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15th Portugal Masters. Ricardo Santos is the second best Portuguese ever, and three Portuguese have covered the distance for the 4th time.



15th Portugal Masters.  Ricardo Santos is the second best Portuguese ever, and three Portuguese have covered the distance for the 4th time.

On the day that the three Portuguese went down for the third year in a row and for the fourth time in the history of 15 Portugal Masters editions, Ricardo Santos continued to be the best national and Italian Nino Bertazio played in Portugal. Since his amateur days, he has kept the team in the most important Portuguese golf tournament, which has now shrunk to 104 players after four failures in the first two rounds.

However, there were many differences in the first two rounds of the only Portuguese tournament of the European Tour with a prize pool of € 1.5 million, which already exceeded 10,400 spectators in two days. Especially in terms of playing conditions: more sun, less clouds, lighter wind, the ball flies and rolls a little more down the fairway during the hottest hours and with the hardest flags.

Italian Nino Bertasio was not as brilliant as yesterday in his personal record (-10), but he stayed ahead, showing 69 (-2) on the second lap, and now only 130 (-12). Spectacular Spaniard Adri Arnaus also finished in 2nd place. He scored 67 (-4), added 132 (-10), but now shares this Dauphin position with three other players: Dane Lucas Bjerregor (67 + 65), Portugal Masters champion in 2017; Belgian Thomas Peters (68 + 64), who won the 2018 World Cup and has already played for the European Ryder Cup team; and the Frenchman Mathieu Pavon (68 + 64), who, like Arnaus, is on the hunt for his first title on the European tour.

As for the Portuguese, Ricardo Santos (70 + 69) has lost only one position compared to yesterday’s Thursday and is in 30th place (-3). As for Thomas Melo Gouvei and Vitor Londo Lopez, it is incredible how they continue to show exactly the same results (71 + 69) and moved up from 51st to 37th (-2). The cut was fixed at Par on the pitch and 65 players passed by.

Among the Portuguese who missed the cut-off, Pedro Figueiredo (71 + 73) dropped from 51st to 74th (+2), Filipe Lima (72 + 73) fell from 65th to 81st (+3) and amateur Pedro Claire Neves (78 + 84). ) will take 104th and last place (+20).

It was again a positive day for Portuguese golf. The barrier of the three Portuguese cut in the Portugal Masters has not yet been broken, but this national record has been repeated, first set in 2012 and repeated in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Perhaps the most interesting data is Fact. that on these four occasions when the Portuguese triumvirate played over the weekend, there were eight different players, which clearly shows the work done by the Portuguese Golf Federation over this decade, constantly introducing new values.

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In 2012, they were Ricardo Santos, Pedro Figueiredo and Ricardo Melo Guveia, the last two then still amateurs. In 2019, they were Ricardo Melo Guveia, Thiago Cruz and Tomas Santos Silva. In 2020, Ricardo Santos, Ricardo Melo Guveia and Tomas Bessa. In 2021, Ricardo Santos, Vitor Londot Lopez and Tomas Melo Guveia, the latter two set a personal best as they never qualified for a weekend in Vilamoura.

Looking at these names, we can see that Ricardo Melo Guveia and Ricardo Santos meet regularly and are, in fact, the most successful in the only Portuguese tournament in the European Tour: Melinho had eight cutoffs and Ricardo Santos today. for the fifth time, becoming the second best Portuguese in this competition.

Brothers Melo Guveia, Santos and Londo Lopez have another thing in common: they have all been prominent figures in the famous amateur teams at Vilamoura Golf Club, the home of national golf champions. In fact, Londo Lopez continues to represent Vilamoura as a professional. Santos, for his part, has been one of the ambassadors for the European Tour of the Dom Pedro Victoria golf course for several years.

Knowing the pitch designed by the late Arnold Palmer is very important, and Nino Bertazio knows it well. He has entered the Portugal Masters for the sixth consecutive year. The cut failed only once, and it was 12th (-12) in 2017. “I love it, the track is good, the weather is great, the food is amazing, the hotel is friendly. This is the course I know if I’m playing. Well, I’ll get good results, “he said, admitting that it was not easy to manage yesterday’s emotions:” I’m not going to lie that it was difficult with so many posts on social media, but it was a good second round. Within a week, it looks like the start of a new tournament and I’m ready. ”

The only aspect the leader complained about was that he didn’t score many putts, and this problem was felt by many Portuguese as well. Ricardo Santos, 39, made the top 20 when in the second round he found he had 3 under-par (4 in total) thanks to birdies on holes 3, 4 and 8. He finished hole 36 with 69 shots. … , 2 below par, after 5 birds and 3 touchdowns, the last of them 18, again due to the fact that he was forced to give up a rough punch, as he did yesterday (Thursday) Pedro Figueiredo and Pedro Claire Neves. These 18 irregularities around the greenery are awe-inspiring and cursed by the Portuguese.

