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Paddy Cosgrave meets Carlos Moedas this Wednesday – O Jornal Económico



Cristina Rodrigues Deputada Não Inscrita

Founder and CEO of Web Summit is focused on completing his “Champions League”, a 40,000-person technology conference that returns to Parque das Nações after an all-digital edition and refuses to think about the political crisis in Portugal because what is approaching with great success is an international event. In an interview with Jornal Económico (JE), Paddy Cosgrave says he will have his first official meeting today as the new mayor of Lisbon, and advocates stricter taxation for the wealthy in favor of innovation.

Informant Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, will be at the opening of the web summit. What motivated this choice in favor of the technology stage, given that it has reached one of the social networks on which many of them depend?

I think Francis has a very important message to get across. She is trying to improve social media for the benefit of society and users and looks at the front pages of newspapers around the world these days – The New York Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times … she is the front page of almost everyone. Is there anything more important in technology? I do not think so. Has she ever spoken publicly outside the US Congress or British Parliament? No. I think that many will be very interested to see her live, to hear and understand that what she is doing is not an easy task. Facebook will also be there with a spokesperson, Nick Clegg, who will share what he has to say. There are both sides, and journalists will have to interpret them.

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A year ago, ahead of the 2020 online version, he said that the digital experience of the new platform that hosted the event was worth it. It cost?

Most of the major world events in 2020 got nothing. I think we were the only ones in this dimension that were able to happen with our impressive software, including the United Nations, which started licensing it. So I think we are very fortunate that over the course of almost ten years we have created software that is one of the main differentiators at the Web Summit or any other major event. But if you ask me to choose between a virtual or personal conference in Lisbon, I will choose a personal one every day. This is much better. I’m not a fan of virtual conferences.

I’m not a fan of virtual conferences

The contract they signed states that FIL must increase its area in 2022. Has there been an evolution in this direction to expand conference areas?

I don’t know how to draw an analogy with football, but I would say that the Champions League final will take place next week. Here’s what I can think of. So, all the thinking and planning for the next season starts after the finale, which takes place next week. This is my goal right now. I’m sure everything will be fine and we look forward to learning more about it in 2022.

Did you have your first meeting with the new mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas?

I will have tomorrow [esta quarta-feira, 27 de novembro]… And I will find out the agenda tomorrow, because today I still don’t know. The invitation came from your team. I have known Carlos for half a decade, since I served on the European Innovation Council of the European Commission, and we spent a lot of time together. I think he will become a fantastic mayor of Lisbon, so I am very happy to congratulate him personally and have a constructive conversation with him. Carlos Moedas will also be there on the opening night of the web summit and will attend other important parts of the event and promote the events on the sidelines. It’s incredibly proactive. It is a dream to have a former European Commissioner for Innovation as mayor of any city in Europe. Everyone knows him, he is effective … I think it will be a very interesting term.

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Are you worried about the political crisis that Portugal is facing?

I don’t think about it too much. The event, a web summit, will be attended by several representatives of the Portuguese state. These are national problems and this is a global event. They are relevant, but my role is not to comment on them.

What can you expect from this year’s Web Summit?

I think there are several dominant themes and one of them is environmental sustainability. We have over 200 startups focused on ODS [Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável da ONU]… We will inevitably solve climate problems through innovation. I hope politicians reach important agreements, but in the end, innovation is important. We will have to innovate in the types of energy we consume, the products we use, and the waste we generate.

The biggest problem we face is not related to content moderation on Facebook. This is the weather.

Our responsibility is to bring people together. And, in my opinion, perhaps not a single business event in the world is devoted to taxes seriously enough. I think that any serious business and meeting between the public and private sectors and citizens should have serious conversations about the environment and taxes. The rich have to pay taxes like everyone else. In fact, they have to pay more taxes.

Do you agree, for example, with the tax reform that the Biden administration is pursuing?

I consider myself a classic liberal. I am firmly convinced that taxes must be paid. Adam Smith made this very clear in The Wealth of Nations, and these messages were ignored for 50 years, with the result that the richest people in the world paid almost no taxes. I think that if we want more innovation, we need more taxation. There is no tax-free innovation because most of the core technologies we rely on today come from government funding.

The rich have to pay taxes like everyone else. In fact, they have to pay more taxes.

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Elon Musk asked an employee for sex in exchange for a horse. SpaceX pays $250,000 to keep woman quiet – Observer



Elon Musk asked an employee for sex in exchange for a horse.  SpaceX pays $250,000 to keep woman quiet - Observer

You have free access to all Observer articles as a subscriber.

SpaceX multi-million dollar company Elon Musk, paid $250,000 to silence a former flight attendant whom Musk allegedly asked for sex during a massage, promising her that he would buy her a horse in return. The story has been revealed business insiderciting a person close to the woman in question – and Elon Musk has already reacted, stating that “there is a lot to tell in this story” and claiming that this is a publication “with political motives to hurt” the richest man in the world.

The case did not go to trial because in 2018 SpaceX agreed to pay the woman $250,000 (€236,000 at current exchange rates) to settle the case out of court, which includes a promise that the woman would not be a public matter. However, a Business Insider report cites a friend of the woman who gave details of the case and mentioned the woman’s identity (which Business Insider, however, does not disclose).

