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Pedro Lamares will become a father! The actor has already named the name that he will call the baby – Current events



Pedro Lamares will become a father!  The actor has already named the name that he will call the baby - Current events

Pedro Lamares is having a happy moment in his life. The actor, who is currently watching TVI’s “Sin,” revealed that he will become a father as a result of his relationship with Rebeca Chalog.

“Rebeca Chalog wrote this love text about her freedom, our love and Gustavo, who grows inside her. I fully subscribe with pride and growing love under every word “– said the actor on his Instagram account, realizing, thus, that he will become the father of the boy Gustavo, who will be born in January.

Read the full text below:

“Simone de Beauvoir taught me that you are not born a woman, you become a woman.

at dawn on April 25th, the most incredible and complex process that I have ever experienced began: at dawn I began to become Mama.
not by mistake, mistake or negligence, but by will, by freedom and conscience with the person I love most in the world, Pedro.
I have never doubted my desire to be a mother or the timing of my pregnancy. but I was afraid of being judged by others. In my generation, I don’t know anyone who would like to have children: career, education and independence are in the spotlight – and that’s okay. I am an ambitious person, I like working, I invest in my career and my hobbies. but I decided to do it with my partner, with whom I share the same ideals of justice, freedom, respect and feminism, while we teach this miracle, who is our son.
My biggest fear early in pregnancy was that I would be considered a failure for wanting to be a mother, a wealthy woman who gave up. we have come to the point where feminists have not been reduced by society to the role of caregivers and caregivers in the home, that today we have become enemies of women who want to be young mothers before their careers and independence are secured. the desire to live with a man and have a child became something strange in my generation and created in me a huge fear of being rejected by my peers – because I am the only (or was the first) who wanted to make this decision.
But I am no longer afraid: I am truly proud of my decisions, my life and the challenge that I pose for myself.
in January, Gustavo, the child of the night, is born.
until then, more and more I am becoming the woman I always wanted to be: free, strong, feminist, mother; to build a life and family with the great love of my life. “

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“I came to do the same as you, fishmonger!”



Cristina Ferreira revela imagens da “bronca” no Big Brother: “Vim fazer o mesmo que tu, peixeirada!”

This Friday morning, October 7th, began with riots at Big Brother’s house following a violent altercation between Tatiana Boa Nova and Patricia Silva, which resulted in TVI Reality’s broadcast being reduced by a few minutes.

Remember here: What a mess! Fans show audio recordings of “cursing” at Big Brother: “He kicked me…”

As part of the “reprimand” experienced in the most haunted house in the country, Cristina Ferreira used Instagram stories to show some images of what happened when she showed Catarina Severiano’s apparent “tramp” in Miguel Vicente: “What’s this? you kick“, protested a competitor from Faro.

Between Tatyana Boa-Nova and Patricia Silva, who “got” as a result of the alleged “rasteira”, a heated argument ensued: “Stop this shit! There was no blow, it was unintentional. What is the problem? See, keep it to yourself. What did you come here to do?“, shot the companion of Ruben Boa Nova, which excited the participant from Vila do Conde – as she defended that there was a blow – when she got up from her seat to “confront” her: “I have seen it stretched. I came to do what you fishermen do, as you do now“.

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On Smile Day, discover the smiles of each zodiac sign



On Smile Day, discover the smiles of each zodiac sign

From the most fake to the most sincere, from the most charming to the most gentle, from the most to the most casual, it is believed that a person can smile in about 50 types of smiles. And just like personalities, smiles can also depend on the zodiac. Are Virgo natives more smiling than Aries natives? Or that Geminis forget to floss more often?

As part of Smile Day on October 7th, Impress, the leader in invisible orthodontics, demystifies the smiles of each sign and reveals the characteristics of each:

Capricorn | spontaneous smile
Capricorns are naturally determined and hardworking people. Since they are very focused on their work, their smile sometimes goes unnoticed. However, that is why when they smile, they do it spontaneously and with feeling.

Aquarius | expressive smile
Creative and easy-going, Aquarians tend to be good problem solvers. Aquarians have the most expressive smiles in the entire zodiac.

fish | Mysterious smile
Calm, calm, understanding, and empathetic are some of the adjectives that characterize the native fish. These people tend to have a charming and enigmatic smile.

Aries | Unforgettable smile
Sheep are people passionate about life and open to new experiences. The smile of a sheep, characterized by great initiative, is seductive and unforgettable for many. This is a sign that smiles with its eyes and whose smile can conquer anyone;

Taurus | strong smile
Taurus are calm and persistent people who love stability and practicality in life, not forgetting the more exploratory side that wants to discover each of the five senses. The sum of these characteristics gives Taurus an intense smile that accompanies his passion for life;

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twins | unexpected smile
Geminis are distinguished by their intelligence and intuition, as well as their humorous fickleness. Like the natives of Gemini, your smile is fickle and can be unexpected, however, when it appears, it is contagious and sincere;

crab | Kind smile
Naturally kind, sensitive and caring for each other, Crabs are always ready to offer a smile up their sleeves. The smile of this sign is a mirror of his kind and faithful soul;

Leo | charming smile
Leos love to be the center of attention and are known in the zodiac world for their self-confidence and infectious sense of humor. Leo’s smile is charming, warm and welcoming.

virgin | moderate smile
Known for their perfectionism and organization, Virgos are practical and straightforward people who strive for perfection throughout their lives. Virgo natives tend to express their mood with modest and restrained smiles, but despite this, their smile remains sincere;

Scale | irresistible smile
Libra smiles are smiles that don’t go unnoticed. Characterized by empathy and devotion to others, Libras are elegant and romantic. Your smile is recognized as irresistible;

Scorpio | seductive smile
The energy of Scorpio is contagious, and people of this sign are distinguished by their ability to redefine paths when necessary. The smile of Scorpio is a seductive and strong smile, like the representatives of this sign;

Sagittarius | infectious smile
Sagittarius are cheerful, good-natured and playful, so the smile for these people is constant, natural and they smile even in the most serious situations. The Sagittarius smile is a joyful and infectious smile;

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“Now it’s time to see if there are metastases.” Boyfriend Philipa Torrinha Nunez reported on the state of health



"Now it's time to see if there are metastases."  Boyfriend Philipa Torrinha Nunez reported on the state of health

former actor Joao Lamosa continues to fight testicular cancer. At the stage when the situation seems close to a successful conclusion, the boyfriend Philip Torrinha Nunezpsychologist and social columnist SIC, states that there is still a period of considerable vigilance.

In an interview with a magazine new peopleJoao Lamosa recalled the need to remove one of the testicles, replacing it with a prosthesis, and is now embarking on a new stage more diagnoses.

They removed my testicle and put in a prosthesis. Now it’s time to see if there are metastases. I started with the diagnostic phase, then came the treatment phase, and now I’m back to the diagnostic phase.‘, emphasized Filipa’s partner Torriny Nunez.

However, Joao Lamosa ensures that he has already done “all surgical processes are done there‘, being dependent only on a new phase of continuous observation.

The couple recently attended a gala party. golden globewhich took place on October 2 at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon and was always very smiling.

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