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400 people gather in Lisbon to celebrate the launch of CNN Portugal (and no one is missing) – Television



400 people gather in Lisbon to celebrate the launch of CNN Portugal (and no one is missing) - Television

The broadcast was supposed to start at 9:00 pm on Monday, November 22, but before that, an opening ceremony took place at the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos building in Lisbon. CNN Portugal, which was attended by MAGG, which was attended by businessman and chairman of the board of directors of Media Capital Mario Ferreira, Rani Raad, chairman of CNN Worldwide Commercial and even Richard Quest, a journalist and CNN presenter known for his expressiveness.

A total of 400 guests were in attendance to celebrate the channel’s debut in Portugal, which wants to deal with television information in a different way, in an “American style” and with the firmness that is always the cornerstone., Such as explained Isaura Quevedo, journalist and one of the main figures of the channel, reports MAGG.

In fact, this is why, prior to the speeches, Richard Quest insisted on boosting Mosteiros do Jerónimos’ entrance, referring to the launch of CNN Portugal as a landmark in the journey of journalism in Portugal, wishing “good luck” to the whole world. competition. “I have to wish our competitors the best of luck. From now on, they will compete with those who came up with the concept of news, on an ongoing basis and for 24 hours, ”said Quest.

In fact, it is this distinctive tone that needs to be heightened during the opening speeches. Nuno Santos, director of the new channel, pledged that CNN Portugal will contribute “to strengthening our democracy.”

Raani Raad, on the other hand, began by saying that CNN arrived in Portugal with a “spirit of exploration” and a sense of duty.

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“We know that there is a very popular saying in Portugal that goes something like this: a lie has a short leg. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from CNN over the decades, it’s that these legs can run fast and can be harmful. chaos. So tonight, together with our brothers and comrades in Portugal, we will ensure that our job is to minimize the impact of these feet, ”explained President of CNN Worldwide Commercial.

“Without strong journalism, democracy itself weakens”

Mario Ferreira, the last to speak before the launch of the channel at 21:00, spoke about the project, the task of which is “to bring the news to the citizens”.

“Without strong and truly free journalism, democracy itself weakens. This is even more serious these days, when in the world, but also in our country, there are growing radical and populist movements, forces that do not want to be the object of close attention, they even do not feel obligated to tell the truth, ”the businessman said.

400 people gathered in Lisbon to celebrate the launch of CNN Portugal (and no one was missing)

The launch event for CNN Portugal took place this Monday, November 22, at the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos building in Lisbon.

“data-title =” 400 people gathered in Lisbon to celebrate the launch of CNN Portugal (and no one was missing) – 400 people gathered in Lisbon to celebrate the launch of CNN Portugal (and no one was missing) – MAGG “>

The launch event for CNN Portugal took place this Monday, November 22, at the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos building in Lisbon.

The Jeronimos Monastery was visited by, among others, such names as Vice Admiral Gouveia and Melo, Toni Carreira and Pedro Abrunjosa (both shareholders of Media Capital), actor Diogo Infante, Joana Amaral Diaz, Minister of Economy Pedro Siza Vieira, MP from the Socialist Party Isabel. Moreira and even André Ventura, who, at the entrance to Heronimos, spoke of the emergence of the channel as a step towards “democratizing information”.

“We need objective and shared information. We live in a very rapidly changing world and any effort to improve information is always welcome, ”said Chega’s only deputy and leader. in statements for CNN Portugal.

Antonio Costa also made statements, referring to the marriage between TVI and CNN as a process that can “only lead to good information, fact-bound, allowing debate to be based” on dialogue.

“I expect strictness from journalism [feito pela CNN Portugal]because what filters out truth from untruth is, in fact, the professionalism of information. Professional journalism is becoming more and more important, “the prime minister stressed.

Carlos Moedas, the current president of the Lisbon City Council, also called CNN Portugal “a brand of excellence” and “a guarantee that what we read, listen to and say is true.” Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa stressed that “everything that is good for the media is good for the country.”

The “other” channel that can serve as an “example”

Manuela Ferreira Leite, one of the figures present at the channel’s presentation, insisted that it was “no longer an information channel.”

“This is a different channel and, I hope, a different one. CNN’s qualifications and characteristics are certainly different from ours, and it is hoped that it will serve as an example for other channels, ”he says. After all, according to him, “everything that serves as an example for other channels can be useful only to those who manage information.”

As for whether it is more difficult to be a commentator now, Manuela Ferreira Leite ensures that “the commentary activity was not so intense in the past.” “But it also became more difficult, because there was no possibility of a contradiction,” he explained to reporters.

“Currently, this aspect is more overcome with the help of a comment, if the comment also has the right to be contradictory,” he stressed.

