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Paraguayan MP sparks controversy after overthrowing Queen Letizia: “Journalist turned into queen”



Paraguayan MP sparks controversy after overthrowing Queen Letizia: "Journalist turned into queen"

An MP from Paraguay sharply criticized Queen Letizia, who recently made a humanitarian trip to Paraguay.

Although Filipe VI’s wife’s trip from Spain was the subject of several praise, it did not please everyone, as was the case of MP Celeste Amarilla, who, during a meeting of the Chamber of Deputies this Wednesday, was offended by the clothes she wore. from Letizia and called her “a journalist-turned-queen.”

“The Motherland sent us free vaccines, and today it sends us its journalist turned into a queen, a girl of modest origin, a journalist by profession, with which the prince fell in love. Today she comes to look at the poverty of Paraguay to see what kind of alms to give us, ”- began with the words of the deputy, who then drew attention to the fact that Letizia chose informal clothing, namely a red vest from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation. for development .

“Don’t believe that this journalist became queen, that we died for your greeting, maybe we need your money, but Mrs. Laetitia, we deserve one of the dresses in the closet, not the vest that your security guard and your secretary are wearing.” – it is added.

The interference has sparked a number of criticisms on social media, including from a Paraguayan vest company.

“The vest of the fourth degree”, as the deputy says, was made by our company by order of the Spanish cooperation. National SME. If you want a dress, you can buy it with a good salary, Uniformes Fabricato told Twitter.

It should be noted that the Queen of Spain traveled to Paraguay from November 2 to 4, accompanied by the Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Pilar Canchela Rodriguez.

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Four zodiac signs who find it difficult to maintain friendships



Four zodiac signs who find it difficult to maintain friendships

BUTSome manage to make friends in just a few minutes, while others have great difficulty, and when they finally do, they cannot maintain friendships. Are we talking about you? Then it is likely that your sign is on this list published on the Entertainment Times portal.

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

They are very stubborn, impulsive and often controlling. Characteristics that turn people off and make them end their days arguing with friends.

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Crab (from June 21 to July 21)

Since they are temperamental, sensitive and impulsive, they cannot maintain friendly relations. In addition, they exaggerate and take offense at everything they are told, creating unnecessary problems in their heads.

Taurus (April 21 to May 20)

They love making new friends, and they even have a lot of fun, though they also need to be alone and recharge. Something that causes a huge communication gap between them and their friends.

Leo (July 22 to August 22)

They always put themselves first and only then take care of others. It is because of this and other more selfish acts that they fail to maintain friendly relations.

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Granddaughter Eunice Munoz forced to leave her grandmother’s house



Granddaughter Eunice Munoz forced to leave her grandmother's house

Lydia Munoz, the granddaughter who lived with the veteran actress, was forced to leave her grandmother’s house shortly after her death. Find out what really happened!

Tender moment between Eunice and Lydia Munoz

Eunice Munoz passed away on April 15th. Ruy de Carvalho, the family was forced to leave the house the day after his death. Was it really true?

The 95-year-old veteran actor got into “Happy Home (NIC) and testified that he was outraged by the fact that the landlord had prevented the family of his late girlfriend Eunice from gaining access to the house where she lived, in Paço de Arcos, Oeiras.

In fact, her granddaughter, actress Lydia Munoz, lived in the house rented with the deceased.

For Ruy de Carvalho, it was a disrespect to the memory of a friend who rented a house a few meters away from him. And he lamented that “people who deserve our respect are not respected.”

Eunice Munoz and Ruy de Carvalho have been friends for many years.

Family forced to leave home

The actor and the late actress have been friends for many years. In fact, Ruy de Carvalho even said that Eunice Munoz was like a sister to him.

In fact, there is no evidence that the family did not have access to the house, only that the granddaughter, who lived with her grandmother, was forced to leave.

The actress, by the way, said that there were no obstacles and that she entered the house. According to her, all legal grounds are observed. That is, on the part of the owners there were no obstacles to the export of the things of the deceased.

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However, it cannot be denied that the family was ordered to leave the house where Eunice Muñoz lived 20 days after her death.

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Mariana Patrochinio shows a family dinner, but receives criticism: “Catering? Don’t you know how to cook?”



Mariana Patrochinio shows a family dinner, but receives criticism: “Catering?  Don't you know how to cook?"

This Sunday, November 27, most of the Patrocinio clan gathered for family dinner🇧🇷 There were several promotions on social networks made Carolina Sponsorship and other sisters Ines, Rita or Sponsorship of Mariana🇧🇷 And it was the last one that the Internet user did not fail to point out criticism.

Thanksgiving celebration (‘Thanksgiving Day‘, in English’), the sister of the host of SIC Mulher and the ‘Fama Show’ showed some snapshots of some of the family moments as well as all the dinner preparations.

On Instagram, Mariana received love from several of her followers, who praised the beautiful image of the family. However, the follower did not hesitate to acknowledge the fact that they entered into a contract for catering for the specified lunch.

Why order catering at home? Can’t cook?“, says the comment box.

Carolina’s older sister Patrosinio decided to react and replied “to the letter”: “My cousin is a caterer and no, I can’t cook a turkey.“, he just said.

Carolina Patrosinio shows herself with her daughter in her arms: “Classic” I don’t want to go to school “”

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