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A note on Dilma and the electoral importance of women in politics



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The National PT Women’s Secretariat strengthens the role and relevance of President Dilma Rousseff both within and outside the party. The Workers’ Party is proud to have elected the country’s first president as a woman who was the victim of a misogynist, sexist and anti-democratic coup. Like many women in the history of physical education, public figures or not, Dilma fulfilled the difficult task of defending the rights of the working class, denouncing the rise of fascism, at a time of harsh attacks on her honor, her personality and the party itself. … Dilma has been brutally attacked in all spheres, public and private, like no other public figure on the Brazilian political scene, on any ideological spectrum.

It is also important here to discuss the ruler, in which the relevance of the political structure is measured, not just the outcome of the elections. If so, then the “electoral irrelevance” of Dilma, who was twice elected president and received 15% of the vote in the Senate in Minas Gerais, would be the same as that of other historically important male PT cadres, who received the same range of votes as and she. or even less, in the same year, in their respective states – and on whose heads were not weighed down by the burden of “inadequacy.”

The path of President Dilma is a historical landmark for progressive women throughout the country, therefore, in addition to great electoral and quantitative significance, it has intangible value. How many women, inspired by Dilma’s power to continue to fight for democracy despite the rise in the right wing and under so many attacks, chose and chose to leave the candidates? What is the role of the fact that she was the first female president and the victim of misogyny and sexist attacks by the far-right that reveal the nature of the coup in mobilizing millions of women to protest EleNo?

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Another aspect to consider is that “electoral relevance” is also a means commonly used to prevent women from participating in politics – a space that is still masculine, white and cishetero-normative. For this reason, we PT women fight gender-based political violence on a daily basis to secure our power – inside and outside the party. Perpetuating the attacks that Dilma has been subjected to since 2015 in society and bringing him to the party does not contribute to the struggle of women.

It is important that the debate about the viability of the elections is conducted collectively, in democratic spaces guaranteed by statute, and not arbitrarily silenced and invisible neither the trajectory of any woman nor the scale of Dilma to justify whether she went to the event. … Electoral significance is not a gift, not a gift, or just a research point; it is the result of struggle, work, trajectory, party and public organization. This is not to say that President Dilma does not possess any of these attributes.

Finally, the PT National Secretariat for Women and PT government secretariats across the country understand that all women who are willing to stand up to the Bolsonar government and fight for social justice have an electoral value, and with the Elas Por Elas project, we will work hard for more. women in politics with President Lula in 2022.

PT National Secretariat for Women

State Secretariat for Women Akko AC

State Secretariat for Women Alagoas AL

State Secretariat for Women Amapa AP

State Secretariat for Women of the State of Amazonas

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Bahia State Secretariat for Women, BSc

State Secretariat for Women’s Affairs of Ceara CE

State Secretariat for Women’s Affairs of the Federal District of DF

Secretariat of State for Women Espirito Santo, ES

Goias State Secretariat for Women GO

Secretariat of State for Women Maranhao, Massachusetts

State Secretariat for Women Mato Grosso MT

Secretariat of State for Women Mato Grosso do Sul, Mississippi

Minas Gerais State Secretariat for Women MG

Pará State Secretariat for Women

State Secretariat for Women’s Affairs Paraiba PB

State Secretariat for Women of the State of Parana, PR

Secretariat of State for Women Pernambuco PE

State Secretariat for Women’s Affairs Piaui, PI

Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat for Women, RJ

Rio Grande do Norte State Secretariat for Women, RN

State Secretariat for Women’s Affairs of Rio Grande do Sul RS

State Secretariat for Women’s Affairs of Rondonia, RO

State Secretariat for Women’s Affairs Roraima R.R.

Secretariat of State for Women Santa Catarina SC

State Secretariat for Women of São Paulo, SP

State Secretariat for Women Sergipe SE

State Secretariat of Women of Tocantins TO

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New voters can play a decisive role in the elections, the political scientist believes; watch the interview



New voters can play a decisive role in the elections, the political scientist believes;  watch the interview

Political scientist Andre Rosa believes that the new two million young voters could play a decisive role in the October elections. Not only because of the number of votes, but also because of the issues that candidates may be forced to decide.

“In order to reach this new audience, it is important that candidates are in the same environment as these young people, for example on social media. It is much easier for 16 and 17 year olds to see candidate proposals on Instagram than at 20:00 during the election.”

View interview

He recalled that in the 2014 elections, when the presidential race was between Esio Neves and Dilma Rousseff, the result of the second round was determined by a difference of 3,459,963 votes. In other words, new voters could influence the direction of Brazilian politics this election year.

According to the political scientist, a large number of new titles is due to the political interest of young people due to the recent crises that Brazil is experiencing. “Political discussions in academic spaces favor the contact and interaction of young people with the politics of their country,” the researcher comments.

he understands it the young woman does not fit into the conservative discourse of Jair Bolsonaro, who values ​​the traditional family and religion. “Perhaps this woman no longer wants to be within that traditionalism, maybe she wants to join the discourse of more freedom, whether it be sexual, professional, desiring or not having a family. Because of this, young women’s voices are more directed towards the PT candidate, who has a more progressive narrative.”

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The political scientist explains that young voters should evaluate the agenda of candidates for the presidency of the republic in terms of what each of them believes in. “That is the sum of the values ​​inherent in what young people are and represent.”

Paloma Castro, Luis Fernando Souza and Ana Carolina Tome

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Lula and Alcmine are participating this Thursday in a big political action in Rio de Janeiro.


on - Alckmin e Lula

The event will be attended by Marcelo Freijo and Andre Ceciliano.

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“You have to understand the political game of others,” says Aquilon about the PL’s candidacy for the government – ​​PontoPoder



“You have to understand the political game of others,” says Aquilon about the PL’s candidacy for the government – ​​PontoPoder

The State President of the PL in Ceara, Mayor Asilón Gonçalves, said this Wednesday (6th) that the party must set the course for candidacy to the state government around the 15th of this month. There is the possibility of nominating your own candidacy, as well as supporting the name of Captain Wagner (UB).

Asilon, who politically leads several prefectures on Ceara’s east coast, will wait for other groups (including a ruling base) to be determined before Bolsonaro’s opposition is any.

“You have to understand the political game of others in order for the political-administrative project to win,” the manager said during the presentation of Jair Bolsonaro’s candidacy for president in Ceara.

Captain Wagner (UB) was invited to the event. The pre-candidate sought dialogue with the party, trying to reach an agreement by August 5, the last day for registration of candidacies.

Raimundo Gómez de Matos, one of the names mentioned by the PL for running for governor of Ceara, said the party’s own candidacy “depends on a pact” with the parties surrounding the Bolsonarist camp.

“I think that these agreements will take place in the second half of the game, two minutes before overtime, something like that,” admitted the ex-federal deputy.


The meeting with right-wing leaders was aimed at uniting Bolsonaro’s supporter groups that are “free” from the state. The LP wants to build an electoral speech in defense of the President of the Republic.

Another strategy is to seek official data on public investments made by the Union in Ceara in order to strengthen Bolsonaro’s image in Ceara.

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