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airports, streaming devices, laptops and more on sale



airports, streaming devices, laptops and more on sale

Rob Rodriguez / CNET

This is part of the story. The 2021 Holiday Gift GuideA list of our ideas based on title, recipient and price will help you find the right gift.

On Black Friday 2021, Amazon was far less worried about the deals we’ll see than in previous years. The first Amazon Black Friday Deals press release talked about savings on certain types of products, but as we saw last year, there were no specific contract requirements. It’s a little worrisome at first, but it looks like Amazon has already presented some great deals on tons of products already priced on Black Friday this year. Below is a list of our favorites.

Amazon matches some of the most popular black and silver deals from other retailers of the month, such as the $ 159 Airbnb Pro, the previous Airbnots sale, and the online retailer outperformed other retailers in price cuts announced this week. Thanksgiving is approaching, which means the holiday season is in full swing.

Amazon Black Silver offerings at a glance

Amazon has been doing silver / black deals for several months now, but we have seen a significant increase in the number of deals available over the past two days. This page was last updated Thursday 25 November With new promotions and prices.

Ordering PCs on Amazon Black Friday

Amazon Black Friday PC offerings include a wide variety of Chromebooks, including select tablets and storage devices, keyboards, headphones, and many more PC accessories.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

The Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 features an 11.6-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. While the Chromebook isn’t designed for intense gaming or video editing, it’s great for web browsing, community use, document creation, and more. Looks like I’m going to buy this Chromebook Updates TO June 2028

Other Best Affiliate Deals and Black Silver PCs from Amazon:

Amazon Black Friday Echo and Fire Devices


The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is new this year and slightly surpasses the Fire TV Stick 4K in Amazon programming. That’s $ 10 more than a regular Fire TV Stick 4K, but for an extra $ 10, you get 40% more power (which means faster app downloads and better browsing overall), as well as Wi-Fi support. Fi 6 for faster streaming.

Even more great deals on Eco and Fire devices from Amazon Black Friday:

Discounts on Amazon Black Friday TV channels

Whether you need a new TV in your living room or want to improve your audio or streaming quality, these Amazon Black Friday TV deals are what you want to see. Many TVs on sale range from entry-level 1080p TVs to 4K OLED TVs, so don’t miss the opportunity now.


This year, Amazon began developing its own Fire TV-based TVs with the Insignia and Toshiba models. The Omni series offers a hands-free TV with Alexa and Dolby Vision, while the 4 series has some minor features but is slightly cheaper. Each model has different sizes.

Other top Amazon Black Friday TV deals:

Ofertas Amazon Black Silver Kitchen

Amazon Kitchen Black Friday includes French fries, cookware, blenders, coffee makers and more. Whether you need a new bottle of water to store your water or a Nespresso to make your morning coffee, you can count on these discounts.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus: from $ 120

Save up to $ 45


Making delicious coffee at home with these great Nespresso offerings is available at very affordable prices. You can make coffee, iced coffee, espresso and more at the touch of a button. Roasting is always consistent and Nespresso does all the work for you, with no settings to change, or basically whichever bot you use.

Even Better Black Silver Kitchen Deals from Amazon:

Amazon Headphones Black Friday Discounts

If you’ve ever been in the market for new headphones, Amazon has Black Friday. The online store now offers wireless, wired, on-ear, on-ear and more at incredible prices. There are tons of brands on sale, as well as different styles and colors, so check them all out now.

David Carnoy / CNET

With the new Fit Pro headphones from Beats coming out, I thought about getting good discounts on the former and with less resources. Beats Studio Buttswhich is just $ 50 less than a $ 150 listing or the new $ 200 Beats Fit Pro… I think their price could drop to $ 100.

Beats Studio Butts are like stockless planes that people talked about but didn’t work – at least at airports. Aimed at iOS and Android users, they don’t see some of the core features on Apple’s page (no H1 or W1 chips), but these are small lightweight earbuds that provide comfortable and good sound. They fit securely into most ears, including mine – I run them without a problem – but others might find the Beats Fit Pro with integrated wingtips suitable.

Note the use of the code BYZPPJADUODB You will receive an additional $ 10 Amazon credit at checkout with an initial discount.

Read our Beats Studio Butts review

More suggestions for Amazon Black Silver headphones:

When does Amazon Black Friday start?

