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New Party Changes MS Political Scenario – Manoel Afonso



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CHANGES: The new law reduced the number of candidates in the elections in 2022. Previously, each party could nominate up to 150% and one more of the number of controversial vacancies. Now the limit has dropped to 100% and one more. Example: With 24 seats in the Legislature, each acronym can only nominate 25 candidates (16 men and 9 women). There will be 9 candidates for the abbreviation (6 men and 3 women) to the Federal Chamber with 8 vacancies.

REFLECTIONS: Federal MP Fabio Trad (SDP) understands that this law will force party leaders to take the electoral position in the selection of candidates, looking for the best and ending with “graduated candidates” who had a prominent mission in the elections. Fabio believes the rules will benefit large parties through the use of smaller cuts.

PREPARATIONS: In addition to this law, we had the announcement of “União Brasil” as a result of the merger of DEM and PSL, which will try to lead the third place. Through in the succession of the president. Its implications here cannot yet be assessed, despite the draft presented to the Senate by Minister Teresa Cristina and the presence of former Minister Luis H. Mandetta in the National Executive of the new acronym.

CAN EVERYTHING! Flirtation between Federal MP Rose Modesto (PSDB) and the new acronym for his government candidacy. His profile, combined with the good party and financial structure of União Brasil (Fundão’s quota of R $ 900 million), will be encouraging. It is also speculated that Minister Teresa Cristina would have taken refuge under a different acronym to run for the Senate on the ticket of Eduardo Riedel.

‘UNIÃO BRASIL’: A proud name. Center-Right and Liberal Party. Due to the origin of their leaders, I immediately remembered Arena, PDS and PFL. But despite his regrets, he has the ability to confront the left. But will these leaders be able to understand each other and cope well with their boundless ambitions and vanity? Be verified.

DEPUTIES AND ACTIONS: Paulo Correa (PSDB): Together with the Mayor of Paranaiba, agreed to donate space for the Ceci Social Center and made possible new professional courses for Ceci / Senai in Aparecida do Taboado. Jose Teixeira (DEM): Offers to honor former Congressman Ari Rigo by naming the studio after him. Assembly; Demands amnesty for motorcycle property tax debts; wants to make a long loop school viable in Laguna Karapa. Lucas de Lima (Sun): Monitors progress on various proposals and activates a radio campaign to educate young people on the importance of the Covid vaccine. Pedro Kemp (PT): Requests the establishment of a mediation center with a face-to-face remote translator for Libra for the Deaf. Jose C. Barbosa (DEM): Optimistic, highlighted a surplus of 34,000 new jobs in the state between January and August 2021. Rose Modesto – Federal MP (PSDB) allocates R $ 400,000 for primary health care in Tres Lagoas

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WILL YOU BE WITH IT? Former PT Governor Zeka called for help for the party in 2022. He has loyalty and courage. Already proven. But in February, when he turned 71, Zeka presents natural signs of ruthless weather for the anonymous and famous. Sometimes desire alone is not enough. Members also need to understand adverse factors.

BY THE WAY: I have already warned about the lack of renewal of the party leadership. The drama faced by PT is the same as that of MDB, who has grown old and held hostage by former governor Puccinelli. The same thing happened with the PDT and MP Dagoberto Nogueira. This “exclusivity (coronelism)” in the command of the parties drives away any new faces. And with Fundão money, this practice will continue. Slightly…

JUST NOW… Despite so many predecessors, City Council President Carlos A. Borges (PSB) had to pay tribute to the neighborhood leaders with a structure that showed local realities and presented their demands without bureaucratic obstacles. In his straightforward style, Carlao scored another goal.

LARGE FIELD: It grew horizontally, there are too many blocks due to the favorable relief and far from the center due to empty spaces. The capital covers an area larger than Porto Alegre, with 1.5 million souls. Since there are regions in which there are no House Representatives, residents will liaise with the government as community leaders. It is working.

DATA 2016but in a timely manner. Only in private territories (25.7% of the territory) without use could accommodate 2 million people, and in public – 11.8%, with an emphasis on the area of ​​the barracks and the airbase. The void is more than 35%. State authorities do not ignore, expanding the urban perimeter implies more responsibility and investment.

PARLIAMENTARY ACTION: Joao J. Catan (PL): He is the author of a project that announces the Pedacinho do Céu Association as a public organization dedicated to the protection of dogs and cats in Campo Grande. Gerson Claro (PP): This is in line with the current agenda of the Committee on Constitution, Justice and Writing, which analyzes the legitimacy of issues before going to plenary. Homemade Mara (PSDB) requested the renovation of the Corrego Macaco Bridge in Paraiso das Aguas; increased ranges at various points in Niouake; reform of the public school in Taguarusa. Amarildo Cruz (PT): Proposes the construction of a memorial to the victims of Covid-19 in MS Neno Razuk (PTB): Asked Seyuspa about the presence of a vehicle for the Japanese military police …

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INVASION: I have observed this phenomenon even in small European cities. Chinese in trade. Here, in the central district of the capital, their presence is growing. As one note leads to another, it is worth remembering that China was the destination for 49.15% of MS exports in 2021, and this year it has already reached 48.33% (US $ 2.620 billion). In any case, we are increasingly connecting to the Chinese.

