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Covid-19: experts admit entering the fifth wave



Scientists from the Faculty of Science admit that Portugal may enter the fifth wave of COVID-19, and advocate strengthening the vaccine in age groups where the number of new cases has increased, even if they have a low risk of serious illness.

In an article from Monday, Manuel Carmo Gomes and Carlos Antunes of the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Science defend this against the coronavirus. do not interfere with the normalization of Portuguese life, service high protection of the population through revaccination in age groups where the number of new cases has increased, even if their risk of serious illness is lower.

“It is necessary to provide maintaining a high degree of immunological protection Portuguese population. If necessary, introduction vaccine boosters in specific groupsthey have the highest risk of contracting and transmitting the virus, not just those most at risk of serious illness, ”they write.

More infections between the ages of 18 and 25

Experts note that in recent weeks, the ages at which the risk of infection is increased are among the age categories. 18 and 25 years old, followed by children under 10 years old and from young people between the ages of 25 and 40.

These ages, emphasize increased socialization after October 1when the country entered the third phase of deconfinement associated with reaching 85% vaccine coverage ”.

Remember this, occasionally outbreaks occurred in nursing homes., “Leads to high morbidity in people over 70 years of age,” but, they insist, “globally, non-elderly people are responsible for more cases.”

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However, they emphasize: “the oldest remain the most susceptible to serious illness.justifying hospitalization and ultimately death. “

As an example, they point out that during October “you over 70 years old accounted for about 70% of hospitalized in the ward covid-19 and about 91% of deaths, but only 15% of infections occurred. “

Stop the spread of covid-19

They claim that only a combination high vaccination coverage how maintenance of non-drug activitiesespecially the use of masks and ventilation in enclosed spaces can significantly slow down the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

“Failure to comply with at least one of these requirements is a likely explanation for the resurgence of the infection that we are currently seeing in Europe, even in countries where 60% to 75% of the population is vaccinated, as is the case in the United Kingdom. , Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Ireland, ”they write.

In an article published on the website of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Nova, Manuel Carmo Gomes (epidemiologist) and Carlos Antunes (mathematician) say that It is “quite predictable” that this fall and winter, Portugal will continue “with a daily incidence of several hundred cases and a small number of deaths.”

“In fact, the latest data from early November suggests a noticeable resurgence of infection, and we are likely to see the beginning of a fifth wave,” they add.

Infections and deaths are on the rise worldwide

A Austria announces strengthening of patrols controlling access to cafes, restaurants and hotelsafter Vienna introduced a vaccination certificate to try to stem the rise of COVID-19 infections, while in the United States, the opening to non-essential travel has led to a sharp increase in the number of flights to the country.

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For the first time in 20 months, thousands of passengers will be able to land on USA, from any country for a visit deemed immaterial. V borders reopen to foreign travelersbut with a full covid-19 vaccination schedule and a negative test done 72 hours before departure.

The lifting of restrictions on air and land borders occurs when 70% of the adult population is fully vaccinated and has already started administering booster doses for over 65 years, even though the Biden administration is grappling with legal issues related to the intention to make immunization mandatory in companies with more than 100 employees.

On RussiaThe Moscow metro, which is returning from forced holidays imposed by the Kremlin to contain a dizzying rise in infections and deaths, reflects the reluctance of some to recognize the severity of this fourth wave of COVID-19. you can see yourself overcrowded cars and unmasked usersin a country where the vaccination rate is less than 35 percent.

On Germany, in which less than 70% of the population received two doses, the incidence rate accumulated over the past seven days reached, this Monday, a new high since the start of the pandemic: more than 201 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

On Austria, with a vaccination rate of less than 65%, the incidence of infections is t.three times more than in neighboring Germany: 635 new cases in 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants. Vienna Government announced reinforcement of police patrols, with over 800 agents to introduce new rules that prevent those who are not fully vaccinated for visiting restaurants, hotels, hairdressing salons and large public events.

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Russia expels five Portuguese diplomats | War in Ukraine



“This morning, the Portuguese Ambassador in Moscow was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, who was informed of the expulsion of five embassy employees who will have to leave Russia within 14 days,” the Portuguese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the report said.

