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A BOLA – Wins at least playoffs with Mourinho (Conference League)



A BOLA - Wins at least playoffs with Mourinho (Conference League)

The victory of Roma at the Zorya reception with a score of 4: 0 in the game of the 5th round of Group C of the League of Conferences does not deserve to be disputed.

Soon, the Italians showed what they were going to do, pushing the opponent into their midfield, jeopardizing the gate of Matsapur, who in the 15th minute could not avoid the first. A quick counterattack, the referee gives the advantage after a foul on Abraham, and El Shaarawi makes a fantastic cross to Carles Perez from behind to break the deadlock.

The motto was set. Zorya tried to relieve the pressure, but did not manage to create danger for Rui Patricio’s goal, except for the corner kicked by Buleta. Until the 33rd minute Zaniolo failed to score after three unsuccessful attempts. And on 41 ‘Mkhitaryan missed from the penalty spot, Matsapura dived and hit the ball to the right. …

The re-entry in the second half could not have been more joyful for Roma: Abraham signed third place after Zaniolo’s excellent move. Zorya did not throw a towel on the ground, they tried to respond to the attacks of the Italians, but Abraham’s fourth goal on a bicycle killed the game.

Roma goes to the last round knowing that only a win against CSKA Sofia and a miss by Bodo / Glimt count towards a direct presence in the 1/8 finals. If Jose Mourinho’s team comes second in Group C, they will play the playoffs.

Remember all the incidents from the game below.

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Verstappen fined 10 seconds for colliding with Hamilton at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix



Verstappen fined 10 seconds for colliding with Hamilton at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen received a ten second penalty for colliding with Lewis Hamilton at the 27th turn of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix circuit.

Max Verstappen was fined ten seconds after he was found guilty of clashing with Lewis Hamilton at the Formula 1 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix played this Sunday when he was ordered to let the Englishman pass.

The Red Bull driver was also charged with two penalty points (seven in 12 months). The Red Bull driver retains second place – after the Briton – and, therefore, there is no change in the classification of the Saudi race.

Remember that the Dutchman was ordered to let Hamilton go ahead, and he sharply slowed down, causing the Briton to hit the rear fender of a Red Bull car.

The Mercedes driver won the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix and took the title in the final race of the season to be held next Sunday in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton left Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull) in second and Finn Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) in third.

With an extra point for the fastest lap in the race, Lewis Hamilton reaches the final race of the championship, sharing with leader Max Verstappen with 369.5 points, with the Red Bull driver having the tiebreak advantage, adding more wins in the season. … (nine versus seven).

Race Commissioners Communiqué:

“The stewards listened to the driver of car 33 (Max Verstappen), the driver of car 44 (Lewis Hamilton) and the team representative, watched the video and telemetry of the race and determined that the driver of car 33 was mainly to blame.
At turn 21, the driver of car 33 was ordered to return car 44 to position, and the team ordered to do so “strategically.” Car 33 slowed down significantly at turn 26. However, it was apparent that none of the drivers wanted to take the lead up to the DRS detection line 3.

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The driver of car 33 stated that he wondered why car 44 did not pass him, and the driver of car 44 stated that, not knowing at this stage that car 33 intended to return to position, he did not know about it. why 33 the car slows down. In deciding to punish the driver of car 33, the key point for the stewards was that the driver of car 33 braked suddenly and significantly (69 bar), resulting in a 2.4g deceleration.

Recognizing that the driver of car 44 may have passed car 33 when it slowed down, we understand why he (and the driver of car 33) did not want to cross the DRS first. However, sudden braking by the driver of vehicle 33 was determined by the stewards to be unstable and therefore the main cause of the collision, and therefore a standard 10 second penalty is imposed for this type of accident. ”

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Iago Aspas scores for Celta, was injured in celebration and made a smart decision – Spain



Iago Aspas scores for Celta, was injured in celebration and made a smart decision - Spain

The striker left the game in the 16th minute, still 1: 0 on the scoreboard.

Iago Aspas was one of the highlights of the day in the Spanish league. The striker of the national team of the neighboring country opened the scoring in the 11th minute in the match, which Celta lost to Valencia (1-2). However, during the celebration of the goal, the 34-year-old striker was injured and was forced to surrender in the match after 16 minutes by Renato Tapia. It was at this point that the seasoned footballer realized that he had an insight that went beyond the ordinary and was hardly noticeable at the moment of failure. Knowing that he was on the verge of receiving yellow cards, he decided to take off his shirt in four more rows. Referee Ricardo de Burgos was forced to reprimand him, and therefore Aspas will miss Celta’s next match against Mallorca on Friday, counting on the 17th round of La Liga. Aspas complained of the adductors on his right thigh and immediately realized that he was unlikely to be able to act again in the coming days. Thus, it prevented him from returning to clinical form and to the unfulfilled punishment game. Thus, this suspension will already be carried out 18 times during the recovery period of the Spain national team.

As for the game, as already mentioned, Valencia won: Portuguese Gonçalo Gedes jumped off the bench in the 83rd minute and replaced Angola’s Helder Costa. Che’s goals were scored by Hugo Duro and Maximiliano Gomez.

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Flavio Miguel Silva

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A BOLA – Ibrahimovic criticizes United’s “little mentality” for juice (Internationale)



A BOLA - Ibrahimovic criticizes United's "little mentality" for juice (Internationale)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s memoirs have become an excellent source of stories in recent days. Web site Athletic unveiled a little story told in the book “Adrenaline” when he was at Manchester United (2016-2018), and assumed a cash discount on his salary, he called it the “tiny mentality” of the English club.

But you better explain yourself.

“We went to play outside and were at the hotel. When I was thirsty, I went to the minibar and got juice. We played and then went home. After a while, the salary came – usually I don’t even open it, only at the end of the year to see what comes and what comes out. But this time, I don’t know why, I got curious. And I realized that they took a pound off my salary [ao câmbio de hoje equivale a 1,16 euros]”, Account.

Zlatan then called the club’s representative to inquire about the withdrawal and was told that the “£ -1” indication corresponds to the juice in the hotel. “Are you joking?” he asks. But the answer is simple: “Here, if you ask, you have to pay.”

“I didn’t go to the hotel of my own accord; I was not on vacation, this was my place of work. I was there in Manchester. If I have to play and I am thirsty, I have to drink. I cannot go to the dehydrated camp. (…) This will never happen in Italy, ”he said.

“Everyone thinks United is the best club, one of the richest and most influential in the world. From the outside it looked like this. But inside I found a narrow mentality, ”he concluded.

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