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BOLA – “Servir o Benfica” asks Rui Costa for clarification on the audit (Benfica)



BOLA - "Servir o Benfica" asks Rui Costa for clarification on the audit (Benfica)

The Servir o Benfica movement on Tuesday asked President Rui Costa to clarify the audit process, a “commitment” made during the election campaign, asking, for example, who is conducting the audit.

“Server o Benfica sent a message today to the President of the Board of Directors Rui Costa asking for clarification regarding the audit of the Sport Lisboa e Benfica business group, which he assumed during the last election campaign. The employee union is fundamental to the achievement of Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s sporting goals, so it is important that the transparency of the current process guarantees and safeguards the future of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, allowing for the definitive eradication of past practices, ”the message says. and then nine more questions to Rui Costa.

“one. Which organization conducted the forensic audit?
2. How was the person performing the work selected?
3. Is this a completely independent person in relation to the SLB Group and the main persons in charge of the company?
4. What time period was considered in the requested audit?
5. Was there any suspicion of illegality? What conclusions have been drawn?
6. What measures / decisions have been / have already been taken in relation to these situations?

7. What measures / decisions have already been taken or are planned by this Office in the light of the violations identified, namely with respect to the creation of an SLB as an assistant in litigation?
8. Do the situations found include those related to transactions / transactions that, although documented, have nothing to do with the activities of the Benfica Group companies, perhaps in the interests of someone other than the public?
9. Which Benfica Group companies have been audited? Only SAD or the Club, or were everyone included in the Group included? “

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Also Porto Sporting: Otavio and Tabata are punished with a suspension for one game – Sporting



Also Porto Sporting: Otavio and Tabata are punished with a suspension for one game - Sporting

Otavio, the Porto midfielder, and Tabata, the Sporting striker, were punished with a 1-game suspension and a €765 fine after an altercation at the end of the classic match held on 11 February at Dragao. The decision was announced Tuesday by the FPF Disciplinary Board. Otavio will lose the Dragons for the Super Bowl scheduled for July 30 against Tondela, with Tabata set to miss out on the 2022/23 League 1st Round for the Lions, which is scheduled to kick off at the end of that game. week of August 7th. Both punishments are the result of “the use of threatening expressions and gestures”.


In the same process, the Moroccan Feddal was also convicted, who, in the meantime, ended his contract with Sporting and left the club. The center was punished with a reprimand and a fine of 51 euros for “protest, wrong attitude and other minor violations”.

FPF CD said in a statement that the disciplinary proceedings were the result of a merger between the shares of FC Porto and Sporting CP. It was on the initiative of the Disciplinary Board itself that the investigation led to the punishment of Otavio and Tabata, as the proposal of the League’s Instructor’s Commission was directed towards archiving.

“04/02/2022, after the completion of the investigation, the Commission of Instructors of the League proposed to the Disciplinary Board of the FPF to transform the investigation process into a disciplinary process against the player Feddal and the registration of other players involved in the facts of participation. The Disciplinary Board, while partially disagreeing with this understanding, considered that there was sufficient evidence of disciplinary violations on the part of the players Feddal and Tabata from Sporting SAD and the player Otavio from FC Porto SAD, determining the transformation of the investigation process into a disciplinary process. , as a result of the discussion held on 03/05/2022,” explains CD, who later accepted the punishments proposed by the Instructors Committee itself after the briefing phase.

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And it goes on, it goes on…

The classic Porto Sporting of February 11th continues to play out in sports court appeals, but the already long list of penalties grows and Tabata’s curiosity recurs. Namely: Marquesin (2 games and a €1,020 fine), Paligna (3 games and a €1,530 fine), Pepe (23 days, for kicking Hugo Viana), Tabata (23 days, for pushing Luis Gonçalves), Matheus Reis (1 game), Luis Gonçalves (68 days), Porto SAD FC (€16,300 fine), Rui Cerqueira (115 days and a €3,825 fine), Vitor Baia (25 days and 3,440 fines), Frederico Varandas (fine €2,040), Sporting SAD (fine €20,910) and Miguel Braga (fine 60 days and €10,200).