CONNECTED: 5G internet (20 times faster), which will reach capitals by the end of July 2022, will be free for all basic education schools. It is a democratization of opportunities for students who do not always have access to the network and who will become accustomed to more contact with technology, thereby opening the door to the labor market.

POLLS: What will the world be like in 2022? Are we going to get back to normal? And vaccines – will they be needed every year – like so many others? How long will Covid’s sequels last? Does the fear of the potential side effects of the vaccine – in the short and long term – have scientific support or not?

PARLIAMENTARY IN ACTION: Evander Vendramini (PP): Unanimously approved a bill to prohibit over-the-phone payroll loans to retirees at MS. Captain Earl (PSL): From his authorship came into force the Depression Diagnosis and Treatment Act. Marcal Dream (PSDB): has approved and is about to authorize its project to guarantee humane childbirth for pregnant women with MS. Antonio Vaz (Rep): Chaired a meeting of the Health Commission and reviewed the work and costs of the State Department of Health in the fight against Covid-19. Lidio Lopez (Patry): Keeps track of the rate of Covid vaccinations in the municipalities he represents through a direct link to municipal health departments.

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EVERYTHING WILL SLEEP: Lives as it is. People and settings change. The scenario is the same. Drew attention and commented on several cases of the absence of his former political associates at the funeral of former deputy Ari Rigo in Parque das Primaveras. Blame the pandemic or the notebook? This is how humanity walks, sometimes without memory …

HALLELUJAH! The citizen retires and receives a call the next day from banks offering “generous” long-term interest-bearing loans. In fact, it was the work of former president Lula, who helped banks more than retirees. According to MP Vendramini’s unanimously approved bill, this type of loan will be banned in the state. It cost!

TRUTH! “What is the best demonstration of the fact that there are and never was and never will be“ happy countries ”? Happiness is not collective, but individual and personal – what makes one person happy can make many others unhappy, and vice versa – and recent history is replete with examples demonstrating that all attempts to create happy societies – bringing heaven to Earth – created a true hell “. (Mario Vargas Ilosa)

CURRENT PROPERTY: Back in 1933, the samba singer from Vila Isabel Noel Rosa was already criticizing the political class for their actions. Write down these lyrics: “You have a shining palace / You have jewelry and servants at will / Without inheritance and relatives / You only drive around the city / And people are already asking angrily / Where is honesty? “


“You have to keep it, you know?” (Michelle Temer)

“Covid CPI: Finally, the End.” (Spólz)

“A credit card is an optimist’s money.” (Carlos Castelo)

Your time is limited. Don’t waste your life on the lives of others.

“Life is not easy – get used to it.” (Bill Gates)

“Without social media, I talked to people here at home. It feels like this is my family. “

“Every saint must be found guilty until proven innocent.” (George


Evil! To save money, children will be told that Santa Claus did not survive the pandemic.

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“The US is selling its dirty shale gas while the US defense industry is booming,” said Oscar Lafontaine.

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The Evangelical Church has lost the most in the elections – 11/27/2022 – Opinion



The Evangelical Church has lost the most in the elections - 11/27/2022 - Opinion

When I attended a meeting at my church to welcome new members, I heard the same story from many: They were there because it was an environment free of partisan politics. I remembered my own experience: I also accepted this criterion when I came from Recife and chose my church in São Paulo.

BUT Majority of evangelicals favor re-election of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) nothing new. All studies have shown this trend, and my experience confirms this. I don’t see a problem in the fact that the majority prefers this or that candidate, whoever he is. But it worries me political use of churches and, mostly, moments of worship to coerce the congregation into supporting the candidate.

For us, evangelists, worship is the time of the week for worshiping God, hearing the gospel, and fellowshipping with fellow believers. Before and during the campaign we saw the president and first lady use the pulpit to collect votes in the middle of the service🇧🇷 This attitude in itself should already be condemned and rejected by the evangelists themselves: the worship and authority of churches should not be used for electoral purposes.

This principle is not new even in the evangelical milieu. “When the evangelical church, as a church, makes a choice in favor of a candidate, it ceases to be a church. The Lord of the church is Jesus and he does not have voter registration in Brazil. We evangelists have the right to support, but to say that the Assembly of God supports “A” or “B” is to reduce the church to any institution, ”explained Silas Malafayain a 2002 video when he declared his support for the then-candidate Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). Twenty years later, Malafaya, like other pastors, used his pulpit and Bible passages to support Bolsonaro.

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Gradually the leaders and members of the various evangelical congregations began attitude to the vow as a confirmation of one’s faith in Christ🇧🇷 This association, in turn, leads to people patrolling and controlling other people’s votes, ridiculing or even excluding those who “vote wrong”. Communities that are supposed to welcome and unite completely different people under one faith have become a toxic environment.