The former minister explained that she was invited to stay on CNN Portugal after taking a comment space on TVI 24. “I will stay on CNN Portugal. Maybe not in the same format, but in a slightly different one, more adapted to the rules. and models ”of the new channel Media Capital, – he guaranteed.

Julio Magallains, one of the channel’s leading journalists, tells reporters what his space will be like. will share with Judit Souza… “There is a lot in American culture that is in the newspaper, in which the journalist who represents, also expresses his opinion, chooses guests and topics. And that will make a difference for our newspaper, ”he explains.

Despite this, Julio Magalhães and Judit Sousa will never present the news block together, at 9 pm, together. He says they will work weekly. When asked if he missed television, Julio Magallains stated, “I certainly missed it. This is going home. After so many years of my career, I come to a new project with a CNN stamp. I think I deserve it, ”he said. concluded.

The new channel of the Media Capital group, of which Nuno Santos is director, will replace TVI24 from this Monday.

Information blocks are now familiar and from next Tuesday, 23, from 6:30 am to 10:00 am will be hosted by Isaura Quevedo and André Neto de Oliveira in Lisbon with Diana Busa Nova from CNN Portugal Studios in Porto.

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Nick Cannon burst into tears when he revealed that his five-month-old son had died of a brain tumor.



Nick Cannon burst into tears when he revealed that his five-month-old son had died of a brain tumor.

It was during the program The Nick Cannon Show this Tuesday, December 7, Nick Cannon surprised the audience by telling that his son Zendied of a brain tumor at the age of five months.

“I lost my youngest son over the weekend to a disease called hydrocephalus … brain cancer.”, he said.

According to Mirror, the health of the actor and the TV host’s son deteriorated during Thanksgiving, during a period when the tumor was growing rapidly.

Nick Cannon, in tears, talked about how he spent last weekend with Zen in California, in the last moments of his life.

See the moment below:


The actor and presenter explained that he quickly returned to work after the tragedy because he had something to do, and said that the relevant episode was “holiday of life” for zen.

Zen was born in June as a result of Nick Cannon’s relationship with the model. Alyssa Scott… This is the seventh son of an actor and TV presenter, who is still the father of twins. Monroe e Moroccan, the fruit of the marriage is over Mariah Carey, from Golden cannon, five years, Mighty queen, one and twins Zion of Mixolydian e Zillion Heirwho were born before Zen.

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Nick Cannon in mourning for his 5-month-old son



Nick Cannon in mourning for his 5-month-old son

Nick Cannon in mourning. Zen The youngest son of the TV presenter died at five months from brain cancer.

He was the one who uncovered the tragedy in the program The Nick Cannon Show, this Tuesday, 7. Zen is Cannon’s seventh child, the result of his relationship with Alyssa Scott

“I noticed that he was always coughing, so I needed to get a medical report,” says the presenter, continuing: “He had a different breath, and when he was two months old, I realized that he also had a bigger head. We don’t think about anything bad. But I wanted to take him to the doctor so that he healed sinuses and breathing. We thought it would be something routine. “

However, at this consultation, they diagnosed hydrocephalus, that is, an abnormal and excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain. The child underwent surgery to remove fluid. By Thanksgiving, the boy’s health had deteriorated. “It turned out to be brain cancer, and the tumor began to grow much faster. We knew that the time was … “, – said the presenter, having difficulty understanding speech, driven by emotions. “This weekend we did our best to spend as much time with Zen as possible.” Tears were already streaming down his face, Nick Cannon says he last held his son in his arms this weekend.

“I didn’t know what I would do with today, I just want to mourn my family,” the presenter admitted. Then he announced that he was going to leave work for a while.

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Why does Kate Middleton rarely spend Christmas with her family?



Why does Kate Middleton rarely spend Christmas with her family?

Keven Middleton became a high-ranking member of the British royal family in 2011 when she forged alliances with Prince William, and has since devoted herself entirely to her duties as Duchess of Cambridge and future queen consort.

In this sense, he has given up some of the habits that he retained before, and Christmas is an example. After getting married, Kate Middleton began to observe the traditions of the royal family, attending the celebrations that take place in Sandringham, which was a rare occasion when she spent a date with her next of kin.

According to the explanation given by royal expert Danielle Stacy to the magazine HeyThe fact that Kate spends every Christmas with her husband’s family is primarily due to her official obligations at this time.

As the future consort of the Queen, there are a few moments you cannot miss.

On the other hand, the Kate Middleton family has already had a chance to join the royal family to host the celebrations.

This year, the royal family’s Christmas will mark their return to Sandringham after the family split in 2020 over measures to combat Covid-19. It will also be the first year that the date goes without the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, who died in April.

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