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UNEXPECTED: discover the soul of Brazilian indie



UNEXPECTED: discover the soul of Brazilian indie

UNEXPECTED is a metroidvania created by Brazilians Tiani Pixel and Fernanda Diaz of the independent Pixel Punk studio. With an average of 86 on Metacritic (in PC versions Nintendo switch and Xbox One), the game is a hit in Brazil and around the world. The game brings innovative mechanics and captivating storytelling to the genre.

O Canaltech talked to two developers UNEXPECTED to understand a little more about the gameplay and below are more details on this amazing Brazilian indie game.

System crash, someone misconfigured me

First, let’s talk about the context in which everything happens.

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In a dystopian future, only androids circle the Earth. They are called automata and are equipped with Anima, a substance that guarantees their survival. However, if not consumed regularly, robots become Blind and begin to hunt for other synthetic products in order to survive.

In this scenario, we control Alma, a robot who wakes up in a laboratory with no memory of his past. Gradually, her memories return to her, and she recalls Rachel, her long-standing passion, which must be rediscovered at all costs.

Moving a little forward in the plot, we discover a key moment, which is one of the highlights. UNEXPECTED: time. Due to the lack of Anima, the characters have several days and hours to live (some have more than 100 hours, others have a little less than 10 hours). If the player lasts too long in the main storyline, some favorite NPCs (non-player characters) can turn into evil creatures.

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Remaining Time of Some UNEXPECTED NPCs (Image: Screenshot / Guilherme Sommadossi / Canaltech)

The adventure can still find Meteorite Dust, an item that increases the lifespan of Automata by 24 hours. There isn’t much of this feature, however, and sometimes you’ll have to choose between keeping one Android over the other.

To save all the robots and avoid the destruction of Arcadia, Alma must explore the region and defeat bosses in order to advance the story.

Screw and fluid instead of articulation

Finding every corner of the place, the player will find chips to improve various skills. Not everything can be used, and you need to manage what matters most. This way, you can play with the items that best suit your playstyle – which I especially love.

The combat is also great, with multiple attack forms thanks to swords and firearms that allow you to dodge when surrounded and even block enemy attacks at the last minute (which gives you even stronger bounces). The game has a system craft create weapon designs and upgrade them from collected items.

With all these possibilities, you can get different experiences, making some bosses easier than you might imagine, but also putting the player in some difficult situations.

Nothing organic, everything is programmed

“We are very transparent in our inspirations. We created a game that has our interpretation of elements from several others that inspire us, such as the series. Zelda, Metroid e Dark souls“, – said Tiani and Fernanda in a joint response to Canaltechwhen asked about their inspiration.

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The developers also explain that the idea was not born out of a desire to create metroidvania, but because of the choice of mechanics and style, UNEXPECTED eventually entered this genre.

UNSIGHTED’s big bosses are literally big next to Soul (Image: Press Release / Humble Games)

Like life, play is about “making many decisions and living with the consequences of those decisions. The whole game is built around this concept. The person who plays will have to make choices all the time, and it has mechanical and narrative consequences, ”the duo emphasizes.

In the process of making film, music and video games, most of each artist is transferred to work, and in UNEXPECTED this was no exception. “Some of our values, our outlook on things are reflected in the game. The great aspect is hope in the face of adversity: in our game you can always play again and do better, help more people and do more good in the world, ”the creators say.

Reinstall the system

Like the studios that make high-budget games (and the world at large), Pixel Punk also faced development challenges during the covid-19 pandemic. According to Fernanda and Tiani, due to the virus and social isolation, this affected their psychological state and “had a lot of impact on the production of the game.”

The weeks of the release period were also hectic, with constant work on fixing bugs and other technical bugs, as well as managing social media and other pages.

Guess who woke up rated “Extremely Positive” on Steam! Thanks everyone for playing UNSIGHTED!

The post-launch brought its well-deserved laurels. “The feedback from the players has been amazing, it’s really great to see so many people play the game, discovering all the details that we put so much into.” However, developers are critical of the industry as a whole. “The game had a lot of ramifications, but it is still a little frustrating compared to the performances, which are getting a lot more media attention,” they say.

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UNSIGHTED also uses neutral language extensively to refer to non-binary gender characters (Image: screenshot / Guilherme Sommadossi / Canaltech)

Are they coming again?

