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Column | To combat gender-based political violence



Column |  To combat gender-based political violence

Silence is a political message. And selectivity is a weapon of opportunism

Featured progressive women, especially in 2018 and 2020, have come under constant attack on their voices and powers.

In these 16 days of activism to end violence against women and 20 days of activism to combat racism, it is important to emphasize that neoliberalism is attacking our existence, especially black women, in all areas of our lives.

Mother Beth de Oxum: “We are an urban quilombo that does not fit into the whiteness of the Brazilian state.”

Machism, racism and lgbtomophobia – the structural axes of the capitalist system – disrupt our ways of walking, acting, acting, resisting, regulating our bodies, our sleep, our rest, our hunger, our material ambitions, social and even political.

This is why, when it comes to a woman occupying a political space in defense of democracy, this is a scandalous image for traditional conservatism.

We do not want to be treated only as beneficiaries of state policy, we want the right to make decisions on them.

There have been countless incidents of political violence against women in chambers of parliament across the country, further affecting black women, young people and LGBT people who suffer from racism, ageism and homophobia, constantly declaring that they are not, this is the place for them.

“Traveco, viadinho and piranha”: meeting of the Niteroi chamber marked by transphobic crimes

And, if, on the one hand, there is complete silence in the coverage of the topic by the mainstream media, on the other hand, when approaching the topic, there is also a selectivity and opportunistic inconstancy of political fields.

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Over time, it is important to emphasize that political violence against women does not contradict the arguments she is presently presenting on the platform, but rather it is an attack on a woman’s right to speak and defend a vision of the world and, above all, on her right to directly influence transformation the world.

We do not want to be treated only as beneficiaries of state policy, we want the right to make decisions on them.

In Congress, Assemblies and Municipal Chambers across the country, PT parliamentarians are at the forefront of advocating for women, especially those in greatest need, developing proposals and taking positions on issues related to the survival of Brazilian women in society, such as labor rights and social Security.

We understand that fighting machismo and oppression of women means guaranteeing rights and a dignified life for all, including upon retirement.

In participating governments, together with Lula and Dilma, we have endorsed the Maria da Peña Act, which is a major milestone in the fight against violence against women.

We have expanded the protection mechanisms for Brazilian women, prioritized women on the Bolsa-Família card, on the right to housing through Minha Casa Minha Vida, approved the PEC das Domésticas, implemented economic policies with a real increase in the minimum wage, created a network of policies and actions to enable women to obtain financial, emotional and social autonomy to avoid situations of violence.

Condemning the misogynistic and sexist coup against President Dilma Rousseff, we stood up and mobilized, faced with the silence of many, many, about Dilma’s atrocities.

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We stood up and sympathized with Manuela D’Avil when she faced meanness and meanness on social media, while many also remained silent.

Silence is a political message. And selectivity is a weapon of opportunism. Protecting women from political gender-based violence is a difficult, daily and ongoing challenge – not only when it comes to shifting the political chessboard in favor of a particular group.

Combating political gender-based violence has been one of the pillars of the work of the PT National Secretariat for Women, because we deeply understand the importance of ensuring women’s participation in politics, which implies not only the election of more women, but also the right to fully exercise their mandate without coercion, intimidation and violence.

This is why the defense of democracy is so dear to the country and so essential to the feminist agenda. And we PT women put democracy into practice, not only during electoral periods, but in all our relationships with civil society and social movements, and even within our own organization.

We will take to the streets on 4 December as part of a national campaign calling for Faure Bolsonar, for women’s rights and for an end to government genocide.

We invite all women against Bolsonaro and we will continue to move firmly on the path of increasing women’s participation in politics and protecting each other until 2022. We do not tolerate any practice of coercion into silence, and we remain in solidarity and united with everyone who is in the fight against fascism and authoritarianism.

* Ann Moura is a feminist, indigenous, manauar and petista. PT National Secretary for Women’s Affairs. Creator of the Elas Por Elas project. Participates in the women’s group of the Forum of Sao Paulo and Coppala (Permanent Conference of Political Parties in Latin America). Read other texts.

