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USA. Five dead and several dozen were injured as a result of the move during the Christmas parade



“At the moment, we can confirm that five people were killed and over 40 were injured.”, according to a publication in the city council report, which indicated the numbers “may change” as more information is gathered.

The vehicle used in the attack, a red SUV, was found and one person was arrested.

Several videos posted on social media show a vehicle crossing the parade site at high speed.

In one of the videos, shots are heard and a car crossing a police cordon enters an area closed to traffic during the Christmas parade.

The race took place at 16:39 local time, 21:39 in Lisbon.

Local police chief Daniel P. Thompson said his investigators were still trying to identify the victims. Currently, according to the same person in charge, “a person interested in detention”. However, he did not confirm whether he is the driver of the car.

“This investigation is still ongoing,” Thompson added in a statement to reporters last night.
police shots
A Waukeshi police officer fired at the car in an attempt to stop the march.… But no one was hurt, even according to the US authorities.

The site is “now safe and secure,” said Police Chief Daniel P. Thompson.
A hospital in Waukesha County reported that it had admitted 13 people, of whom three were in critical condition, four were in serious condition, and six were with minor injuries, according to the North American broadcaster CNN.

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In turn, Milwaukee Pediatric Hospital said it was treating 15 wounded. Some of the wounded were taken to Froedtert Hospital in the same city.
Angel O’Boyle, who lives in an apartment near where the car was hit, also heard North American CNN, said she watched the parade from a balcony: “Then I heard screams. I turned my head and saw a car pull up at that moment and rush to a group passing by my porch. “

Waukesha County is located approximately 48 kilometers from downtown Milwaukee.
“He immediately knocked down at least two people and ran over them. He then continued on the road to Parque do Pova, which is at the end of the block, and continued without stopping, ”he added.

In turn, Kayleigh Staral, a newspaper trainee in Milwaukee who also followed the parade, said that the run over occurred “about 20-30 minutes after the start of the parade.”

“A red SUV was racing in the middle of the street – there were a lot of shouts – and we thought it might be Santa Claus, but it was a red SUV and it hit a lot of people. There were a lot of people in the room, ”he told CNN.
closed schools
Police said all roads at the crash site will be closed for at least 24 hours, as will businesses.

The Waukesha School District closed all schools this Monday.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers tweeted that he would pray for Waukesha “and all the children, families and community members affected by this wanton action.”

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US and European allies remain committed to “Ukraine’s territorial integrity” – News



In a statement, the White House said that Biden had informed the leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Britain about a virtual summit with Putin, at which he warned Moscow about “the grave consequences of Russian military intervention in Ukraine.”

In their contacts, the Western leaders stressed “their commitment and support to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the statement said.

And they established that their teams will remain in close contact, including in consultation with NATO allies and European Union partners, in a “coordinated and comprehensive” approach.

Joe Biden also informed these NATO allies that in an interview with his Russian counterpart, he stressed “the need to reduce conflict and return to diplomacy,” according to the same source.

The White House has already reported that at a virtual summit, Biden told Putin that Russia risks “tough sanctions, including economic ones” in the event of a military escalation in Ukraine.

Biden expressed “deep concern” for the United States and its allies about the increase in Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, the White House continued, before adding that the two heads of state also touched on cybersecurity issues and their “joint work on regional issues such as Iran.”

The US president has refused to make “promises or concessions” to Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, who basically wants NATO to close its doors to Ukraine.

The Americans also noted that the future of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will transport Russian gas directly to Western Europe via Germany, would be in jeopardy if Russia invaded Ukraine, indicating talks with the German government on this issue.

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Biden also stressed to Putin that Washington will take a tougher stance than in 2014, when Moscow annexed Crimea.

Following Biden’s talks with European allies, French President Emmanuel Macron said he would take on mediation with his Ukrainian counterparts Vladimir Zelensky and Russian Vladimir Putin in an effort to avoid conflict.

Macron stressed that he remains committed to “continuing to explore all ways and means to ensure that tensions between the two countries are reduced,” Paris said in a statement disclosing meetings with Zelenskiy and Putin.

After talking with Biden, Vladimir Putin made it clear that he had condemned his North American counterpart today about NATO’s growing military potential along Russia’s borders and asked for “guarantees” about the Alliance’s non-proliferation eastward.

The Kremlin denies any invasion projects and has accused Washington of ignoring its concerns: growing NATO activity in the Black Sea, Ukraine’s intentions to join the Atlantic Alliance, and Kiev’s desire to continue to receive weapons from the West.

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One of Jamal Khashoggi’s alleged killers arrested in France



Border police at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport detained 33-year-old Khalid Alotaibi as he was about to fly to Riyadh, a source close to the case said.

The man is in custody and is awaiting submission on Wednesday to the Paris Court of Appeal, which will issue an international arrest warrant requested by Turkey, the source said in court.

According to US and UK government documents consulted by AFP, Alotaibi is suspected of being part of a team of a dozen Saudis sent to the country’s consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018 to “execute” Khashoggi and “cover up evidence.”

However, the detainee may refuse to extradite to Turkey. In this case, the court may ask you to remain at large in France, subject to judicial control or pre-trial detention, pending a decision on whether to accept the transfer.

The arrest came three days after French President Emmanuel Macron shook hands with Saudi Arabian Prince Mohamed bin Salman during a criticized meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The international image of the heir was tarnished by the murder of a close-to-power journalist who worked for The Washington Post and was dismembered at his country’s consulate in Turkey by a team of Saudi agents. Your body never appeared.

A US intelligence report, released at the behest of President Joe Biden, accuses the crown prince of “approving” the assassination of this staunch critic of the Saudi government.

During his visit to the Gulf countries, the French head of state defended a dialogue with Saudi Arabia with the aim of “working for stability in the region”, although he clarified, speaking of a crime, that this does not mean “relax”.

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“We talked about everything without taboo. And obviously we raised the issue of human rights (…) and it was a direct discussion, ”said Emmanuel Macron after the meeting.

While denying the murder, Riyadh admitted that it was committed by Saudi agents acting alone. An obscure process in Saudi Arabia resulted in five people being sentenced to death before their sentences were commuted, and three to prison terms.

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UAE Changes Work Schedule To Increase Country Competitiveness



The UAE is cutting its workweek to four and a half days and moving weekends from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday, an important step towards improving the country’s competitiveness.

The “National Work Week” will be mandatory for government agencies from January 1 and is in line with the regional full day off Friday for Muslim prayers.

While it will become the only Gulf state not to have a Friday-Saturday weekend, the move will bring the resource-rich and ambitious UAE closer to the non-Arab world.

According to the new schedule, the public sector weekend starts at noon on Friday and ends on Sunday. Friday prayers in mosques will be held after 13:15 throughout the year.

The move aims to “better align the UAE with global markets,” state news agency WAM said, citing the new workweek as the shortest in the world. “The UAE is the first country in the world to introduce a national work week that is shorter than a five-day global week,” the agency said in a statement.

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