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A BOLA – Benfica adds, follows and wins the Seixal derby (Revelation League)



A BOLA - Benfica adds, follows and wins the Seixal derby (Revelation League)

Benfica does not go astray and wins the derby

Benfica beat Sporting CP and continue on an almost flawless path in the League of Revelations. Moreover, Benfica had already guaranteed a place in the next phase even before this match with Sporting. Sporting, in turn, could no longer discuss qualifications for the final stage, tried to oppose the opponent and erase the picture of violations shown during this first stage of the competition. Today’s match was marked by uncertainty as a result, but only in … the first minutes. With bolder Benfica offensively and much more cautious Sporting CP, with more circumspection in attacking. Who did win? The victory, or at least the initial advantage, might even smile at the lions, who missed a penalty by Miguel Menino even before the red goals. Diego Moreira scored next.

A heavy blow to Leon’s aspirations, which have gone too far in the soul. The second goal of the Reds, close to the break, was almost fatal for the team, which was trying to react timidly. In the final stage, at a slower pace, without much dizziness, Benfica managed to gain the lead and eventually scored the third place in the climb in the center of Antonio Silva. There was little Sporting could do to win back an opponent who suffered only one defeat and scored in all of the competition’s games.

90 ‘ End of the match. Benfica win 3-0 in a derby almost always dominated by eagles.

86 ‘ Miguel Menino’s last breath with a shot outside the penalty area to safeguard Andre Gomes.

80 ‘ANTONIO SILVA scores. Benfica’s third goal and the accounts are almost closed. Great shot from a center pass to close another goal.

72 ‘ Rafael Rodrigues is close to Benfica’s third goal. The flange goes through the left aisle, Diego Moreira shoots and nearly scores a goal.

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63 ‘ In Benfica, also note the entries by Manuel Campos and João Resendi for the locations of Hugo Felix and Luis Semedo. Coach Luis Castro refreshes the attacking line in the last minutes.

63 ‘ First changes in the game. Sporting Launches Danilo Luis, curiously the brother of Dario Essugo, who worked with the main lineup of Leo.

62 ‘ Diogo Cabral, running to the left, finds a place for a shot, which is carried away with danger.

60 ‘ Half an hour is left until the final whistle, and the tone of the game does not change. Sporting tries to respond to the lack, but always strikes against a resilient red protective wall. Benfica, in turn, are trying to control possession, watching the quick attacks of Luis Semedo and Diego Moreira.

54 ‘ The first yellow card of the match. This is for Domingos Andrade’s lion flank after a takedown in Diego Moreira’s promising attack.

52 ‘ Free kick by Miguel Menino, the hangover ball went to Domingos Andrade, passing very close to the goalpost of André Moreira. Sporting is very close to being cut in order to be able to enter into the discussion of the result.

The second part begins. Benfica are ahead by two goals.

45 ‘ End of the first part in Seixal. Benfica leave with a slight lead of two goals despite Sporting’s good reaction, which could have opened the scoring for Miguel Menino, who missed a penalty. A boost of confidence for the Luz team, which then scored two goals with excellent shots from Diego Moreira and Luis Semedo.

43 ‘LUES SEMEDO scores! 2: 0 in favor of Benfica. Another very effective move, embodied in the form of a powerful headbutt, in a small area, unmarked, after a perfect cross by Luis Neves. An easy task for the eagles.

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41 ‘ Pedro Santos almost reached the Eagles’ second goal, but goalkeeper Leo Diogo Pinto boldly started and neutralized the danger.

33 ‘DIEGO MOREIRA scores! The striker scores for the eagles. A few seconds after Miguel Menino missed a penalty, the red striker showed all his performance. A quick and powerful dash from midfield cannot be stopped by anyone, and he throws a strong left cross to score the first goal of the game. 1: 0 in favor of Seixal.

32 ‘ Sovereign bet for Sporting to score. Diogo Cabral goes into the red zone and takes the penalty. Miguel Menino misses due to excellent defense of Andre Gomes!

28 ‘ Pedro Santos shot Diogo Pinto from the left foot of the trivella. The game starts at a slower pace, and the chances of a goal being scored are diminishing.

Sporting’s revenues are growing and after a stronger performance by Benfica, they are balancing the match. However, Rafael Moreira, one of the elements of the greatest plan at the time, provided the most dangerous move of the game, while the lion striker provided tremendous protection to goalkeeper Andre Gomes.

12 ‘ The interrupted game and concerns on the side of the eagles due to the injury of the captain in red Andrian Bajrami, who injured his left knee after a collision with Rafael Moreira.

eight ‘ Great answer from Sporting! Rafael Moreira took advantage of a defensive error and shot through the red goal, forcing Andre Gomes to make a huge save. Great time in Seixal.

7 ‘ Hugo Felix’s Encyclopedia with Diogo Pinto is required to apply. The ball went forward, but none of the attacking eagles reached the finish line.

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5 ‘ Red center-back Antonio Silva shot over the head after a corner from Hugo Felix.

3 ‘ A balanced start to the game, although Benfica are willing to risk a little more. Threatened by Hugo Felix and Luis Semedo.

The game starts in Seixal. Benfica came out with the ball.

