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Jesse J reveals that she had a miscarriage. “I decided to have a baby alone” – Current Events



Jesse J reveals that she had a miscarriage.  "I decided to have a baby alone" - Current Events

On Wednesday, November 24, Jesse J. reported that she had a miscarriage. The singer kept her pregnancy a secret, but now decided to open her heart and talk to fans after the loss.

“Yesterday morning I was talking to a friend and I said, ‘Really, how am I going to do a show in Los Angeles tomorrow night without telling the public that I am pregnant.’ The performance, not letting go of steam … After passing the exam, he was also told that there was no heartbeat. This morning. I feel like I can’t control my emotions. I may wish I had missed this. Or no. In fact, I don’t know, ”he said on his Instagram page.

What I really know is that I want to sing tonight. Not because I avoid pain or the process, but because I know that singing tonight will help me. I played two concerts in two years, and my soul needs it. Even more today. I know some people will think that I should just cancel. But right now I understand a lot, ”he added, emphasizing how much music was and is important in his life.

I want to be honest and truthful and not hide my feelings. I deserve it. I want to be as myself as possible right now. Not only for the public, but also for me and my little child who tried his best, ”he continued.

In the same publication, he said: “I decided to have this child alone. Because that’s all I ever wanted and life is short. Getting pregnant was a miracle in itself and an experience that I will never forget and know I will have again. I’m still in shock, the sadness is all-consuming. But I know I’m strong and I’ll be fine“.

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I also know that millions of women around the world have experienced this pain and much worse. I feel a connection with you, who I know and who I don’t know. This is the loneliest feeling in the world. So, see you tonight in Los Angeles. I can tell fewer jokes, but my heart will be there, ”he concluded.

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António Zambujo comments on Catarina Furtado’s see-through dress again, and the presenter reacts



The Voice Portugal Catarina Furtado Antonio Zambujo

Antonio Sambujo could not resist commenting on the dress of Catarina Furtado on the Voice of Portugal.

Catarina Furtado opted for a transparent battle dress for the Voice of Portugal. Antonio Sambujo again could not refrain from commenting on the choice of the host in the program this Sunday, December 5th.

After the end of the battle between João Vieira and Francisco Rocha, Catarina insisted on drawing the attention of her mentors to how she characterized the battle.

I don’t know if you heard what I said. I said “two indisputable voices.” Because I choose adjectives strictly“, – said the TV presenter.

And you are also very transparent in your analysis.“, – joked Antonio Zambujo, causing general laughter in the studio. “My analyzes are super transparent …“, replied to leadingwalking to show off her dress.

It lights up today!“, Shot Aurea. Diogo Pizarra had to comment on the performance of the two participants, but for a short time he was unable to do so. “Maybe I was knocked down … I even blushed a little“, he said.

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This Sunday, the show “It makes fun of” Who Works “” is canceled due to Covid-19.



This Sunday, the show "It makes fun of" Who Works "" is canceled due to Covid-19.

This Sunday, the show “It makes fun of” Who Works “” is canceled due to Covid-19.

Ricardo Araujo Pereira and the program team contacted a person who tested positive.

Ricardo Araujo Pereira will not be on SIC after “Jornal da Noite”.

After Jornal da Noite and Luis Márquez Mendes’ usual commentary on SIC, there will be no “Isto é Gozar com Quem Trabalhar”. The show this Sunday, December 5, was canceled due to Covid-19. Ricardo Araujo Pereira and his team contacted a person who tested positive.

“For this reason, the program scheduled for this Sunday will not take place. Anyone who has waited six months to find out the speed of a car can wait a few more days to see what we are going to say about it, ”explained SIC in a statement posted on the channel’s social media.

This isn’t the first time content has been delayed due to the pandemic. The program is always recorded for the public on Sunday morning at the theater.… Due to the danger of contamination, the production has decided to cancel the broadcast this week.

The new season “Isto É Jozar com Quem Trabalhar”, designated as the fourth option, debuted In the beginning of September. Part of the team for this program has one more project on SIC Notícias, Midnight Explosion. It includes Manuel Cardoso, Catia Dominguez, Guilherme Fonseca and Claudio Almeida.

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Fernando Mendes says goodbye to Sandra Felgeiras. Journalist Reaction – Current Events



Fernando Mendes says goodbye to Sandra Felgeiras.  Journalist Reaction - Current Events

Fernando Mendes took the opportunity to say goodbye to Sandra Felgeiras, who left RTP1. The presenter left a message to the journalist on Preço Certo. “I have chosen other paths. Sandrinha, just to say that I really like you, thank you for everything you gave with your work and talent. Kiss me and may you be happy wherever you go. You are always there. my heart. A great journalist, ”he said.

A moment that Sandra Felgeiras did not miss by using Facebook to highlight the presenter’s gesture, thereby reacting to his message.

“On the first Friday in the last 10 years without Friday at 9, I received this video from my great friend Fernando Mendes, who said goodbye to me live this Monday. Disclaimer: Fernando Mendes and I are friends. O one of the best people in the RTP, ”the journalist began.

“Fernando Mendes has a unique talent and humanity that is hard to find. We talked every Friday. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of my day, he always sent me a message wishing me a “good program” before 9:00 pm and another soon after. follow: “Did everything go well?” I have had several directors who never sent me a single message on a program day. But Fernando Mendes never stopped doing it. Nothing forced him to do it, ”he said.

“I will miss you very much, but I will continue by your side and with everyone, my dear friend! Promise. I express my public gratitude for this gesture of yours, which could have come from you only because you are a huge soul, which is so rare to meet today, ”he concluded.

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