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2022 World Cup: Portugal’s Potential Playoff Opponents



2022 World Cup: Portugal's Potential Playoff Opponents

Portugal will be in play-off access to the 2022 World Cup and already knows that he will be one of six entrants to the semi-final, a one-handed stage, and in which he will host as one of the top six runners-up in the European Qualifiers Stage.

Otherwise, the Portuguese team learned on Tuesday evening that they would be accompanied by Italy: the European champion drew in Northern Ireland, saw Switzerland defeat Bulgaria, and was also unable to obtain a direct passport to Qatar. This means that the last two countries to become European champions will be competing in the playoffs for access to the World Cup – Italy already played in 2018, at the time losing to Sweden.

Apart from Italy, Poland, owned by Paulo Sousa, also joined the group of ten teams with a definite playoff spot, despite a home defeat to Hungary.

The team led by Fernando Santos has 17 points in eight games and will be in the first basket. November 26 draw… Russia has already been defined as well. And here comes something to keep in mind in these final reports: the Russians scored 22 points in Group H, but since there are groups of five teams and other groups of six, they added points to the last classified in their group (in this case six points against Malta) are not taken into account in the equation, which will be meaningful for the mathematical calculations of all runners-up in the group. Even so, the Russian national team with 16 points will always be in the top six runners-up.

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For the playoff draw, Pot 1, as explained above, will comprise the top six runners-up from the qualifying groups. Pot 2 will have the worst four seconds, plus the top two UEFA Nations League Group winners of the 2020/2021 season (in league order A to D) who did not occupy any of the top two groups.

Who is already in the playoffs: ten out of 12 specific places, but with differences

In total, ten out of 12 places have been identified in the playoffs. Apart from Portugal and Russia, Scotland, Sweden, North Macedonia, Poland and Italy (all of them ranked second in the group), Austria (qualifying through the League of Nations), Wales and the Czech Republic (one of them). finishing second in Group E, second through the League of Nations) already in the playoffs. Of these, however, Sweden, Wales, Czech Republic and Poland still do not know if they will make it to Pot 1 or 2. They still depend on the last round in the groups to be completed by playing between them on Tuesday.

North Macedonia, second in Group J, falls into basket 2. They had 18 points, but only 12 of them counted because they were also in a group of six and had six points against Liechtenstein, the last in their group. Austria will also be in that basket: it was fourth in Group F but appears to have been beaten off by the League of Nations (LN) for winning Group B1 of the 2020/2021 competition. Another choice that goes to play-off through the League of Nations it will be, as already mentioned, Wales (because he won the LN B4 group) or the Czech Republic (the winner of the B2 group).

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Buddy 1:
PORTUGAL, Russia, Scotland, Italy
Buddy 2: North Macedonia, Austria
Bring 1 or 2 (?): Sweden, Wales, Czech Republic, Poland + finalists in groups D, G

At the same time, Portugal is already confident that it will be able to accept North Macedonia or Austria in the semifinals, but along the way it can have names of both strong and stronger ones.

Who will fill the other four playoff spots?

One of the vacancies will be from group D: enter Finland Where Ukraine, one of them will take second place. One more team will qualify from Group G from the playoffs, between Netherlands, Turkey e Norway

Remembering or formatting

The 12-team 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier draw will determine three paths, four teams each, to play solo in the semi-finals (24 and 25 March 2022). ). The winners of the semi-finals advance to the final of each path, also played in one game (March 28 and 29, 2022), and the winners of these three finals qualify for the 2022 World Cup. Six losers remain on the road. semi-final, plus three losers in the final of each path. In the final, in contrast to the semi-final, the home team is drawn by lot.

For example, what might be the case with a national team: if Portugal makes it through the semi-finals, they will find in the final the winner of another semi-finals on their way.

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″Has potential for a team like Porto″



″Has potential for a team like Porto″

Chosen by the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport to defend eleven of Europe’s under-23 stars, the guilista left the former Botafogo coach full of pride.

The Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport has named Andrew Silva the best under-23 goalkeeper to have played in nine major European Championships, giving himself the title of an all-star team with names like Benfica midfielder Enzo Fernandes and Manchester City’s Haaland “. .