** This is an opinion. The author’s vision does not necessarily reflect the newspaper’s editorial line. Brazil actually

Edition: Leandro Melito

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What is “Christianization” in politics and what is the connection between this phenomenon and Doria’s pre-election candidacy



What is "Christianization" in politics and what is the connection between this phenomenon and Doria's pre-election candidacy

The term is used when a party abandons its official candidate in order to support another party with a higher chance of winning; the former governor is abandoned by his fellow believers defending Tebet

Young pan
Joao Doria is the preliminary candidate for the President of the Republic of the PSDB.

In 1950 PSD launched Christian Machado candidate for the presidency of the republic, but during the election campaign part of the party began to support Getulio Vargas (PTB). It was from this episode that the political world coined the term “Christianization,” a phenomenon that occurs when a legend abandons its official postulate in order to support another who has a better chance of winning. The situation is similar to the one faced Joao Doriatentative candidate for PSDBwhich is played at the Toucana Summit and passed by the senator Simone Tebet (MDB), chosen as the head of the candidature of the so-called third way. However, in the situation of the ex-governor, there are two main differences from the situation of Machado.

First, in the episode of 1950, the PSD supported the candidacy of Minas Gerais for the Palacio do Planalto until the end. In the case of Doria, the PSDB exposed the former governor of Sao Paulo in the open before the election period officially began. “The process of Christianization involves the registration of a candidate, that is, the candidate is offered to the voter. Here the process is different because Doria is not yet presented to the electorate. This is an internal party dispute. It doesn’t seem right to me to talk about the Christianization of Doria’s candidacy, ”the political scientist believes Lara Mesquita, FGV researcher. In an interview with Young panthe expert explains that what Doria is experiencing is a process that precedes Christianization.

To defend himself against what he calls a “coup”, the former São Paulo manager insists that he was chosen as a candidate during the PSDB party elections, but the fact is that his postulate has not yet been officially made public. at the congress abbreviations. Since March, the Tucan summit has made it clear that a representative of the third way will be chosen along with MDB e Citizenshipin an attempt to end the polarization between Lula (PT) e Jair Bolsonaro (PL). O brazil union was part of the movement of the self-proclaimed “democratic center”, but at the end of the negotiations he jumped off the ship and decided to launch a federal deputy Luciano Bivar (PE) to the presidential race, leaving the group with only Tebeta and Doria as options. Last Wednesday, the 18th, the presidents and other leaders of the parties met in Brasilia to review the results of quantitative and qualitative research commissioned by the group. After analyzing the data, the leaders decided that the parliamentarian had more opportunities to collect votes, especially for one reason: the emedebist has one of the lowest rejections of all presidential candidates. Since Tebeta is not yet on the list of candidates most known to the public, enthusiasts of his candidacy see the potential for an increase in polls in the coming months. Faced with a stalemate, the question to be answered is: what prompted the PSDB to play the provisional candidacy of Doria and support the emedebista postulation?

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The former governor did not take off in the elections

Joao Doria was selected as the PSDB provisional candidate on November 27, 2021. The Sao Paulo candidate ran against the then governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leiteand with the former mayor of Manaus Arthur Virgilio. Roughly six months later, Doria is still parked and hardly going to vote. Jovem Pan, a member of the PSDB’s national executive committee, was ridiculed for the actions of the former governor of São Paulo in the elections. “Doria’s efforts are futile, the block has been standing on the street for more than five months and not only does not grow, but also falls in the polls,” said an old school toucan in stock. “Perhaps PSDB made these previews too soon. At that moment, it was believed that Doria had all the conditions for growth. Perhaps he lost support among leaders who did not see the materialization of this expectation of growth, ”the political scientist analyzes. looking for Institute for Social, Political and Economic Research (Ipespe) released this Friday 20, the former manager has 5% of the vote. The margin of error of the poll is plus or minus 3.2 percentage points. PSDB’s worst performance in a presidential election was in 2018 when Geraldo Alkmin came in third with 5%.

