15, during the gender reveal tea, which brought together the family and friends of the former Big Brother 2020 contestant.

The announcement of the baby’s gender was made just today on TVI’s “Dois at 10” live program, where Sonia Jesús and her husband Vitor Soares were present, and Here we believe.

In a conversation with Maria Botelho Moniz and Claudio Ramos, a businesswoman shared one of the moments that happened yesterday during a party: “I cooked something very cute (…) I invited Maiara to be godmother”revealed Sonya Jesus.

“It was also a very beautiful moment. I invited at that moment”

Sonia Jesus also shared how her eldest daughter reacted when she received the invitation: “She was crying, they made me a very beautiful body (…) and I put Maiara and Naisa at the DJ booth (…) I gathered everyone and said “Nissa has a surprise for Maiara”, she gave it to her, it was in the package, she opened it and started to read, she immediately started crying and said, “I accept.” It was a wonderful, wonderful moment.”

Remember that Sonia Jesus and Vitor Soares will become the parents of a boy who will be named Fabian. The couple is the father of Maiara and Naisa, aged 10 and 7.

Watch the moment here at minute 3:08

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Big Brother: Nuno Homem de Sa recalls an existential crisis on the path of life: “I was fed up with myself!”



Big Brother: Nuno Homem de Sa recalls an existential crisis on the path of life: "I was fed up with myself!"

The Big Brother Gala – Final Challenge this Sunday, May 15, was marked by a display of Nuno Homem de Sa’s “Curva da Vida”, recounting the most remarkable moments of his life.

The son of a Portuguese father and a Spanish mother, Nuno Homem de Sa lived through his childhood “very happy» up to 6 years. At that time, his parents separated, and he left a strong mark on him: “I remember hearing them argue. I greatly admired my mother for her independence and strength.“.

His career as an actor was formed by chance and at the time when he went to accompany a friend on casting from the soap opera Vila Faia in 1982, and who is ultimately up for the role.

I am going to the United States of America where I will stay for 10 years on the road. Marco was born in 1990, I only met him when he was seven months old because I was not informed of his existence. I think: will you be a man or will you be a worm? I decided to be a man and couldn’t turn my back on a child. a good life alive ended“, the actor told about the period of his life when he found out that he had a child in the United States.

For his son Marco Nuno, Omem de Sa again became a father twice, having given birth to daughters Joana and Sofia.

In 2009 my father comes home and leaves me with a huge void. On the day of his birth, I lost this magnificent man and he is in me, there is no doubt“, shared Nuno Homem de Sa, who tearfully also recalled the existential crisis he went through in 2014: “I was fed up with myself! Four decades of drinking, experimenting with drugs, and deciding that I should stop. In Peru, they were treated, and I decided to find Nuno. I was nervous about thinking about myself, I was nervous about looking in the mirror, I was nervous about everything that concerned me.“.

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At this point in your life when you return to reality showNuno Homem de Sa is experiencing a new love he met when he left Big Brother Famosos, and he has no doubt that Frederica Lima is “woman in your life“: “What I feel, I have never felt for anyone, and she knows it. It’s a compassion and a complicity that surpasses anything he’s ever felt before. She understands me so well and we have strength together. Never before had anyone expressed their love to me the way she did, in such a short time.he blurted out.

See full life curve of Nuno Omema de Sa:

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