The implications of this process go beyond spiritual matters. This indiscriminate and uncritical support from religious organizations and their leaders makes it difficult for evangelicals to participate in discussions of ideas and public policy. After all, they are stamped out as part of a political project (which doesn’t necessarily represent them in reality). The quality of public debate suffers and society becomes more polarized.

Evangelical leaders need to ask themselves how many members stopped attending services or even withdrew from their communities due to political discussions? Is this the example we want to set for the rest of society?

It is important to emphasize that the criticism of the political use of the cult and forced voting should not be confused with the position on the participation of evangelicals in politics. Every Brazilian has a trajectory, values, emotions and ways of thinking that make them support a candidate or an ideology.

No one should be excluded from public debate just because their values ​​were forged in a religious community. It is this logic that has inspired some Protestants to contribute to strengthening the state’s secular heritage so that they can freely practice their faith.

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However, when political forces take over the space devoted to the profession of faith, believers, the exercise of individual freedoms and, consequently, the reputation of society is damaged. That is, even if the evangelical majority candidate won, the church would still be one of the biggest losers in the election. To overcome defeat, evangelical leaders will have to return to engaging in public debate based on Christian values ​​and abandon the false messiah’s power project.

Articles published by subscription do not reflect the opinion of the newspaper. Its publication aims to stimulate the discussion of Brazilian and world issues and reflect the diverse trends of contemporary thought.

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Was the massacre of Aracruz politically and ideologically motivated?



Was the massacre of Aracruz politically and ideologically motivated?

Aloisio Morais Martins

If the information about the teacher is confirmed Flavia Amos Merson Leonardo, 38 was the first to be hit by shots fired by a 16-year-old boy at the Primo Bitti public school in Praia do Coqueiral, in the municipality of Aracruz, north of Espirito Santo, this may be an indication that the massacre was plotted for two years may have political motivation – ideological. The killer killed three teachers, a 12-year-old schoolboy and left 12 injured, five of them are still hospitalized in serious condition.

First, it would be good to define the context of the crime that the so-called “mainstream press” covered up: the massacre took place in a condominium created by the Aracruz Celulose company decades ago when it was implanted in the city. which eventually took on its name. It enjoys a privileged location, close to Praia do Coqueiral and 22 kilometers from the nerve center of the inland city of Aracruz. The condominium, intended for high-ranking employees of the company, has grown and today has become a residence for families of upper and middle class, and not just for employees of the company.

The minor who wore Nazi symbols during the crimes is the son of a military police lieutenant, Bolsonarist, who has already posted about Mincha Luta’s book written by the genocidal Adolf Hitler. “The book sucks. I read it and hated it,” he said. But a military man is, first of all, a person of the right wing. On social media, the boy looks dapper next to his father at a demonstration by Bolsonaro supporters. By the way, in the same hat as during the massacre.

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On the other hand, Professor Flavia Amos Mercan Leonardo was known to be clearly a leftist. He had a postgraduate degree in social sciences from the Federal University of Espírito Santo, a PhD in anthropology from the Federal University of Minas Gerais and was an active participant in the Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens (MAB), which played an important role in ES after the collapse of the Vale dam in Mariana, Massachusetts, when the waters of the Rio Doche were stained with mud from mining to estuary on the coast of Espirito Santo five years ago. Flavia has dedicated her academic career to teaching fishermen and ES natives. Why was the teacher chosen as the killer’s first target? Just a coincidence, or did the student have an ideological dislike for Flavia? According to the researchers.

It is worth noting that the killer boy shows good signs that he learned a lot from his father, definitely his idol. Even though he was a minor, the videos show that he learned to drive a vehicle very well, even at high speeds. In addition to his resourcefulness, the video shows very clearly how well he handles the weapons that he carried with him. And he shoots well. Who did you learn from? In his first confessions, released by the police, he says he acted alone and learned to shoot behind his father’s back. Can you believe? Maybe he’s trying to save face in front of his father? The police will have to make progress in investigating these aspects. Either way, this massacre promises intriguing chapters in these days of weapon deification (which we hope are drawing to a close). Let’s see!

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And by the way, it doesn’t hurt to ask: does the killer’s father, like most Bolesonars, advocate coming of age at 16? Maybe for him “a good bandit is a dead bandit?”. Pepper is very good in the eyes of others, isn’t it?

Against the background of the tragedy, we have today in Espírito Santo a clear right-wing predominance in a state where Bolsonaro, for example, received 58.04% of the vote against 41.06% for Lulu in the second round of elections. . Those who were there, like me, on the eve of the elections, felt it very clearly in the streets and avenues, where big cars and double-cab pickups dominated the environment with their bold Bolsonaro advertising. The dominance is such that the elected president cannot hold rallies in the state due to the lack of a tribune. Re-elected governor Renato Casagrande of the PSB chose to light a candle to God and another to the devil, drawing the votes of the lulistas and bolsonarists by refusing to pose next to the petista.

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