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Porto Sporting FC: Frederico Varandas appeals garage decision to TAD – Sporting



Porto Sporting FC: Frederico Varandas appeals garage decision to TAD - Sporting

Frederico Varandas has filed an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport in the so-called Dragao “garage case” concerning incidents that occurred after the Porto Sporting league match on 11 February. The president of the lions contests “the decision of the Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Football Federation, issued on June 14, 2022, in the framework of the disciplinary process no. 74-2021/2022”. The counter-interested parties in this process are FC Porto SAD, Vitor Baia, Rui Cerqueira and Sergio Conceição, who, as you remember, was acquitted.


In a decision announced on the 14th, CD confirmed the presence of the Porto coach “at a location close to the president of the participating SAD”, i.e. Frederico Varandas, but concluded that the evidence presented did not allow “an explicit and unambiguous determination of the content of the words, which you may have said.”

We are talking about insults against the lion leader, who also became a victim of an attempted aggression, when his mobile phone and wallet with relevant documents were taken from him, personal belongings that Varandas never got out of his hands. FC Porto, via the FCPortoMedia Twitter account, later shared an image of a mobile phone with the caption: “Pinto da Costa, 40 years leading the network to Lisbon.”

FC Porto SAD was ordered to pay a fine of 16,300 euros for the aforementioned posting on social media. The CD deemed it “gross, gross, ethically and legally misconduct that violates the standards of conduct expected and minimum required of any sports society in professional competition.”

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Rui Cerqueira, PR director of FC Porto, was suspended 115 days and fined €3,825 for “hitting with one hand on Frederico Varandas’ right hand” with which he was “holding his mobile phone to film, as a result why the mobile phone fell. immediately.”

Vítor Baia, vice president of Dragons and administrator of Porto SAD, was suspended for 25 days and fined €3,440 for insulting Varandas, which Baia himself admitted was a mitigating circumstance.

Leao and Miguel Braga also apply

In addition to Frederico Varandas, regarding the episode in the garage on Dragao, Sporting SAD and head of lion relations Miguel Braga turned to TAD after punishments were imposed for statements after the same classic on February 11th.

This is another case in which Varandas was ordered to pay a fine of 2,040 euros for statements he made in the Dragon press center against Pinto da Costa and the arbitration of João Pinheiro. The President of Sporting did not appeal to TAD this specific penalty, which is related to the “decision of the Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Football Federation, issued on June 14, 2022, under the disciplinary process no. 74-2021.” 2022″.

The appeals in this case are aimed at a €10,200 fine and a 60-day suspension for Miguel Braga for speaking out on the sports television program Raio-X, as well as a €20,910 fine against SAD. green and white for allegedly “damaging honor and reputation” through the use of “objectively offensive, slanderous or rude language”.

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BALL – Magpies put forward a big offer for a pearl from Naples (Newcastle)



BALL - Magpies put forward a big offer for a pearl from Naples (Newcastle)

According to news from Sky Sportand despite Napoli president Aurelio de Laurentiis having already issued a statement that he is not ready to negotiate with Nigerian star Victor Osimhen below €110m, Newcastle will come up with a substantial offer to try to pick up the top scorer. from the Diego Armando Maradona stadium.

The Magpies are known to have been acquired in October 2021 by a Saudi consortium of billionaires led by chief executive Yasser Al Rumayyan and have already shown all their new financial power in the transfer window last January as they were a Premier club. League player who spent the most money on signings.

The 23-year-old striker, linked with Napoli until 2025, scored 15 goals in 23 games for his country and last season with Neapolitansin 32 games, he scored 18 goals and provided two assists.

Recall that Napoli signed Osimhen from Lille in the 2020/21 season for an already impressive €75m and that the Nigerian has also been linked with potential interest from other Premier League clubs such as Manchester United, Tottenham ”and Arsenal, which, however, he signed a contract with Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City for 50 million euros.

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