Every time a game comes out, part of the community is hungry for additional content. Stories from other characters, more quests, items, and so on. For UNEXPECTED, two developers very accurately answer this possibility: “not yet, but in the future, who knows.”

unfortunately so many UNEXPECTED how many Bouncer academy, two great Brazilian indies from 2021, awards were removed from the game, the biggest award in the industry and that O Canaltech is a member of the jury… In November 2021, Tiani and Fernanda’s game won the (well-deserved) award for Excellence in Narrative (Narrative Excellence, Free Translation) at the Latinx Games Festival.

We are honored to receive this award from @LatinxGamesFest! Thanks to everyone, and special thanks to Amelia Molino for her tremendous help with writing UNSIGHTED!

UNEXPECTED available for PC, Playstation 4, Nintendo switch e Xbox one and also a part of Game Pass, thanks partnership between distributor Humble Games and Microsoft

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Realme will prepare for independence from OPPO



Realme will prepare for independence from OPPO

Realme has been one of the fastest growing technology companies in the market since its founding in May 2018. This young brand was born under the mighty OPPO, which is why they use a lot of technology required for their products.

However, now we are seeing the first sign that could indicate a separation of the two brands, or at least more independence between Realme and OPPO. This is after the disappearance of goods from the first official OPPO online store in China.

Realme is withdrawing its products from the OPPO Mall in China

According to ITHome, it is no longer possible to find Realme products in OPPO Mall. It is important to note that this is the official online store for Chinese OPPO products, where we can also find several OnePlus products.

This is Realme GT Neo 3. Credits: Reliable Reviews

Now, if the user follows any link to the Realme section, he will encounter the following message: “This product has been discontinued, we will look for other products.” Note that the tag subsection has also been removed from the application.

However, the official Realme Mall continues to operate and has the brand’s usual portfolio of products. As such, Chinese users now have to head to Realme’s independent store if they want to purchase any of their hardware.

While no reason has been put forward for Realme’s departure from OPPO Mall, the reason seems to be the young brand’s independence. This is the thesis that has received the most agreement among publications related to the technology sector.

This will not be the first time that a sub-brand has parted ways with its founding company after achieving great market success. Take, for example, the Redmi branch, which now operates independently of Xiaomi.

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Realme has been one of the fastest growing brands in recent years, even with the pandemic and shrinking smartphone market. Therefore, it is not surprising that the next step will be greater independence from OPPO with its own decision-making structure.

4gnews editors recommend:

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Relax Tired Eyes, Woongjin Home Eye Care Flexible Eye Massager



[smartPC사랑=이철호 기자] Modern people who often look at TV or screens are prone to eye strain. Especially since in these days when remote work is becoming more and more popular due to COVID-19, more and more people are suffering from blurred vision, dry eye syndrome and eye pain as they have to work with a laptop for a long time.

So what should I do? It is recommended to relax the eyes by looking away if possible, relaxing the muscles around the eyeballs and massaging the eyes. Better yet, have an easy-to-use eye massager. Introducing Eye Massager, Woongjin’s iplex eye massager for family and health care, which the whole family can easily use.


Material – PC, nylon
Battery – 3.7 V, 600 mAh
Charging – Type C cable
Power consumption – 1.8 W
Weight – 186 grams

Foldable glasses-like design

Woongjin’s iplex eye massager is designed for use at home and in healthcare settings and has a design very similar to goggles. In fact, when the reporter wore an eye massager and looked in the mirror, it looked like he was wearing virtual reality goggles that could have appeared in a sci-fi movie.

This eye massager is able to see the surroundings just like real glasses. In the case of most eye massagers, this is different from many products that cannot be seen. Therefore, it is convenient to be able to do other things during eye massage.

It also has a foldable design. You can adjust the angle to fit your head, and you can reduce eye fatigue more comfortably by setting the eye massager to fit you with the Velcro strap. Another advantage is that it takes up less space when you put it in your bag and carry it with you.

The design of the ski goggles is impressive.
The design of the ski goggles is impressive.

It has a foldable design for easy storage and use.
Foldable design makes it easy to store and use.

The field of view is protected by the massage zone.
The field of view is protected by the massage zone.

More comfortable with vibroacupressure massage

Meanwhile, the eye massager has been divided into two types of pneumatic type and acupressure type according to the massage method. If the pneumatic method puts less stress on the human body and gently relaxes the area around the eyes, then the acupressure method is a method of cooling the internal muscles by pressing on pain points.

The third generation eye massager, iPlex eye massager from Woongjin Household & Health Care, adopts vibration pressure massager. By correctly combining the advantages of pneumatic and acupressure methods, it not only provides precise acupressure to important points, but also reduces pain during massage. Therefore, even people who are not accustomed to eye massage can comfortably relieve eye strain.