However, for Lara, the scenarios for 2018 and 2022 are different and cannot be compared. “Alcmine ended the presidential race with 5% of the vote, but no one expected this, it was not predictable. So much so that the PSDB and Alckmin managed to form the largest coalition v.Aries sides do upLogin They were No plate presidential make Alkmin. Andm 2018, a people he had one expectation, before make process selective, from reproduce a Polarization PT-PSDB 2014, is not materialized. THIS behind This which about Alcmine he was abandoned on elite politicians. Ele he was Christianized,” explains the political scientist. In the last presidential election, João Doria himself abandoned Alcmín, his political godfather, teamed up with Jair Bolsonaro and launched the double BolsoDoria. “In 2022, Doria nto Only No adult us campaigns, as none believe which is he or grow during a campaign. He is not topics a confidence, no one bets on your candidacy, ”adds the expert.

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Doria does not have toucan dome support

Lara Mesquita also notes that Doria was unable to form an alliance with the PSDB’s senior leadership. In the 2021 primaries, the approved rules determined that the votes of those who are part of the party will have equal weight with the votes of those who have a political mandate. In other words, Doria’s supporters, who do not have a political mandate, guaranteed him a victory in the primaries, and during these six months, the now ex-governor was unable to beat the internal resistance of the historical wing of the toucans, which includes politicians. from outside São Paulo, such as Senator Tasso Gereissati (CE) and former minister and former federal deputy from the state of Minas Gerais, Pimenta da Veiga. Doria’s other supporters ended up leaving the PSDB during the party, weakening Paulista’s support network. There is also an assessment that high dislike of the toucan – according to an Ipespe poll, 53% of voters would not vote for Doria at all, a level that is only lower than Bolsonaro’s 59% – makes Rodrigo’s candidacy for governor untenable. Garcia (PSDB) to Bandeirantes Palace. São Paulo is the jewel in the crown of the party that has led the state since 1994.

PSDB needs to restore benches in the House and Senate

The third point motivating Doria’s toasting is the high cost of financing the presidential campaign. Some leaders of the Toukan elite reject the hypothesis of allocating some of the party’s less expressive resources to a stillborn candidate. In 2018, the membership of the SDP in the Chamber was reduced by 46.3%, which drastically reduced the electoral budget allocated to the party. “There is a partabout broken which acha which No he does meaning highlight one amount So large from Resources one campaign presidential e a candidate which is notYes se showing viable. withEriya more effective move be resource us campaigns ddeputies, senators e governors. weighs, about everything, insofar aswith parties must have spectacle Minimum selective behind get ter access to Resources public. Andce spectacle This is measured a leave off the bench Camera From Deputies,” Lara clarified. During this week, PSDB National President Bruno Araujo said that at the end of this process, the unity of the acronym will prevail. When the crisis hits the toucan’s nest, it remains to ask the party leader if he really believes in this forecast.

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Russia Considers Swapping Politics for Ukrainian Prisoners – DW – 05/21/2022



Russia Considers Swapping Politics for Ukrainian Prisoners - DW - 05/21/2022

Russia will consider exchanging Azov Battalion fighters captured in Mariupol for millionaire and pro-Moscow politician Viktor Medvedchuk, Vladimir Putin’s closest ally in Ukraine.

“We will study the issue,” Leonid Slutsky, a senior member of the Russian delegation at the talks with Kyiv, said this Saturday (May 21).

At a press conference in separatist Donetsk in southeastern Ukraine, Slutsky said the possibility of an exchange would be decided in Moscow by “those with prerogatives.”

Medvedchuk, 67, escaped house arrest after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but was arrested again in mid-April on charges of treason and embezzlement. Among the crimes is an attempted theft of natural resources in Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula illegally annexed by Russia in 2014.

Medvedshchuk accused of trying to steal natural resources of CrimeaPhoto: Stringer/Sputnik/dpa/picture Alliance

On Friday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Choigu announced the complete surrender of the Ukrainian resistance at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol after the last 531 militants stationed there surrendered.

