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Portugal joins the fight to end violence against women



Portugal joins the fight to end violence against women

“Women are not numbers,” the Portuguese President emphasized in a message distributed on the 40th anniversary of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which has been marked with the United Nations seal since 1999.

on one communiqué of the president Portuguese society laments the negative impact of Covid-19, exacerbating “the isolation, breakdown of contacts, lack of alternatives that have doomed so many victims to withdrawn and quiet suffering.”

The relationship between the pandemic and domestic aid is at the center of a recent study by Eva Fodor, professor of gender studies and co-director of the Institute for Democracy at the Central European University in Budapest.

“I believe that nothing we can do is sufficient to protect women from violence. Especially in a context where this violence is on the rise due to the pandemic, and especially in a context where many governments are reluctant to tackle the problem, ”he notes. Hungarian teacher.

Resistance to Hungary

Iva Fodor regrets some of the setbacks in Europe in terms of policies to combat violence against women.

“Hungary, Poland and Turkey are some examples. The Hungarian government has refused to ratify the Istanbul Convention. Poland withdrew from it, “the professor said in an interview with Euronews, referring to the Convention initiated by Council of Europein 2011 in this Turkish city.

However, the only member of the LMP, one of Hungary’s left-wing opposition parties, returned to invite the Magyar parliament to ratify the Istanbul Convention.

on one video posted on facebookKristina Hon stated that “a life free of violence is a fundamental right of all women and girls”, began a press conference at which she criticized parliament for not incorporating the Convention into the Hungarian legal system, and called on “everyone to act without hesitation. if they knew about someone who was a victim of domestic violence, ”I also advocate“ strengthening the signaling system ”in these cases.

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“In fact, the government denies recognizing the concept of gender, it even says that this is one of the reasons for rejecting the Istanbul Convention, and defends that there is no gender difference, but only a biological difference between men and women,” explains the Hungarian professor.

Iva Fodor also accuses the Magyar leadership of using “this as an excuse not to support the European Union’s measures to ensure gender equality and to avoid applying other rules to protect women.”

Several pro-women demonstrations have taken place in Europe since last weekend.

Extended timetable in Portugal

In addition to other initiatives such as the 1st Forum against Violence held last week, this Thursday Portugal will also host several events planned by the country in the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, namely the “March to End Violence Against Women women ”, organized by a group of feminist associations and collectives in the presence of the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality Rosa Monteiro.

The march begins at 5:30 pm Lisbon time in Plaza Largo do Intendenti and leads to Rossio, where at 6:00 pm Platform I Marshavas again celebrates this date and “pays tribute to women who are victims of macho. a society that is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and patriarchal! “With a” quilt “inspired by the HIV quilt (” AIDS Memorial Quilt “) started in the 1980s by the LGBT movement in the United States.

Each piece of fabric that makes up the blanket is dedicated to the victim, sewn together, thus forming a monument in honor of all the women killed by the violence in 2021.

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At least 23 women were killed in Portugal between January 1 and November 15 this year, including 15 “gender-motivated deaths,” according to a report by the Observatory of Murdered Women (OMA), the report said. Publication of the Alternative Women’s Union and Answer (UMAR) of which OMA is a part.

However, this week the Portuguese government launched #PortugalAgainst Violence Campaign call for increased vigilance against domestic violence, and raise awareness of the consequences of this crime not only for women, but also for children.

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The newspaper says that João Felix may be “days numbered” at Atlético Madrid and explains why he can expect to leave the club.



The newspaper says that João Felix may be “days numbered” at Atlético Madrid and explains why he can expect to leave the club.

The fatigue of the young Portuguese realizes that his style of play does not match Simeone’s, and relegation from the Champions League could be decisive for a player’s fate.

Joao Felix, touted as one of the great promises of world football, has failed to deliver on what he expected from the game. Atletico Madrid… That’s why, As reported by As newspaper, the Portuguese attacking midfielder and his staff are analyzing the possibility of an athlete leaving the club during the January transfer window.

They believed that João’s style of play did not suit Simeone’s team, and because of this, the Portuguese still did not have the fame they dreamed of in recent years.

Atletico Madrid returns to the field for La Liga no sunday (12) face to face or leader real Madrid, at 17:00 (GMT), with a live broadcast from ESPN to Star +

Created from base BenficaJoão Felix, 22, soon impressed with the start of his career at the Portuguese club. However, over the years, he eventually lost his position in the Colchonero team and several times became a “luxury reserve” for the Argentine coach.

