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Confirmed games for 2022



Confirmed games for 2022

There are only days left until the end of 2021, a year marked by countless delays, setbacks and adversity, but also major releases. Xbox Game Pass has made big strides in its approval with big names like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 or Age of Empires 4, and 2022 promises to be another great year.

We already know that the first Xbox games are guaranteed to appear on Xbox Game Pass on the day they debut on other platforms. Subscribers of the service will be able to go on adventures in the ambitious Starfield, Bethesda or STALKER 2 immediately after their launch.

Assuming 2022 is no longer fooling us, we can look forward to the next games throughout the year.


  • Anacrus – he is 13 years old
  • Pupperazzi – Diameter 20
  • Windjammers 2 – Diameter 20


  • Shredders – No day
  • Blade of Eternity – Diam. 10
  • Total War: Warhammer 3 – Dia 17


  • Strange West – Diameter 31
  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Sem dia


STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl – Diagram 28

2 semester

  • Midnight Battle Express – Veran
  • Redfall – summer
  • Contempt – October
  • Starfield – November 11

2022 year

  • Plague Tale: Requiem
  • Atomic heart
  • Bushiden
  • Detective Agency Chinatown
  • Crusader Kings 3
  • The Eyyuden Chronicles: Sunrise
  • Frog Detective: The Whole Mystery
  • Hello neighbor 2
  • Loot river
  • No one saves the world
  • Party Animals
  • Pigeon simulator
  • Replaced
  • Signal
  • Slime Rancher 2
  • Sniper Elite 5
  • Somerville
  • Hike to Yomi

Please be aware that this list does not include all games on the road to Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft last added new games to the service on December 16. Based on the way he announced them throughout the year, we can expect new discoveries in early 2022 and with surprises throughout the year.

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Pedro Pestana enjoys games, coffee and volleyball, in about the same order. You can find your dreams in @pmnpestana

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Artificial intelligence helps Instagram check your age from your face



Artificial intelligence helps Instagram check your age from your face

How old are you? Well, this question never leaves you, no matter how old you are. You feel happy answering until you reach an age that you don’t really want people to know about, and if you’re underage, social media platforms won’t be replaced by people. But this time, Instagram has prepared something different for everyone. Instagram is testing new age verification methods, including asking followers to verify their age and even using artificial intelligence (AI) to estimate your age through video selfies. It’s part of an effort to ensure users are at least 13 years old and “ensuring that teens and adults have the right experience for their age group,” he announced.

Currently, Instagram only asks users to verify their age when teens attempt to change their date of birth to show they are 18 or older. To verify their age, users can upload photos of various IDs, and starting today, users in the US will have two additional options: social proof and AI scoring.

Users in the US can also upload compatible ID photos to verify their age on Instagram. The company also uses another method called social proof. It involves three people aged 18 and over who are the user’s followers. They need to verify that user’s age if they receive a request from Instagram within three days.

Instagram also checks user posts after they are eligible for additional verification, such as if a person pretending to be 20 posts about celebrating their 16th birthday. It even tests a method based on a person’s written posts to see if they’re posting as a teenager or an adult, although we certainly see many adults on Instagram posting as if they were teenagers.

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NASA launches Microwave-sized CubeSat to the Moon as part of Artemis program



NASA launches Microwave-sized CubeSat to the Moon as part of Artemis program

The week has been a very busy one for NASA, and after yesterday’s historical launch of a rocket launched into space in Australia observe the constellations Alpha Centauri A and B; Today, a small CubSat was sent to the Moon as part of the Artemis program. A cube the size of a microwave and weighing 25 kg will test the lunar elliptical part of the Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment (CAPSTONE).

It will be an explorer or reconnaissance route for the Gateway, a space station that will orbit the moon, as part of the Artemis program, which aims to return a person to a natural satellite. CAPSTONE will help mitigate the risk of future spacecraft by testing innovative navigation technologies as well as testing their orbital dynamics.since it will be the one that the astronauts will use.

NASA CAPSTONE ” data-title=”NASA CAPSTONE – NASA Launches Microwave-sized CubeSat to the Moon as Part of Artemis Program – SAPO Tek”>

This orbit consists of a seven-day journey that the spacecraft takes to circle the Moon, allowing vehicles to get closer to its surface. The goal is to test the path that the Gateway will take on its path.. BUT NASA says that CAPSTONE is currently in lower Earth orbit and has a four-month journey to reach its destination. Your path may be monitored in real timeon a 3D map provided by the space agency.

The small cube mimics the flight of Rocket Lab’s Lunar Photon rocket. Shortly after launch, The Lunar Photon has separated from its second stage, and over the next few days, the engine will periodically turn on to accelerate the vehicle out of lower Earth orbit.. This is followed by the final separation of the CubeSat to follow its trajectory towards the Moon.

The final stage of CAPSTONE’s journey will be provided by its own system of proportions, as well as gravity from the Sun to the Moon. O Using gravity will drastically reduce the fuel consumption of a small device..

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Cold start. Pagani Huayra Kodalunga. 7 million euros “at large” in Goodwood



Pagani Huayra Codalunga Goodwood

O Huayra Codalunga price based in San Cesario sul Panaro, Italy, this is the latest creation of the brand, and is limited to five pieces, each worth seven million euros (excluding tax).

Unveiled just over a week ago, the Huayra Codalunga made its first public appearance at the show. Goodwood Festival of Speedwhich took place this weekend and left no one indifferent.

Its look is inspired by long-tailed racing prototypes. Le Mans in the 60s of the last century – this is what immediately comes to mind. But it’s all about the “rumble” of its V12 engine.

TO NOT LOSE: Pagani Huayra Kodalunga. Five units of seven million euros each and they are already sold out.