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Popcorner: Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things with Comic Con Portugal. We dive into the Squid Games phenomenon and go to the cinema with Venom – Current Events



Popcorner: Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things with Comic Con Portugal.  We dive into the Squid Games phenomenon and go to the cinema with Venom - Current Events

“Popcorner”, a SAPO Mag program created in partnership with Comic Con Portugal about movies, TV shows, comics and everything in the pop culture universe, is back this Thursday with new news.

The pop culture magazine, presented by the masters of ceremony of SAPO Mag Ines Gens Mendes and Thiago David, releases new issues every week, which you can watch in, no Comic Con Portugal site EPOPCULTURE Newsbut also on television, on the Cinemundo channel, broadcast on Thursdays at 20:45, on Friday at 15:55, on Saturday at 15:20 and on Sunday at 11:15.

In this week’s Popcorner, we reveal the final confirmation for Comic Con Portugal: actor Noah Schnapp, “The Will of Stranger Things,” will be at the convention. We also offer two family-related events in Lisbon and we watch films with Venom and Ron Da Erro, new animation from 20th Century Studios, on the big screen.

The show takes us into the world of Squid Games and returns to Joe’s obsessions in Netflix’s Tu.

At Popcorner you can keep up with the top news from the pop culture universe, watch movie premieres in theaters or stream with commentary by film journalist Luis Salvado and learn all about them. the series in question. Episodes of Pop Culture Corner also feature interviews with special guests and travel back in time, where we take memories of movies or TV shows from the chest.

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Daughters Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek shone at the event



Daughters Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek shone at the event

EThis week, Hollywood spread the red carpet among big movie stars for the premiere of “The Eternals,” which took place at the Dolby Theater. Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek were some of the familiar faces and would have been better accompanied.

Angelina Jolie appeared with her children Maddox, 20, Zakhara, 16, Shiloh, 15, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 13, and the 16-year-old attracted attention with her look.

Zakhara chose a gold dress for this occasion, which her mother wore at the 2014 Oscars.

Zakhara next to her mother Angelina Jolie and her brothers© Getty Images

Salma Hayek, in turn, appeared accompanied by her only daughter, 14-year-old Valentina Paloma, who appeared in a black Yves Saint Laurent outfit.

Minute newsValentina Paloma poses next to Salma Hayek© Getty Images

The appearance of the two young women was covered in the international press and also covered in the section Image of the week… Between Zakhara and Valentina Paloma, who deserves the title this week?

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“She bares her disabled daughter …”



"She bares her disabled daughter ..."

This Friday, October 22nd, Biba Pitta was on the Gucha program, talking to Manuel Luis Gucha. A conversation in which, among other things, Biba Pitta recalled criticism she had already heard about her 23-year-old daughter Madalena, who was born with Down syndrome.

“She is pride, you know, she is a fantastic person, everything costs her, everything costs her for Madalena, so I am indignant when there are people who, when we talk about our children, come to write off sentences and say:“ she exposes her daughter -disabled “(…)”, began with a saying.

And then he added: “A mother can talk about her children, who always speak with love and passion (…) I already had two children, Madalena was the third, and she began to ride on her back, like everyone else, and she began to ride with me everywhere (…) I treated them all the same, despite the fact that I knew that Madalena is actually another daughter, and she needs us much more, our wings, so I also appear with her so often, she is always with me for some reason, if my daughter had wings to fly like and others, I certainly won’t be with her forever. “

Watch the moment here at 2:45 minutes.

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Sarah Matos talks in detail about the birth of her child: “The Abyss of Sensation” – Current Events



Sarah Matos talks in detail about the birth of her child: "The Abyss of Sensation" - Current Events

Sarah Matos is living a very happy period of her life. A month and a week ago, the actress first became a mother with the birth of a child, Manuel, as a result of her relationship with Pedro Teixeira.

This Friday, October 22nd, Sarah was on the Casa Feliz program, talking with João Bayau and Diana Chavez, to whom she told how she got through pregnancy, childbirth and, currently, the postpartum period.

“For the first three months I was nauseous, it took some time. It was very hot, it was January. I remember opening the windows of the house, and Pedro chattered his teeth, he could not bear it [o frio], and I am with ardor “he says between laughter, remembering the changes his body has undergone.

Sarah explains that she has always lived for one day, so she did not “idealize” big things, either in relation to pregnancy or the moment of birth.

“I managed to exercise, I had a normal life during my pregnancy, but with a bit of caution,” she warns, ensuring these were happy months.

Manuel’s arrival took place on September 16. The boy was born with 3.5 kg at 40 weeks.

“Three days before that, I already had contractions, I was a little nervous, but at the same time I was waiting. I wanted something fun, calm. Pedro was right there. I have heard several songs. I felt everything. Obviously I was in pain because that’s okay, that’s okay. birth is part of “, underlines.

“I was very intuitive throughout the whole process, in total it was 15/16 hours, but I was with a great team, very calm. It was a special day with everything that should be, pain and expectations, ”he recalls. …

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The most special moment was when he first saw his son: “It’s a strange feeling, I still don’t know my child that well. He was here with me for nine months, and I don’t know him. It’s a terrible feeling – what a responsibility it is, how I will take care of this little creature – an explosion of emotions that need to be able to balance. “, is recognized.

“I realized that he had a great will to live and that also gave me support and strength,” he concludes with a wide smile on his face.

Sarah is currently making the most of every moment with Manuel because every day can bring something new. With regard to breastfeeding, the guest assured that everything was going well, thanks to the individual supervision of the nurse at home.

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