The attacking midfielder arrived in Atlético in 2019 for no less than 126 million euros (543 million reais at the time) and at that time became the fourth most valuable contract in football, according to specialized website Transfermarkt, just after Neymar (€ 222 million), Philippe Coutinho (€ 145 million) and Mbappe (€ 135 million).

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For this reason, the Colchonera board is not designed to get rid of the player easily, and according to the publication, athlete fatigue has studied how to convince the club to put João Felix on the market.

Also, according to the Spanish daily, a departure in the group stage of the tournament Champions League, which could be closed on Tuesday (7), will affect the club’s treasury and, in this case, may see the sale of the Portuguese as a good solution to ease the finances.

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“Spotify For Artists” translated into Portuguese



‘Spotify For Artists’ ganha versão traduzida em português

O “Spotify for Artists”, tool Spotify analytical resources for artists, today it has received (7) versions in 16 languages, including Portuguese, which are available on the desktop and mobile versions of the platform. To check the platform, go here.

> Retrospective 2021: Spotify Unveils Top Trending Artists

Once selected, the tool will be available in the selected language automatically, but if not, artists simply select their preferred language from the menu to begin expressing themselves, understanding their work, and promoting their work.

Spotify For Artists has been translated into Portuguese. Photo: Disclosure

More details:

New Spotify Tools for Artists

In October, Spotify for Artists added two new features: release details pages and audience engagement statistics.

release details page

In the tab “Song” On the Spotify for Artists dashboard, users can view detailed analytics of any song. With the update, they can access composite metrics of any release – be it album, EP or single in focus… This new perspective allows artists to see how their music resonates with their fans and to gauge the impact of the marketing efforts of their releases over time.

Users can also filter these statistics for any specific market. This feature is currently only available for desktops.

Spotify For Artists has been translated into Portuguese. Photo: Disclosure

audience engagement statistics

Eagle “Public” on Spotify for Artists is the foundation for understanding your listeners across the entire catalog – from ardent follower to very last listener. When you understand your audience, it’s not just about demographics or number of streams, but how they interact with your music.

The more users lean towards these metrics, the more savvy your audience will be in knowing where your listeners are, what they like, and how effective your marketing is. This new statistic is currently only available for the computer.

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Portuguese-led European Alliance defines quality criteria in higher education



Coimbra, 07 Dec (Lusa) – The European Alliance of Associations in fields such as Engineering or Food Science and Technology, chaired by Rui Costa of Portugal, Professor Escola Superior Agrária (ESA) of Coimbra, defines quality criteria for higher education. courses.

The alliance called EASPA, founded in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2011, currently brings together eight European associations – in the fields of engineering, chemistry, food science and technology, business, biology or music, among others – that assess educational programs educational institutions that have arisen in connection with the need to define quality criteria at the European and international level.

In a conversation with Lusa, the food technology professor explained that although each country has its own national agency for accrediting higher education courses – Portugal has A3ES, a government-established foundation, without which they cannot function, at a European level “for certain areas have developed special criteria that are not accepted by national agencies. “

“And very often institutions, when they want recognition for quality in a particular area, in addition to what they require at the national level, turn to our association,” said Rui Costa.

“For example, Ordem dos Engenheiros can assess engineering courses, it is associated with an engineering association that is part of EASPA. Our mission is to define the quality criteria for each of the areas of activity of our members, ”said the university professor. Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra.

At the national level, according to Rui Costa, “the evaluators who are invited to the course determine the specific criteria for the course.”

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“Assessors now often lack international knowledge in this area, and we advocate that national systems integrate our criteria.”

A situation that, according to Rui Costa, is already happening in the Netherlands and Spain, where quality criteria are used internationally “as a guide for national universities”.

The need to guarantee quality criteria internationally in relation to education was at the heart of the creation of EASPA.

“As a teacher, I want to know what is happening in Lithuania or Germany, how I compare myself with them. Even because the research work that we develop is something that we do all the time. We always check our knowledge, our efficiency. and the quality of research in the international network. If we do this in research, we also want to do it in education, ”says a professor from Agrária.

On the other hand, EASPA members also work outside the European Union: “For an Asian Institute, for example, it is easier to conclude agreements with a European university if it has a European legal personality in terms of quality. “, – stressed.


Lusa / End

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