In Sporting, we will celebrate the debut of Rafael Lopez. On the red side stands out Hugo Felix, the top scorer of the competition.

Everything is prepared. The teams are already on the field, and after a few seconds the ball starts rolling.

There is no end, as Benfica, Estoril and Portimonense have already guaranteed qualifications for the next stage, the eagles and lions will fight this afternoon in the Seixal, an exciting Serie B derby of the Revelação league, where many young people will try to show their service to take the place mainly composition. The match that DIRECT will be watching here.

When they enter the last round of Stage 1 of the competition, incarnate youngsters top the U23 national championship table with the same 26 points as Estoril, but with more goals and fewer injuries (and with a straight air). opposition).


Benfica: Andre Gomes, João Tome, Antonio Silva, Sndrian Bairami, Rafael Rodriguez, Zan Evsenac, Pedro Santos, Hugo Felix, Luis Semedo, João Neves and Diego Moreira

Sporting: Diogo Pinto, Rafael Lopez, Emanuel Fernandez, Joao Pereira, Diogo Cabral, Domingos Andrade, Miguel Menino, Daniel Rodriguez, Martim Marquez, Rafael Moreira and Yousef Cermiti.

Spare: Vasco Gaspar, Alexander Mendes, Gonzalo Bataglia, Lamarana Jallow, Kiko Felix, Thiago Santos and Danilo Luis.

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″Here, the hand on the ball gave exile, in our house, in their goal, it did not lead to anything.″



″Here, the hand on the ball gave exile, in our house, in their goal, it did not lead to anything.″

The writing

Vitor Pereira’s statements after the match with Flamengo (1:0) regarding the second leg of the quarter-finals of Libertadores.

Elimination response: “The game was competitive, we discussed face to face until they scored. We showed a good game, we put pressure in an organized way, connecting the wingers, we created problems, there was a lack of clarity in the last third. It was up to the mark. “

Arbitration claims: “The draw was resolved in the second half at our stadium. After the goal and the removal, of course, it would be almost impossible to turn the tide. Here the hand on the ball resulted in a send-off, at Doma we had the hand on the ball in our first goal and it didn’t work, he scored in our direction.

On the bright side: “How long has it been since Corinthians reached this stage? How many players did Corinthians have away in this Libertadores? Ten players.

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No Name Boys join supporters of Hajduk Split in Guimarães



No Name Boys join supporters of Hajduk Split in Guimarães

No Name Boys join supporters of Hajduk Split in Guimarães

Several members of Benfica’s “Nameless Boys” cheerleaders will be involved in the disrespect shown by Hajduk Split fans on Tuesday evening in the historic center of Guimarães. According to what Porto Canal has learned, after a few minutes of chaos, a group of more than 100 people boarded five Portuguese-registered buses in the direction of the city of Porto.

On VKI, where the group was intercepted, new chaos began. Near the Paranhos junction where the buses stopped, dozens of supporters fled on foot as the authorities tried to intercept them.

In a conversation with SIC Notícias, a witness who was in a bar in the center of Guimarães at the time of the “invasion” of Hajduk Split supporters assures that there were Portuguese in the group. According to Marta Mendez, phrases such as “Guimarães is ours” and “let’s go through this burning city” were heard.

The closeness between the Hajduk Split cheerleading team and the Nameless Boys from Benfica is well known. There are embodied supporters in social networks guaranteeing support for Croats.

“We will definitely be there with our brothers” and “everyone is ready for an invasion” are some of the published comments.

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A BOLA – Benfica with an atypical pre-season but no Super Cup excuse (women’s football)



A BOLA - Benfica with an atypical pre-season but no Super Cup excuse (women's football)

It is on the field number 1 of the Benfica campus in Seixal that the official women’s national football season will begin this Wednesday at 17:30, when Benfica hosts Braga for the Super Cup.

This season, the top four players from the last BPI league will compete for the trophy, facing each other in a semi-final system, followed by the final scheduled for the 26th at 20:30 in Leiria.

Philippa Patao announced the match at the José Martins Vieira Stadium in Almada. “We can count on a prepared team or trying to do our best given the somewhat atypical pre-season we’ve had. Since we are at Benfica, there are no excuses, we have done everything possible to ensure that the entire squad is at the same level, in the same form. They did a great job, they were flawless,” praised the coach.

“We will fight and I am sure they will give a great answer in the first official competition. The main challenge for our players is to understand that they will have to adapt a lot more to the game, it depends a lot on their understanding of the game itself and the involvement that is going on. We will also do our job to convey as much information as possible. In the end, this is a good test of the adaptability they can have in the game,” he stressed.

Philippa Patao considers this semi-final to be “a good challenge and also a moment of growth”. “For our part, we should focus more on who we are, on our principles and dynamics, and then try to adapt that in the game. We are very focused on getting trophies, although we know that even in terms of timing it is not ideal, given that we have Champions League qualification ahead of us, but it is a great goal.

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“We want to win everything, so we have to do everything to win. We usually tell these players that if they want to win and be happy for Benfica, they will have to fight for Benfica on the pitch as well. That’s where we need our biggest strength, the fans who are sure to give us another push when needed. I know that game time is not attractive, but I am sure that these girls deserve it,” she assured with conviction.

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