The choice was received with great enthusiasm by Andrew Silva’s former club Botafogo (Brazil). Marcelo Inácio, who was Chilista’s goalkeeping coach for almost a decade, did not hide his pride: “I already told him that here at the club we were very happy. Me especially. Andrew was 11 years old when we started and he stayed with me until the age of 20, I am very happy to see this growth in the first year in Portugal”, comments O JOGO.

The coach adds that the evolution, and now this Italian praise, does not surprise him, nor does the recent interest of the national champion: “I never had any doubts that this could happen. I am sure that this is just the beginning and that he will shine much more. He has the potential to be in an even bigger team, as is the case with Porto. He has many technical qualities and an excellent reading of the game, but the main thing is his focus and ambitious personality. Of course, he is still very young, he is 21 years old, but he takes this first opportunity very hard.”

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Also João Paulo Marangon, Andrew’s manager, emphasized the precocity: “I work a lot with goalkeepers and I know it’s rare to see someone so young playing with such consistency and regularity.” He also suggested that the news of the alleged interest from Porto spurred him on further: “We heard that his name is strong there, he has a personality and that was the impetus to keep working in search of a great club in the future.”

Property caught in the light
It was Ricardo Soares who bet on Andrew, launching him into the starting XI on February 2 at the Da Luz Stadium, to the detriment of the then owner of the establishment, Sige Frehli, and the club’s young player, Brian Araujo. Gil Vicente won that game (2-1) in a perfect baptism because the goalkeeper was one of the best on the field. Since then, he has already made 21 appearances in eleven and was also Ivo Vieira’s first choice, a situation which, combined with Kritchuk’s return to Barcelos, led to Ziga Frelich’s loan to Chaves.

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Ndur still hasn’t agreed on a contract extension with Benfica



Ndur still hasn't agreed on a contract extension with Benfica

Victor Rodriguez


An Italian player, winner of the Youth League and the Intercontinental Cup with the Eagles, he is the undisputed starter of Team B and is in talks for a new contract with Napoli in search.

The list, which Rui Costa has announced he has pending renewal files for young players, includes the name of Cher Ndur, one of the most promising players on the Red B team, whose contract expires at the end of the season.

O JOGO has discovered that the Eagles president is indeed trying to keep the young Italian international – he made his under-20 debut on Friday against Portugal – but the process continues with no apparent agreement.

The one who is one of the champions of the Youth League and the winner of the new Intercontinental Cup for Benfica is discussing a new contract for five seasons.

If no agreement is reached, the 18-year-old will be able to link himself to another emblem as early as January at no cost, a situation that responsible incarnations want to avoid, not least because training reports point to Ndur as a talent to keep in Seixal.

While his contract situation, labeled as urgent by SAD, is not evolving, and even because of that, there is already news in Italy of Napoli’s interest in the player that the Eagles hired for free in 2020 from Atalanta. already assigned to Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Chelsea and Bayern. This season, the jersey number 73 has made seven bases appearances and has been a starter in the Intercontinental Cup final and two Youth League rounds.

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René Simões: “If Luis Castro were Brazilian, he wouldn’t be here” – Brazil



René Simões: "If Luis Castro were Brazilian, he wouldn't be here" - Brazil

Former Botafogo coach notes the “rigidity” of the work of the Portuguese coaches

René Simões worked at Botafogo as one of his last jobs, especially in 2017. The Brazilian coach, who was Coritiba’s football coordinator until last August, expressed regret that the directors were more understanding of the Portuguese coaches and cited Luis Castro’s case. “I see that the Portuguese coaches are very strict in some things that they do not refuse. The fact that they don’t “rock the waist” makes this adaptation a bit more difficult. [Luís Castro] If there was a Brazilian coach and the direction would be Brazilian, the coach would not be here for a long time,” René Simões assured in a statement to the Samba que é goal program, quoted by Lance. The 65-year-old Coach even showed ignorance towards Luis Castro, who was the champion of Ukraine with Shakhtar Donetsk.

“I don’t know much about the Botafogo coach. It seems to me that he did not coach any team. I think he has always been a coordinator or director, and these are completely different positions. In addition, they attracted many players at the same time. It’s all very complicated, but Brazilian human culture has to adapt to it. It is necessary to adapt to the culture of the country,” he stressed.

In the second season at Brasileirão, Botafogo Luis Castro is in 10th place with 34 points from 27 rounds.

Flavio Miguel Silva


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