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Bahia tragedy turned into political controversy



posted 12/31/2021 at 06:00

(credit: Reproduction / Social Media)

The tragedy of rains in Bahia, which until yesterday killed 25 people, injured more than 500 and left about 37,000 people homeless, left the humanitarian sphere and turned into a new point of conflict between the subjects of the Federation and the federal government. From R $ 200 million in aid deemed insufficient, to President Jair Bolsonaro’s hiatus on the Santa Catarina coast between jet ski rides, a trip to an amusement park and a visit to one of his supporter’s Luciano Hang stores, the destruction of the state sparked a fire in the Brazilian political scene, already shaken enough. Temperatures rose further as the Brazilian government refused to offer Argentina to send Cascos Blancos, a White Helmets rescue group, to work in regions of Bahia affected by heavy rains.

The rejection, announced last Wednesday by the Foreign Ministry, sparked a new round of criticism of Bolsonaro – to the point where Itamarati and the president went on social media yesterday to say they thanked the Argentine proposal and would accept help if needed. … According to the MRE, the situation in Bahia “is facing the internal mobilization of all necessary financial and human resources.”


However, this did not diminish the hostility towards the position of the federal government. Senator Randolph Rodriguez (Rede-AP) sent a subpoena from Chancellor Carlos France to explain the reasons for Argentina’s refusal to help. Bahia Governor Rui Costa tweeted that “despite the refusal of the federal government, he will immediately accept, without resorting to Brazilian diplomacy, any help.”

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Bolsonaro, however, was countered by Costa. On air last night, he said that any humanitarian aid from another country must be approved by the federal government.

Argentina’s ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Schioli, realized that the episode had sparked a political confrontation and helped lower the temperature. The Brazilian government’s response to Casa Rosada’s proposal is skewed, he said. “The authorities just thanked them and said they would accept the offer if necessary,” he explained.

No restrictions

According to Maristela Basso, professor of international law at the University of São Paulo School of Law (USP), the Governor of Bahia has no restrictions on Argentina’s proposal.

“From the point of view of international relations, the governor simply cannot provide cash loans without the permission of the federal executive branch. Receiving donations and aid is an ethical imperative for both recipients and donors, ”he said.

Constitutionalist Vera Chemim stressed that the autonomy of Rui Costa in decision-making is guaranteed by the Constitution. And that the state is obliged to guarantee such rights as health, safety and life. “There is no doubt that help from another country should in any case be accepted, despite any feelings of a politico-ideological nature,” he said.

Vinicius do Valle, PhD in Political Science from the University of São Paulo (USP), sees a clear ideological response to Argentina’s proposal. “Argentina is governed by a center-left president (Alberto Fernandez) who recently hosted former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. It is clear that there is an attempt not to cooperate with the Argentine government for ideological reasons. But by not accepting help, the federal government is not helping either, ”he said.

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Barbudo defends CPI Petrobras and refutes the political point of view argument: when it was CPI Covid, nobody cared, right? :: News MT



Barbudo defends CPI Petrobras and refutes the political point of view argument: when it was CPI Covid, nobody cared, right?  :: News MT
Federal MP Nelson Barbudo (PL) said the issue of protecting the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) to investigate the actions of Petrobras has been appeased within the PL, the party of President Jair Bolsonaro. According to him, the group wants transparency and does not have a political view: “When it came to the opening of the CPI on Covid, no one was worried, right? If there were pre-election elections, if there weren’t any, the Senate, in my opinion, to the detriment of Bolsonaro’s election campaign, opened [a CPI]”.

Also read:

The secretary says the creation of the consumer price index is a “political decision” but points out that the pricing of Petrobras must change.

As for Barbudo, Petrobras needs to explain the successive increases and explain why it is not using its “social purpose”. He even stated that he even considers the adjustments “a diversion that is carried out before the presidential campaign.”

“Is it not possible to increase oil by 14%? The dollar did not rise in price by 14%, the barrel of oil did not rise in price by 14%, so why did it rise in price by 14%? In 1.4%, 14%. We did everything with the leaders to remove ICMS, which is 24% in some places, the other day Petrobras gives a 14% increase, I mean … Petrobras also has to analyze the social function, this is what I hit hard,” he defended.