Vibration-acupressure massage combines pneumatic and acupressure massage to relax the eyes.
Vibration-acupressure massage combines pneumatic and acupressure massage to relax the eyes.

It's like using a real eye massager.  It can be used conveniently according to the head.
It’s like using a real eye massager. It can be used conveniently according to the head.

You can switch to the desired mode by pressing just one button.
You can switch to the desired mode by pressing just one button.

4 modes available with one button

Woongjin’s iPlex eye massager offers a total of 4 home and health modes. First, there is a dynamic mode that encourages rotation around the eyes. You can also use Vibration Mode, which massages the eye area with quick vibrations, and Sleep Mode, which relaxes the eye area with gentle stimulation. In addition, there is an automatic mode that reduces eye strain during various vibrations.

What’s more, you can switch to the desired mode with the touch of a button. Press the button on the left side of the eye massager for 3 seconds to turn the power on or off, and press once to change the mode. So you can easily switch to your preferred mode and rest your eyes.

The healing of BGM can also be heard while being massaged with sounds of nature such as the sound of water and birds. Get rid of stress at work with vibration mode or enjoy relaxing background music while having an eye massage in sleep mode before bed.

Anyone, regardless of age and gender, can comfortably relieve eye strain in different positions.
Anyone, regardless of age and gender, can comfortably relieve eye strain in different positions.

Easily charged with Type-C cable

Nowadays, most Android smartphones come with a Type-C cable. Even laptops are at an age where batteries can be charged with a Type-C cable. The Woongjin eye massager for home care and health care can also be charged through the Type-C port. which is convenient.

It is more convenient to use as it is compatible not only with charging with the included Type-C cable, but also with cell phone chargers. Charging completes in less than an hour, and since it can be used an average of 15 times, you don’t have to worry about battery life while massaging.

On the bottom is a Type C port.
On the bottom is a Type C port.

It can be easily charged with a Type-C cable.
It can be easily charged with a Type-C cable.

Woongjin Eye Massager for iPlex home health and wellness, have you tried…

During the closing of the July issue, the reporter decided to try the Woongjin Household & Health Care iPlex eye massager. I was able to wear them comfortably like ski goggles by opening the eye massager and adjusting the Velcro to fit my head. The weight approached, so there was no discomfort during use.

When the power is turned on, massage starts with sound. First, in automatic mode, I felt pressure and vibration around my eyes. This seems to be suitable when you want to relieve eye strain quickly. In vibration mode, the acupressure point of the massager presses on the area around the eyes according to the scheme. I was worried that the pressure would be too strong, but I was able to comfortably enjoy the massage without pain.

In vibration mode, the wide eye area was more comfortably relaxed with 3D stereo vibration, while in S sleep mode, eye fatigue could be reduced with gentler stimulation. Listening to the sounds of nature, such as background music, during the massage, I almost fell asleep in the office.

During the massage, I had to go to the bathroom briefly, so I left with the massager. There was a safe view part inside the massage function part so that I could get a massage safely even when I left the office.

Eye fatigue is significantly reduced with a cool relaxing massage.
Eye fatigue has been significantly reduced with a cool relaxing massage.

During the massage, you can go about your daily activities, including walking.
During the massage, you can go about your daily activities, including walking.


Woongjin Home & Health Flexible Eye Massager is a pressotherapy type eye massager, which can relieve eye fatigue more comfortably in 4 modes. Unlike other eye massagers, the field of view is safe, so it is safe and convenient to use. You can also hear background music during the massage.

Therefore, Woongjin Family and Healthcare’s iPlex Eye Massager is suitable for consumers who are looking for an eye massager that the whole family can use to relieve eye fatigue comfortably. Price 79,000 won based on the lowest online price as of July 1st.

Copyright holder © Smart PC Love Unauthorized reproduction and distribution is prohibited

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NASA reported on a mysterious rocket that crashed into the Moon behind two craters



NASA reported on a mysterious rocket that crashed into the Moon behind two craters

NASA photographed the crash site of a mysterious rocket that crashed on the far side of the moon in March, and an unidentified spacecraft left behind a strange double crater that has puzzled scientists.

Pictures of the crash site were taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) on May 25. breast June 24. The images show that the lost piece (of which the origin is still disputed) somehow created two overlapping holes when it collided with the other side of the ship. lua Traveling at 5,770 miles per hour (9,290 km/h).

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