Amazon’s black and silver business has officially kicked off. It kicked off official Black Friday deals last week with the first round of Echo and Fire TV devices, and launched new deals every morning. Amazon regularly offers new daily deals on Midnight PT, so keep looking for new ones so you don’t miss out on any great deals.

Will Amazon have PS5 or Xbox Series X by Black Friday?

To be honest, not this time. Amazon can host another training event anytime this weekend. For now, we expect GameStop to be available in select stores on Thanksgiving night, but nothing has been confirmed or rumored at this time.

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Astronomers have discovered a strangely massive black hole in a nearby galaxy



Astronomers have discovered a strangely massive black hole in a nearby galaxy


Burako Negro – Leo I.

Astronomers at the University of Texas’ MacDonald Observatory at Austin have discovered an unusually massive black hole at the center of one of the Milky Way’s dwarf satellite galaxies, named Leo I.

This discovery, almost as massive as a black hole in our galaxy, could redefine our understanding of how all galaxies – the building blocks of the universe – evolve. work was published by in a recent issue of the Astrophysical Journal.

The team decided to study Leo I am because of its peculiarity. Unlike most dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way, Leo I does not contain much dark matter.

investigators measured the profile of dark matter Leo I – That is, how the density of dark matter changes from the outer edges of the galaxy towards the center.

They did this by measuring their gravitational attraction towards the stars: the faster the stars move, the more matter is trapped in their orbits. Specifically, the team wanted to know if the density of dark matter is increasing towards the center of the galaxy.

They also wanted to know if their profile would be measured. compatible with previous received using data from old telescopes in combination with computer models.

The team, led by the recent Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, Maria Jose Bustamante, includes astronomers Eva Noyola, Karl Gebhardt and Greg Seimann from the same institution, as well as colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany.

For their observations, they used a unique instrument called VIRUS-W, mounted on the 2.7-meter Harlan J. Smith telescope located at the MacDonald Observatory.

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When the team submitted their augmented data and complex models in a supercomputer at the University of Texas Advanced Computing Center at Austin, got an amazing result.

“Models are screaming that we need a black hole in the center; we really don’t need a lot of dark matter, ”Gebhardt said. “We have a very small galaxy that is falling into the Milky Way, and its black hole is almost as massive as the Milky Way.… The mass ratio is absolutely enormous. The Milky Way dominates; the black hole of Leo I is almost comparable. ” The result is unprecedented.

The researchers said the result was different from previous Leo I studies due to a combination of more accurate data and better simulations on a supercomputer.

Dense central region of the galaxy remained practically unknown in previous studies that focused on the speed of individual stars. Current research has shown that for the few speeds obtained in the past, there was a bias towards lower speeds. This, in turn, reduced the estimated amount of matter trapped in their orbits.

New data are concentrated in the central region and are not subject to this bias. The amount of putative matter trapped in the orbits of stars has skyrocketed.

The discovery could undermine astronomers’ understanding of galactic evolution because “there is no explanation for this type of black hole in dwarf spheroidal galaxies, ”said Bustamante.

The result is even more important because astronomers have used galaxies like Leo I to be classified as galaxies. “dwarf spheroidal galaxy”“20 years ago to understand how dark matter is distributed in galaxies,” added Gebhardt. This new type of black hole fusion is also giving gravitational wave observatories a new signal to watch out for.

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“If the mass of a Leo I black hole is large, that could explain how black holes grow in massive galaxies,” Gebhardt said. This is because over time, as small galaxies like Leo I fall into larger galaxies, the black hole of the smaller galaxy merges with the black hole of the larger galaxy, increasing its mass.

Created by a team from the Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics. Max Planck in Germany, the VIRUS-W is the only device in the world capable of currently performing studies of dark matter profiles of this type.

Noyola noted that many of the dwarf galaxies observed from the southern hemisphere are good candidates, but no telescope in the southern hemisphere is equipped for this. However, the GMT (Giant Magellanic Telescope) currently under construction in Chile was partly designed for this kind of work. The University of Texas at Austin is a Founding Partner of GMT.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 – New Map, Game Mechanics, Items, Weapons, Modes, Spider-Man •



Fortnite Chapter 3 - New Map, Game Mechanics, Items, Weapons, Modes, Spider-Man •

Fortnite has a new chapter – Fortnite Chapter 3 – and with it came a host of novelties, arguably the greatest battle royale of our time.

As you’d expect, Fortnite Chapter 3 (also called Flipped) brought a new map, a new battle pass, new game mechanics, and a number of other additions, which we’ll take a closer look at in this article.