The incident may have taken place in late 2016, when this woman, a flight attendant from SpaceX’s private jet fleet, was called in to give Elon Musk a private massage. According to a statement made by a friend of the woman, her superiors advised the flight attendant to take a body massage course because that way she could later see that her work was appreciated because of the massage she could give Musk. At that stage, the woman worked under a contract.

During one such massage session on a flight to London, Musk is said to have shown a woman his penis, touched her leg without consent, and asked her to “do more”. And knowing that the woman was a horse rider, he suggested that if she initiates sexual intercourse, he would buy her a horse. The woman did not agree, and since then she will have fewer requests for jobs at SpaceX.


A friend says the woman told her about the incident shortly after – “she was very shocked, she didn’t know what to do.” “She believed that everything would return to normal, and could pretend that nothing happened, but then it began to seem to her that she was being avenged because her shifts began to shorten.” “She felt like she was being punished for refusing to engage in prostitution herself,” says her friend.

Elon Musk was contacted by Business Insider and, after asking for more time to respond, stated that “there is a lot to tell in this story.” However, he subsequently did not comment again, although Business Insider gave him more time to do so.

“If I had a tendency to sexual harassment, it is unlikely that only now, after a 30-year career, such a story would surface,” Musk added, calling this story “a politically motivated piece.” [o] harm.” Now that the news has been out, Elon Musk has turned to Twitter – the social network he’s currently buying – to discount the case.

receiving tweet 2021, where he said that if he were ever in the center of a scandal, he would like to be called “Elongated”. “Finally, we have the opportunity to use Elongate as a name for a scandal. It’s perfect!” he wrote that Friday, later using emoji laughter.

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Delta is the most attractive company to work in Portugal. Bosch and Farfetch round out the top three – Companies



Delta is the most attractive company to work in Portugal.  Bosch and Farfetch round out the top three - Companies

Farfetch and Bosch were in the top three most attractive companies to work for this year, moving up to 8th and 15th places, while Delta secured the top spot.

Among the preferred sectors, healthcare ranks first, followed by information technology, which led last year, and the automotive sector rounds out the podium. As for remote work, it has declined again this year after the slowdown in government measures against Covid-19 and now stands at 38%.

These are the results of the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2022, which also notes a 4% increase in the number of Portuguese workers who changed employers in the second half of 2021.

There is also a growing trend in employment, with one in five Portuguese intending to change jobs this year, up 6% on the same period last year.

When choosing a company to work with, salary and benefits remain the main criteria, along with a combination of personal and professional life and work environment.

Randstad Employer Brand Research aims to analyze public perceptions of employers in different countries. In Portugal, the survey was conducted online in January 2022 with 4,997 people (active professionals, unemployed and students) aged 18 to 65. The majority of participants live in Lisbon (38%), followed by the north (34%) and center (18%) of the country.

Top 20 most attractive companies to work for:
1. Cafe Delta
2. Farfetch
3. Bosch
4. Nestle

5. Hovion

6. Siemens

7. Bank of Portugal

8. RTP – Radio and Television of Portugal

9. Company “Navigator”

10. Volkswagen group services

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11. OGMA – Portuguese Aviation Industry

12. Fujitsu Technology Solutions

13. IKEA Portugal

14. Joaquim Chavez Saude

fifteen . Volkswagen AutoEurope

16. Hospital da Luz

17. Nokia

18. Sumol+Compal

19. PSA Peugeot Citroen

20. Pestana Hotel Group

Top 10 most attractive sectors for work:
1. Health
2. IT, consulting and telecommunications
3. Car
4. Tourism, sports and entertainment
5. Consumer goods and food industry
6. Banking and financial services
7. Industry
8. Aviation
9. Customer service and general services
10. Services

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War in Ukraine: McDonald’s announces deal to sell Russian business to local businessman



War in Ukraine: McDonald's announces deal to sell Russian business to local businessman

“Under the terms of the agreement, Govor will acquire the entire portfolio of the chain’s restaurants and begin operations with a new brand,” McDonald’s said in a statement, noting that the Russian businessman has been its partner since 2015, exploring several of the group’s establishments. in Siberia. .

The deal still needs regulatory approval and final details are expected to be agreed “in the coming weeks”.

“The sale and purchase agreement provides for the preservation of at least two years of jobs in equivalent conditions,” McDonald’s emphasizes, without increasing the amount of the transaction.

Govor will also pay salaries to employees working in 45 regions of Russia until the deal is completed.

The agreement was announced three days after McDonald’s announced it was pulling out of the Russian market after more than 30 years in the country, where it had 850 restaurants and 62,000 employees.

“The humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine and the unpredictable context for continuing operations have led McDonald’s to conclude that business in Russia is no longer sustainable or in line with McDonald’s values,” the restaurant chain said in a statement released in the United States. USA.

The fast food chain announced the temporary closure of its restaurants and the suspension of work in Russia on March 8.

The departure of McDonald’s from Russia has great symbolic and economic significance, as the group was one of the first Western brands to settle in the country. It opened a branch in Moscow in 1990, shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union, becoming a symbol of the end of the Cold War.

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