The Azovstal plant was the last stronghold of Ukrainian resistance in Mariupol, a port city besieged by Russian forces since the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Among the last soldiers to surrender were the commanders of the Azov Battalion, a nationalist regiment that has been integrated into the Ukrainian military and that the Kremlin classifies as “neo-Nazi,” according to Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

There are no clear details about the fate of the Ukrainian fighters who were at the metallurgical plant. Earlier, some of the Azovstal fighters were taken to Russian territory, and some to areas controlled by pro-Russian militias that control the Donetsk region.

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Russia said Friday that a total of 2,439 Ukrainian soldiers have laid down their arms since May 16, many of them members of the Azov Battalion.

Exchange can be difficult

Next Thursday, Russia’s Supreme Court is due to consider a motion to designate the Azov Battalion as a “terrorist organization,” which could make a prisoner swap more difficult.

Donetsk separatist leader Denis Puchilin said on Saturday that Ukrainian militants who had defended the Azovstal plant and surrendered should be held accountable.

“I believe that a lawsuit is inevitable: justice must prevail,” Pushilin said, RIA Novosti reported.

The Azov Battalion emerged in 2014 as a far-right militia created to fight separatist groups in eastern Ukraine. However, members of the regiment deny that they have Nazi or fascist inclinations. Ukraine says the battalion has been reconstructed and incorporated into the country’s National Guard.

le (AFP, DPA, Lusa)

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Political outbreak – MDB will not have a proportional plate. Marcos Franco Dating Jackson Who Is “On” – FaxAju



Political outbreak - MDB will not have a proportional plate.  Marcos Franco Dating Jackson Who Is "On" - FaxAju

Diogenes Breiner

Businessman Clovis Silveira spoke little about the first-hand news transmitted by Faxaju Online late on Friday (20). For Clovis speaking to Portal this Saturday, if ex-Gov. Jackson Barreto is indeed president of the MDB Interim Commission, the party will have no lists for state and federal MPs.

At a time when the MDB was being interfered with and the trend was to lead Clovis Silveira, thanks to an agreement with Senator Rogerio Carvalho, PT’s gubernatorial candidate, two lists were put together to compete for a seat in Parliament that would not continue. with a team change.

scheduled meeting — Former State MP Marcos Franco (MDB), nominated for the vice-president of the party under Jackson Barreto, said he has a meeting with Jackson scheduled for Tuesday and will hear what the party looks like at this new moment. , but you need to understand how the party will go.

Marcos Franco also spoke to Clovis Silveira and coincidentally could have been his MDB Vice President if the party had come under Silveira’s command. At this point, Marcos wants to know what will be the position of the party that, along with Jackson Barreto, will join the government bloc and was previously associated with Rogerio Carvalho (PT).

Marcos will handle the reorganization of the party, all the determinations for this year’s elections and will remain in the MDB because he has always been associated with it, since the days of his father, businessman and former federal deputy Antonio Carlos Franco. He acknowledges that Jackson Barreto will retain his majority until the allied base’s nomination for the Federal Senate, vying for the nomination with Andre Barro (UB) and Laercio Oliveira (PP).

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Isnaldo Bulhoins – On Friday morning (20), the coordinator of the DRB in the North East and the leader of the party in the Federal Chamber spoke with an important member of the DRB. He said that he no longer wanted to talk about the party in Sergipe, although he always expressed his opinion on the positions, but he abandoned the case after the election of the buffer governor of Alagoas.

Isnaldo added that the MDB in Sergipe should solve its problems within its members and make the party stronger in the future. Strange, because Iznaldo was always talking about a new MSB formation in Sergipe, “and now he is quietly leaving and giving no explanation,” the source said.

This Saturday, Jackson Barreto wrote on Instagram: “My political history is transparent, democratic, connected with the struggle and defense of Sergipe. MDB’s decision is an acknowledgment of this party that I fought and helped build,” he said and concluded, “We are following #On.”

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