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“At 18, I was unlucky with the ball lying and I couldn’t take risks playing right under the flag, even in the middle of the green. This is always a very difficult trick because you don’t want to make a serious mistake to close. And having water later, with a fast green, with that rough around the green that is fickle and you don’t know how the ball will react. It was a very good lap anyway, and I felt much better on the pitch, “said the 2011 and 2016 national champion, adding that he has” more room for the bird. “

Tomas Melo Guveia, 27, started with two birds on holes 11 and 12 (he left hole 10). It is true that there was a scarecrow-bird-boggy-par-boggy streak later on holes 15, 16, 17, 18 and 1, but he showed great strength, recovering with more birds on holes 5 and 9. 69 strokes. , 2 fewer to par, was his best ever, as he played below par for the first time in eight rounds at the Portugal Masters.

More than enough reasons to celebrate, even because he played with a different Algarve, there were many fans cheering on the last hole (today 9) and the players toasting us with birds: “I never got through a hit and never did it. was really close to passing it. It is a spectacle when there are so many people behind us who support us. Today I hit worse, but on the second nine holes I hit two big shots, which made me more relaxed. But I only missed two fairways and two greens, so it was a very solid circle and I am very happy. “

Tomas Melo Guveia predicted that maybe he will play the third round in a row with Vitor Lopez, and this is exactly what will happen tomorrow. Londo Lopez converted 3 birds as he did yesterday (17, 2 and 9), but on the other hand only lost one shot on 18 holes. You are mentally strong.

As the youngest of Melo Guveia, 69 (-2) is his best result in eight laps in the Portugal Masters and his first in the red numbers. He has always been a birdie (16 in three previous appearances and still 1 heads), but has lost too many shots (18 scarecrows and 4 doubles in total for 2017, 2018 and 2020). Now you can see that this is much more consistent.

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“I trained well for this tournament. I have never felt so well prepared. I hit a lot of greens and fairways. I missed a few beats, maybe because of emotion, but I managed to control myself with a lot of public support. I never took an exam on my home course, it was very nice that the audience supported me. We pushed each other. I felt like I was at the Portugal Masters, but this was another tour with my starch Tomás., 25 years old.

As for the three Portuguese who missed the cut, Pedro Figueiredo, 30, stood out for finishing his season on the European Tour.

“Figgy” started not bad at all, 1 bird on 11 (out of 10), but was seriously punished by a negative streak of double-par-double-bogey on holes 12, 13, 14 and 15 .. 2 birds on 4 and 7 not enough.

Two double landings of the 2013 national champion were due to balls hitting the water, exactly the same problem as Filipe Lim had on holes 14 and 18. From the preliminary cut, he still made 3 birds 10, 12 and 15), but he also closes the season now. The 2017 national champion has promised to return next year to the Portugal Open and again to the Portugal Masters, but admits it could be his goodbye to the tournament if FPG didn’t offer him an invitation.

This is not the case with Pedro Claire Neves, a 21-year-old amateur who admitted to having a hard day to swallow. Like yesterday, he still has 1 bird (17), but, of course, he was upset by the cumulative result of 20 more than par. In any case, an economics student at the Catholic University of Porto appreciated the experience of debuting on the European tour and hopes to be able to repeat it.

The Portugal Masters will continue tomorrow, Saturday, with the third and penultimate lap starting at 7:20 am. Last departure at 12:40 pm. Unlike the previous days, all groups will consist of two players (except for the first) and will only come out of hole 1.

The departure times for the Portuguese players are as follows: Victor Lopez and Tomás Melo Guveia play together at 8:50 am and Ricardo Santos at 10:00 am with Richie Ramsey from Scotland, winner of five European Tour titles.

The full interviews are available on the Portugal Masters Facebook account.

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Miguel Oliveira qualified eighth for the Japanese Grand Prix.



Miguel Oliveira qualified eighth for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Portuguese rider Miguel Oliveira (KTM) qualified this Saturday in eighth position at the Japanese MotoGP Grand Prix, 16th of 20 races of the season, despite a last-minute crash.

The Portuguese from the Austrian brand set his best lap of 1.55.895 minutes, finishing 0.681 seconds behind fastest Spaniard Marc Marquez (Honda). France’s Johann Zarco (Ducati) was second with 0.208 seconds and South African Brad Binder (KTM) was third with 0.323 seconds.

“I had good speed and potential in the second quarter and on this particular lap. [a última], but I was on the floor in the ninth turn. It was a shame, but I have confidence in tomorrow (Sunday),” commented the Portuguese rider in statements released by the KTM team. “It was difficult to prepare for the race, but we’ll see.” [o que vai acontecer]”- concluded Miguel Oliveira.

