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The purpose of the CNMP’s political oversight is to protect the actions of the government ministry and to increase impunity.



The purpose of the CNMP's political oversight is to protect the actions of the government ministry and to increase impunity.

If Congress wants to control the work of prosecutors and prosecutors, PT proposes regulation of the press.

PT, as president, tried but was unable to “control” the press and the prosecutor’s office. The failure to do so shows the vitality of Brazilian democracy, which pressured the government of Lula da Silva to back down. However, the lesson was not forgotten. Recently, the former president spoke again about “regulating” the press and said that Globo TV should apologize to him.

Jair Bolsonaro’s government is so bad, so incompatible with other low-quality governments, that it helped build a kind of consensus: Lula da Silva “must be acquitted” to remove him from the presidency. There is an opinion that only the PT can defeat him. Thus, a pact was made, more implied than explicit, that it was necessary to save the political leader of the PT from the nets of Justice.

National Council of Prosecutors: The current system of rigorous assessment of the actions of prosecutors and prosecutors does not need to be changed | Photo: CNMP

While the Odebrecht and OAS leaders apologize, suggesting that they were coerced, it cannot be denied that they were stolen (in large numbers) during the reign of Lula da Silva – perhaps even more than during the reign of Dilma Rousseff. Those who returned money to the Treasury acknowledged, with or without pressure, that there was corruption in the Red governments. Refund is one of the proofs.

Can we conclude that corrupt PT governments, backed by members of the MDB, PTB, PP and PL, are less bad than the unstable government of Bolsonaro? It is impossible to prove that 600,000 people have died from Covid-19 solely due to misconceptions from their government. But it can be assumed that if the government bought vaccines faster and encouraged protective measures such as the use of masks, fewer people would die. So yes, there is Bolsonaro’s finger on the death side. A president who has not been vaccinated ends up with his influence encouraging other citizens not to get vaccinated. A silent president in no rush to buy the vaccine could certainly be responsible for thousands of deaths.

In some ways, the resurrection of Lula da Silva is tied to the unstable government of Bolsonaro. If the government were more active, if it worried about life, it is likely that PT would not have ranked first in the polls for intent to vote. If there is a defeat pact for Bolsonaro, which even enjoys widespread support from the financial market, politicians and perhaps judges – perhaps even Supreme Court ministers – it has a lot to do with the fact that his government is damaging the economy and not caring about people’s lives. The elite who supported him in 2018 do not want to support him in 2022. Considering his performance in polls, a significant portion of the Brazilians who elected him three years ago will not support him in the next elections. There is a kind of nationwide rally against Bolsonaro that the president and allies seem to be oblivious to, as if they are in a bubble, intoxicated by the charms of power.

Paulo Teixeira: Author of PEC da Vingança | Photo: Chamber of Deputies

Faced with the radical Bolsonaro (and the paradox: perhaps the president is worse than his government), jumping from right to extreme right – including thoughts of a coup d’etat – Lula da Silva began to present himself as a moderate politician, more centrist than left. However, when he flew out of Bolsonaro, with the opportunity to be elected in the first round – he could only be hindered by the rise of a central candidate like Rodrigo Pacheco or a center-right like Sergio Moro – the PT candidate “lowered” his vigilance and returned to defending sensitive issues. such as “regulating” the press. Sometimes the idea is attributed to federal MP Glazy Hoffmann, who, sensing the bias of the media, would like, when PT comes to power, to control him. Perhaps this is what Parana’s politician thinks. But the idea of ​​”control” belongs to Lula da Silva and his inner circle.

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Lula da Silva’s speech is so retrograde that even the Minister of Communications in the government, Bolsonaro Fabio Faria, in an interview with Veja magazine decided to criticize her: “It’s a shame to talk about media regulation in 2021”. This idea was not modern under Stalin, between 1924 and 1953, and under Hitler, between 1933 and 1945. Not that Lula da Silva had anything to do with Stalinism and Nazism. On the contrary, he is a democrat. But a democrat who thinks about “controlling” the press has an authoritarian trait. If elected in 2022, will the Petist leader form a Windit government? Will the press and the prosecutor’s office be in your field of vision?

The battle for control of the prosecutor’s office

The PT government also wanted to “control” the prosecutor’s office, but, showing a democratic flair, abandoned the project. Rather, under the compulsion of society, they retreated. It should be noted that the derogation is indicative of respect for democracy. But PT is back on the attack again, this time with PEC 5/2021, sponsored by MP Paulo Teixeira. This, as you know, is the PEC “Retribution”. Petismo joined forces with the worst in the Chamber of Deputies to try and defeat the prosecutor.