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“Ukraine is in for a very unpleasant surprise” — Obozrevatel



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It was a quick change. On Monday, Mikhail Kodaryonok, a retired colonel and television commentator, criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military strategy. This Wednesday afternoon, also on Russian state television, the army has completely changed speech, anticipating a “very unpleasant surprise” for Ukraine.

Mikhail Kodarenok mentioned Russian attacks on American howitzers in Ukraine, suggesting that they would remain a target for Russian forces “in the near future.” “They will be searched for, discovered and hit,” the colonel in the reserve assured, adding that soon only “memories” would remain of them.

Assuring that this goal would be “achieved,” the colonel turned to the news of the victories that Ukraine would win over Russian troops.“There are only rumors Indeed, there are even rumors that [a Ucrânia] allegedly has great success in counterattacks, ”said Mikhail Khodarenok, describing these rumors as “inaccurate.”


To demonstrate the failure of the Ukrainian forces, a retired colonel recalled the Snake Islands plan. Mikhail Khodarenok noted that Ukraine needed to achieve “air supremacy”, and that “in the coming months” it would be “impossible” for the Ukrainian armed forces to accomplish such a feat.

In addition, in the naval sphere, the official also devalued Ukraine: “They need to achieve superiority at sea,” especially in the Black Sea, which “is out of the question.” “At best, it will take years, if not decades.”

“And therefore, when they talk about the ability of Ukraine to counterattack, this is a big exaggeration,” Mikhail Khodarenok hinted, believing in the success of the Russian offensive. He predicted that “a very unpleasant surprise” awaits Ukraine in the near future.

“As much as we hate to admit it, the whole world is against us.” Retired colonel denounces Putin’s strategy on state television

These statements contrast with those that Mikhail Kodarenok made on Monday: “They [os ucranianos] determined to fight to the last man. Ultimately, victory on the battlefield is determined by the high morale of the personnel.who sheds blood for ideas for which he is ready to fight.

Also on Monday, the retired colonel acknowledged that “the main drawback of the Russian military-political position is that we are, in a sense, in complete geopolitical isolation and that, as much as we hate to admit it, practically the whole world is against us.” . “The situation will frankly worsen,” spoke on Monday, anticipating a scenario with “a million armed Ukrainian soldiers.”

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Madrid rejects Russia’s unjustified expulsion of 27 diplomats – columnist



The Spanish government has rejected Russia’s decision to expel 27 employees of the Spanish embassy in Moscow, arguing that reciprocity in this case is not justifiedbecause they did not violate the Vienna Convention.

Spain rejects the decision taken today by the Russian Federation to expel a total of 27 employees of the Spanish Embassy in Russia,” the Spanish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Madrid then explains that Russian authorities justify this decision with the principle of “reciprocity” after the expulsion of 27 employees of the Russian embassy in Madrid, notified last April, adding, however, that “the expulsion then accepted by the Spanish authorities was based on duly substantiated security reasons, which do not exist in this case.”

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs guarantees that the employees of the embassy in Moscow “always” fully complied with the obligations set forth Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.


Russia announced this Wednesday that it was expelling 27 Spanish and 24 Italian diplomats in response to similar measures taken by those countries after invading Ukraine.

The announcement of the expulsion of Italians and Spaniards was made by the Russian Foreign Ministry a few minutes after the announcement of the expulsion of 34 French diplomats and a day after the decision to expel two Finnish diplomats was made.

The number of Spanish and Italian diplomats now considered persona non grata it is identical to the Russian diplomats whom the governments of two European countries decided to expel from their countries in April.

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According to Spanish Ambassador to Moscow Marcos Gomez Martinez, who was summoned to the Russian ministry on Wednesday morning, diplomats from the embassy in Moscow and the consulate general in St. Petersburg were sent to Moscow. will have to leave Russia within seven days.

On April 5, the Spanish government decided to expel 27 diplomats and officials from the Russian embassy in Spain as a sign of rejection of the “horrible actions” of the Russian troops, the “escalation of war crimes” and in “protection of security interests.” » Spain.

The Spanish performer did not directly mention the massacre organized by Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, Kyiv region.

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