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Chris Noth, accused of rape, loses contracts and destroys marriage



Chris Noth, accused of rape, loses contracts and destroys marriage

Chris Noth, 67, was alerted earlier this month after two women accused him of crimes of sexual assault and rape.

The charges were serious, and even after the actor denied the crimes allegedly committed in 2004 and 2015, the negative consequences continue.

The talent agency for the actor who brought Mr. Big to life in Sex and the City, the A3 Artists Agency, has decided to no longer represent him.

An agent’s decision can have a huge impact on your career, but it is far from the only consequence that can affect your finances. Chris Noth’s tequila brand, called Ambhar, was going to be bought by Entertainment Arts Research, which after the scandal decided to abandon the deal with the millionaire. A company spokesman confirmed in statements to the New York Post that it was not interested in talking to the actor.

In the end, he believed that the controversy may have reached even Chris Noth’s wedding. According to the newspaper The Sun, the actor’s wife Tara Lynn Wilson is “very upset” about the situation and is thinking about spending Christmas away from him.

Despite the fact that she did not believe that her husband had committed the crimes of which he was accused, Tara does not forgive the fact that in this way she found out that her husband was cheating on her.

At the time of the last indictment, which dates from 2015, Chris and Tara were already married. And the truth is, despite his denial of sexual assault, the actor confirmed the meetings with the alleged victims and stated that they were “agreed.”

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It’s huge! New (and very rare) photo of Meghan and Harry’s son



It's huge!  New (and very rare) photo of Meghan and Harry's son

FA new ultra-rare photo of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s eldest son Archie has been released.

The image was taken during a video call and shows Archie on his mother’s lap and next to his maternal grandmother, Doria Ragland.

During the video call, Meghan Markle spoke with politician Donna Brazil and CEO of consultancy Full Circle Strategies Jotaka Eddy.

The photograph, in this case a computer printout, that shows us just how huge the son of the Dukes of Sussex is, was posted by Professor Duchess Harris and is now circulating on social media.

Recall that Meghan Markle and Harry are also the parents of one-year-old Lilibet Diana. The couple has been very protective of their children, which is why public photos of the children are rare.

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António Raminhos speaks out after a restless night with his daughters: preteens, urination and vomiting



António Raminhos speaks out after a restless night with his daughters: preteens, urination and vomiting

This Wednesday, November 30, Antonio Raminhos resort to your Instagram page to speak up and tell you that you had a chaotic night.

“So, I went to bed late last night because one decided to enter preadolescence early and began to accuse me of everything and nothing else. The baby wet the bed at 3 am, came to us and threw up four times between 5:30 and 8:00. Luckily, nothing else came out of either hole.”— he wrote in the caption to the photo.


“The main thing is to be happy. And how is your night/morning going?concluded the comedian.

The followers filled the comment box with a lot of humor. “There is still hope for one of the daughters”, “Yes alegria” e Trust me, they will still miss you. Hang it there!” there were some reactions.

Replay and Instagram, DR


Remember that Antonio and Catarina Raminhos have three daughters: Maria Rita12 years, Maria Inesout of 10 and Maria Eleonoraout of six.

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Will Smith cries and reveals his nephew’s startling question about slaps



Will Smith cries and reveals his nephew's startling question about slaps

On Monday night, Will Smith starred in an impactful interview in which he spoke openly about the controversy he was involved in for hitting Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars.

The actor admitted on The Daily Show hosted by Trevor Noah that it was a “terrible night” when he lost his mind and went on stage after hearing a joke about his wife to attack the comedian.

After all, Smith says he knew he “went crazy” or failed to cope with a painful moment that same day when his nephew, who is only nine years old, interrogated him about the act he had just committed. .

Dom, a nine-year-old “nice boy”, was waiting for his uncle at home after the gala and didn’t hesitate to ask him what at that moment intrigued everyone who watched the moment on TV.

“We get home, he stayed up late to see Uncle Will, we sit in my kitchen, he’s on my lap, holding an Oscar, and he says to me: “Why are you tired of this man, Uncle Will?” “, – recalled the actor, unable to hold back the tears.

Will Smith admits that he was going through a difficult time that day, and this factor, combined with many others, including growing up watching his father beat his mother, led to an unexpected reaction that he regrets. .

“There were many things […] I was the boy who saw his father beat his mother, you know? It all came down to this moment. […] I went through something that night, but that doesn’t justify my behavior,” he said, making sure he learned a huge lesson from the whole situation.

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“You asked me what I learned? I learned that we should be kind to each other,” he concluded on this occasion.

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