Federal Ministry of State in Goias | Photo: MPF

Nothing is perfect, so we are working to improve institutions. However, on average, the behavior of the prosecutor’s office is exemplary. If a country has less impunity, it is because it has an active government ministry that controls government accounts and therefore society. Does the deputy’s control satisfy the will of those who want to “storm” the Treasury and escape punishment? This is what it seems. Today’s widely criticized Lava Jato is or has been a success story. The operation disrupted high-level elite reconciliation, covert pacts and proved that the powerful could also be arrested. Those who stole the treasury had to return billions of reais. This is a sociological phenomenon in the field of law, which, unfortunately, is deliberately forgotten. However, when facts are communicated with greater distance (with current actors outside the political scene) and without pressure, Lava Yato will take one of the most respectable places in Brazilian history.

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In the course of a tactical maneuver, through a proposal to amend the Constitution – PEC 5 – the composition of the National Council of the Prosecutor’s Office is changed. What is the purpose of the change? Increase the political influence in the CNMP, which will lose, if the text is approved, a significant part of its autonomy. What is really needed is to “manage” the prosecutor’s office through the control of the so-called “Council”. A less impartial and more punitive CNMP is planned, made up of prosecutors and prosecutors who courageously investigate and expose wrongdoing with public money. In fact, Congress has formulated an increase in the degree of “censorship” of the actions of those who protect society and the public sector from the strong and insatiable tentacles of the corrupt.

Goias State Ministry | Photo: Public Ministry.

Members of the prosecutor’s office are not mistaken when they say that there are “risks to democracy.” This is indeed the case. A popliteal MP with prosecutors and prosecutors squatting in the face of “political” pressure from a regulatory body will be the open door for wrongdoing in the federal, state and local governments. You can create a James Bond policy: with a license to steal and get away with it.

Attorney General of Rio de Janeiro Luciano Mattos and President of the National Association of Prosecutors of the Republic Ubiratan Cazetta are right when they say there is “no agreement” on the text of the PEC. In a joint note, the MPs’ associations argue that “it is impossible to agree with a text that undermines” institutional independence and autonomy. ” ANPR emphasizes that “the current proposal excludes any possibility of convergence as it continues to disrupt the institutional structure of CNMP and the government ministry itself.”

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One problem is the selection of a national inspector who, if approved by the PEC, will be appointed by the National Congress. This will increase political interference with the agency. It is also intended to change the current proportionality in the composition of the National Council under the Attorney’s Office, in addition to breaking symmetry with the National Council of Justice. The MPs’ associations emphasize that if approved by Congress, these measures would “weaken the institutional autonomy and prerogatives of the members of the public ministry, which will greatly jeopardize the protection of the rule of law, democracy and the public interest.”

Helio Telho: An example of a serious and competent prosecutor | Photo: Luis Macedo / Chamber of Deputies

The National Bar Association for Justice acknowledged in a note that Congress accepted some demands “from actors in some clauses, such as deleting a clause that concentrated powers in the hands of attorneys general in the Supreme Councils of Deputies., Guaranteeing four MPU chapters to sit on the council, CNMP’s initiative on the code of ethics and the possibility of revising the final acts. ”(registration is carried out by“ Estadão ”)“ In the latter case, however, there is an ambiguity in the text that should be clarified in order to exclude a violation of functional independence, ”the ANPP stresses.

The public needs to understand that defending the National Council under the Prosecutor’s Office, the current structure that has proven itself well, in addition to defending the Prosecutor’s Office (the main goal of some politicians, some of whom are prosecuted), is for your own good. A wider, effectively inclusive democracy needs oversight bodies that file well-founded complaints that are institutionally sound and free from fear of political harassment and undue punishment. The CNMP, within the current framework, did not pass its hands over the heads of prosecutors and prosecutors who are “wrong” in an allegedly malicious manner. Hence, there is no reason to accept political tutelage.

Seriousness, competence and decency

Below is a list of prosecutors and attorneys who respect the Ministry of Goias and Brazil: Abrau Amisi, Alencar Vital, Alpiniano do Prado Lopes, Ana Maria Rodriguez da Cunha, Ailton Vechi, Benedito Torres, Carlos Vinicius Alves Ribeiro, Eduardo Abdon, Fernando Crebés. , Haroldo Cayetano, Helio Tello, Ivana Farina, Jáles Mendonsa, Jose Figueiredo Falcao, Juliano Barros, Laura Bueno, Lea Batista de Oliveira Moreira Lima, Marilda Helena dos Santos, Mario Lucio Avelar, Marlene Nunendonez, Saulilo Mumbachez, Saullo Muendonez , Willis Marra and Wilson Rocha Fernandez de Assis. There are several others who have equal respect for the state and the country.