To get started, you can watch the trailer for Fortnite Chapter 3 below:

Fortnite Chapter 3 – New Map

In this new chapter new card (what a novelty!) an island codenamed Artemis. Some places have returned from previous chapters, and now you can see them:

  • Chonkers Race Track
  • Scientist laboratory
  • Condo Canyon
  • Sleepy sound
  • Congestion
  • Replaceable shafts
  • Camp Cuddles
  • Rocky Reels
  • Jones
  • Greasy grove
  • Sanctuary
  • Creamy crossroads
  • Daily bugle

Snow predominates on the map, although there are also grassy areas and deserts. In addition, it includes the headquarters of The Seven as well as a special city for Spider-Man, which houses the offices of the Daily Bugle.

Chapter 3 also includes 20 NPCs who will be able to offer quests, new items, and 28 types of fish to fish. Improved the physics of the game, especially with regard to trees, which now fall rather than just disappear.


Fortnite Chapter 3 – New Mechanics

To make matches even more immersive (as you can see in the trailer), Fortnite Chapter 3 introduced two new game mechanics: slide and swing on the web

There were already suspicions about the introduction sliding mechanics (which can be useful for avoiding enemy fire, or perhaps getting close to destroy them), but the web swaying is definitely going to be mind-blowing. From December 11th, players will be able to swing very high using Spider-Man’s Web Gloveswhich can be purchased like other items on the map. We don’t yet know how rare these gloves are, but I suspect they will become a very popular item as soon as they become available.


There is also a camp feature where players can heal and store items between matches.

Fortnite Chapter 3 – New Weapons

After the mechanics and the map, here we go over the new weapons available in Fortnite Chapter 3. According to Epic Games Official Site, they are:

  • Ranger Assault Rifle
  • MK-Sem assault rifle
  • Shotgun Striker Pump
  • Automatic shotgun
  • Pistol with pistol
  • Stinger submachine gun
  • Hunter Sniper with bolt action

Fortnite Chapter 3 – Victory Crown Mode

This is a new mode in Fortnite in which if you position yourself well enough in a match, you get victory wreath… When you start a new game, your avatar will be wearing this crown – you will certainly look attractive, but you will stand out from other players who will chase you to take the crown yourself.


Victory Crowns are available in Solo, Duos, Trios and Squads modes. See how crowns are offered:

  • Solo: top four players
  • Duos: players from the top two teams
  • Trio: main team players
  • line-ups: main team players

Fortnite Chapter 3 – New Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass cannot be missed in this Chapter 3 of Fortnite, and as we’re used to it, a number of new skins and cosmetics have been added to the game for you to conquer over the next few months. You can see these items in the video below:

These are the major new features of Fortnite Chapter 3 – you can always read more in depth at Epic Games Official Site… As you can see, it has everything any Fortnite fan could want – and if we find anything else, we’ll update this guide!

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Halo Infinite Discovers New Multiplayer Modes



Halo Infinite Discovers New Multiplayer Modes

The Halo Infinite player who got access to the multiplayer standalone beta has discovered several hidden game modes that have not yet been officially revealed and may never be.

The discovery was made by Reddit user u / WickedSoldier991, which, among other things, introduced modes such as Tactical Slayer, Fiesta CFT, which are simply available when accessing the game offline.

Obviously these modes are not here to play, as evidenced by the message in some of the images. “Preview, replace before release“.

You can find a complete list of modes here:

  • Arena: Depletion
  • Arena: Bouncers of Attrition
  • Arena: Elimination
  • Fiesta: exhaustion
  • Holiday: CTF
  • Fiesta: CTF with one flag
  • Fortresses in Fiesta
  • Rated: Liquidation
  • Rating: one flag
  • Tactic: Assassin
  • Tactics: Fighter Commando
  • Tactic: Mangler Assassins
  • Tactic: Slayer Sidekicks
  • Tactics: Slayer Stalker rifles

It is currently unclear if these game modes will be featured in the online multiplayer title of Halo Infinite in the future.

Described as the largest adventure in the series, Halo Infinite is an open world in which players can navigate at will with great freedom when it comes to their approach to missions.

The initial release was scheduled for November 2020 and will be the launch title for the Xbox Series X and S. It was ultimately delayed and is now scheduled for December 8th, for Xbox and PC consoles, as well as Xbox. Game Pass catalog.

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