MP Bolsonaro also said that Bolsonaro’s point of view has not changed, he first said that high prices are due to taxes, and now he is turning to Petrobras. Barbudo said the government has held a task force and is trying to act on all fronts.

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“The government had a task force to remove ICMS from the states and replace it in the hope that the price would drop at the gas station. So Petrobras comes in and doesn’t cooperate? We will work on Petrobras and see what happens, because we need people to have a working position, regardless of the election period. Now Petrobras is growing by 14% every 30 days… in 90 days Brazil is not viable,” he lamented.

In yet another attempt, the MP said he would submit a proposal to the President to submit a PEC or LP for Petrobras to pay the fuel freight with a portion of the profits made in the first two quarters of 2022. Thus, according to him, all municipalities will receive fuel at the same price.

“Let’s take this idea from the president to see if the board accepts… [] another way to try download. What we are trying to do is to provide working conditions for the Brazilian people, especially for agriculture in Mato Grosso, tractors, big machines, agriculture. [usam gasolina e] Soon it will be unbearable. We, representing our people, must take action, whether it is with the CPI, with the PEC, with the PL, no matter what happens, we need to lower the price of oil,” he concluded.

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For Damaso, politicians must act transparently and honestly in order to earn the respect of the population.



For Damaso, politicians must act transparently and honestly in order to earn the respect of the population.

“I want to be a politician only as long as I have the respect of the population, and there is only one way to earn respect: to do serious work, transparently and honestly.” The statement was made by pre-gubernatorial candidate Osires Damaso (PSC) in a press interview in Araguaín during his last visit to the city, this Friday 24. In addition to meeting with communication specialists, he met with the authorities and political leaders of the municipality to strengthen his name in a dispute for state government.

Asked about his motives for running for president, Damaso talked about his experiences as a three-term state deputy, Legislative Assembly president, as a businessman, and the beginnings of his personal journey. “And this experience allowed me to get acquainted with the resources that reach the state, their potential and the real needs of the inhabitants of Tocantins,” he explained.

Photo: Disclosure

“We need a government that truly runs an administration focused on economic development, growth and the quality of life of our people. We need industrialized, modern and respected Tocantinas. I am sure that with my experience I will have excellent management, giving people real opportunities,” Damaso said.

The pre-nominee also advocates a partnership between state government and municipalities to develop public policies that primarily benefit those living in situations of social vulnerability. “I want to implement the program in partnership with city halls, municipal councils and leaders so that we can deliver basic food packages to the population, restoring the mood of many families. But, in addition, we need a state program so that these people can enter the labor market,” he stressed.

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As for the progress of the campaign, Damaso stressed that he was “very pleased with the receptivity of the population and the support received.” Among his main supporters are state deputy Junior Geo (PSC) and former mayor of Palmas, Carlos Amastha (PSB), who served two terms. The joints are in full swing and new weight bearings should be announced soon.

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Marcos Braz responds to social media politics after Maracanã controversy



Marcos Braz responds to social media politics after Maracanã controversy

BUT Negative disagreement with Vasco over the use of Maracana rocked social media on this Sabbath day. Tarcisio Motta, Councilor of the City of Rio and federal candidate, published a publication saying that the stadium is for all fans. An irritated Marcos Braz, Vice President of Flamengo Football Club and also an adviser, responded to the politician.

+ Who is better: Botafogo or Fluminense? Watch the player vote in the LANCE newsroom!

– Maracana is public! It was built and renovated (several times) with government money! Its concession cannot run counter to the interests of all citizens. Denying the consortium is baseless, absurd and FORCE US TO ACTIVATE MP. Maraca for all fans,” Tarcisio wrote on Twitter.

– When it comes to paying operating costs, no, – said the vice-president of Flamengo.

+ The state government observes the violation of Flamengo and Fluminense and requests the release of Maracana for Vasco

The controversy began after Vasco applied for the loan of Maracanã against Sport in a match valid for Serie B on 3 July. A stadium consortium led by Flamengo and Fluminense rejected the request.

The clubs’ decision caused a huge uproar, and the state government decided to connect to the track. The stadium soap opera is divided and promises to open new chapters in the coming days.

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