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The dollar continues to reflect the political scenario



The dollar continues to reflect the political scenario

Yesterday, financial agents evaluated the opposite decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) regarding the so-called secret budget. In addition, a decision was made by STF Minister Gilmar Méndez to issue an injunction that would exclude the Bolsa Família from the spending cap rule, with investors trying to understand how this measure would affect the processing of the transitional PEC in the Chamber of Deputies. Oh this PEC!!!!

Since he is an exchange investor, any reading that the budget will be exceeded or become more flexible will negatively affect the exchange market, whether through the PEC or in any other way. We will continue with volatility today.

Looking beyond, the US Central Bank (Fed), although slowing down the pace of monetary tightening at its December meeting, issued a tougher-than-expected statement warning that its fight against inflation was not yet over, raising fears that rising US interest rates will push the world’s largest economy into recession.

The currency market continues to react to political news. The voting on the PEC is saved for today. It is expected that it will indeed be reviewed to open the way tomorrow for discussions on the 2023 budget.

Yesterday, the spot price closed the selling day at R$5.3103.

For today on the calendar we will have an index of consumer confidence in the eurozone. Good luck and good luck in business!!

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Andrés Sánchez consults with the Ministry of Sports, but refuses a political post.



The former president of the Corinthians dreams of working for the CBF as a national team coordinator. He was consulted shortly after Lula’s election.

Former Corinthians president Andrés Sánchez was advised to take a position in the Ministry of Sports under the administration of Lula (PT). However, he ruled out a return to politics. dreams of taking over the coordination of CBF selectionHow do you know PURPOSE.

No formal invitation was made to the former Corinthian representative, only a consultation on a portfolio opportunity with the new federal government, which will be sworn in on January 1, 2023.

Andrés was the Federal MP for São Paulo from 2015 to 2019. At that time he was elected by the Workers’ Party. However, the football manager begs to stay in the sport, ruling out the possibility of getting involved in politics again.

Andrés Sanchez’s desire is to fill the position of CBF tackle coordinator, which should become vacant after the 2022 World Cup. Juninho Paulista fulfills this function in Brazil’s top football institution.

The former president of Corinthians was in Qatar to follow the World Cup along with other figures in Brazilian football. During his time in the country, he strengthened his ties with the top leadership of the CBF.

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The EU has reached a political agreement on limiting gas prices – 19.12.2022



Germany sentenced Russian to life imprisonment for political murder by order of Moscow - 12/15/2021
BRUSSELS, DECEMBER 19 (ANSA). European Union countries reached a political agreement on Monday (19) to impose a natural gas price ceiling of 180 euros per megawatt hour (MWh). The main sources of income for Russia and the minimization of the use of energy as a weapon by the regime of Vladimir Putin.

The agreement was approved by a supermajority at a ministerial meeting of member states in Brussels, Belgium, after months of discussions about the best way to contain the rise in natural gas prices in the bloc caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. .

The value set by the countries is well below the proposal made by the European Commission, the EU’s executive body, in November: 275 EUR/MWh. However, the countries leading the cap campaign were in favor of an even lower limit, around 100 EUR/MWh.

Germany, always wary of price controls, voted in favor of 180 euros, while Austria and the Netherlands, also skeptical of the cap, abstained. Hungary, the most pro-Russian country in the EU, voted against.

The instrument will enter into force on 15 February, but only if natural gas prices on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange exceed 180 euros/MWh for three consecutive days. In addition, the difference compared to a number of global benchmarks should be more than 35 euros.

Italy, the EU’s biggest supporter of the ceiling, has claimed responsibility for the measure. “This is a victory for Italy, which believed and worked for us to reach this agreement,” Environment and Energy Minister Gilberto Picetto tweeted.

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“This is a victory for Italian and European citizens who demand energy security,” he added.

Currently, the gas price in Amsterdam is around 110 EUR/MWh, which is already a reflection of the agreement in Brussels – in August the figure even broke the barrier of 340 EUR/MWh.

However, Russia has already threatened to stop exports to countries that adhere to the ceiling. (ANSA).

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