The Portuguese left the third row of the grid after falling just three minutes before the end of the session, marred by rain that caused a delay of more than an hour and had already forced the cancellation of the third free game. training session, at night. The fall of the Portuguese rider occurred in the third sector of the track, at a time when his results were improving. When 15 minutes of this second qualifying stage (Q2) ended, Oliveira finished in fourth place.

However, several riders were still halfway to the last lap and the Almada rider ended up being overtaken by Spaniards Jorge Martin (Ducati), Brad Binder and Aprilia Spaniards Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Viñales.

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Pole position was won by Marc Marquez 1,071 days after he was the fastest in qualifying for the MotoGP World Championship, namely the 2019 Japanese Grand Prix.

“I am very pleased with the pole position. This morning I felt very strong on the wet track and decided to give it a try. This is very important for us and for the future. Tomorrow, on a dry surface, everything will be different. history,” said the Spanish rider, who has already become world champion eight times.

The rain that hit the Motegi track became a headache for the riders and the organization, which was forced to interrupt the Moto2 qualifying nine minutes before the end and cancel the third free practice in MotoGP.

Traffic on the track only resumed after more than an hour, and the wet track was the cause of several accidents, including that of a Portuguese KTM rider who slid off the pavement without physical consequences.

Johann Zarco’s Ducati was the fastest today, reaching 302 kilometers per hour, while Oliveira’s KTM lost 30 kilometers per hour in a straight line (the maximum speed achieved by the Portuguese was 270 kilometers per hour). Luca Marini’s Ducati was the slowest, reaching 255.9 kilometers per hour, leaving the Italian in 10th place.

Champion and championship leader Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) of France finished ninth behind Miguel Oliveira, while World Cup runner-up Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati) of Italy finished 12th and last in the second quarter, bringing together the top 10 fastest in free practice and the top two in the first quarter.

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Already the Italian Enea Bastianini (Ducati), the winner of the previous stage in Aragon, remained in Q1, where he fell without physical consequences.

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Arapiraquense makes humorous videos to give Portuguese advice: “You learn and laugh” | alagoas



Arapiraquense makes humorous videos to give Portuguese advice: "You learn and laugh" |  alagoas

“You learn and you laugh” is how Erivaldo Amancio defines the Portuguese language content he offers online. Born in Arapiraque, Alagoas, he humorously gives advice and answers questions about the Portuguese language.

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Erivaldo has 767k followers on Instagram and over 17.5k followers on YouTube. It all started a year and a half ago when he got scolded in a comment on social media.

Because the swearing contained several grammatical errors, Erivaldo responded by posting a video teaching a “lesson” to the hater.

“It happened more than once. Some of these videos were posted on humorous Instagram profiles. It made me stand out,” he said.

A literature student at the Federal University of Alagoas (Ufal), Erivaldo wants to prepare even more for face-to-face classes when he is near the end of the course. He says the purpose of the profile is to encourage followers to seek out more knowledge.

“Tips on the web are just a seed, the fruit of which can be curiosity about objects,” he explained.

Through social media, Erivaldo responds to his followers’ doubts about the Portuguese language.

Erivaldo’s profile is also in demand by contestants and students preparing for Enem.

“[Os seguidores] it is said to be a very interesting way of learning. Many regret not learning from teachers who use humor in the classroom,” he said.

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Who is the Portuguese that FIFA 23 has included in the list of potential stars?



Who is the Portuguese that FIFA 23 has included in the list of potential stars?

FIFA 23 is available September 30th, and EA Sports is starting to shed some light on some of the game’s oddities.

If you like to develop talent in Career Mode, you should have a list of young people at hand: these are the 20 players with the most growth potential, that is, those who can improve their general. Among them is a Portuguese.

Diogo Monteiro is one of the “hidden gems” of FIFA 23 for EA Sports. The 17-year-old centre-back who plays for Servette has general 54, but with a potential of 24 points, he could at best go up to 78.

Who is this young Portuguese? Despite his young age – born in 2005 – he already has some experience. Moreover, this season he played three matches for Servette with a total duration of 17 minutes, divided between the championship and the Swiss Cup.

Diogo Monteiro, the son of Portuguese, was born on Swiss soil and started training at Etoile Carouge, but arrived in Servette to play for the under-15 team. In the 2020/21 season, he made his debut in the first team at the age of 16 years and 37 days, having the status of the youngest representative of the Geneva club.

The central defender has made 33 appearances for the Portuguese youth teams, which he has represented since his youth. He is the captain of the 2005 generation, and it was with this status that he reached the European U-17 Championship played this year, in which Portugal reached the semi-finals, having been eliminated from France. Diogo Monteiro, by the way, worked every minute of the competition.

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He was recently called up by Rui Bento to the under-19 team.

Check out the respective gallery to see which players have the most growth potential in FIFA 23.

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