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Judicial Commission approves filing of charges against Mayor of Jaguaro | politics



Judicial Commission approves filing of charges against Mayor of Jaguaro |  politics

Submission of all complaints against the mayor of the city JaguarFavio Telis (MDB) – on suspicion of political and administrative offenses – was approved by a majority in the Document Processing Committee on Wednesday morning (13). Now the opinion of the rapporteur Luciano Terra (PP) will be put to a plenary vote at the next meeting of the House of Councilors on Tuesday. Outlining his position in an eight-page document in five out of ten points, the congressman argued that possible violations had already been referred to the appropriate investigating authorities as a result of the work of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on the pandemic.

“The charges are already being processed by the inspection and police authorities. As an identical object, it becomes a difficult situation, perhaps impeachment of the mayor, and he will be acquitted in court during the inquiry, which can be continued, “he said. the speaker, considering the denunciation presented by Counselor Maria Fernanda Passos (PT) hasty. Officially and in writing, the speaker spoke at waiting without legal support.

The fact that Favio Telisa’s company provides midwifery services to Santa Casa de Caridade, in which the mayor’s office has intervened for many years, is one of the points already in the hands of the State Court of Audit (TCE) Ministry of State (MP), Federal Ministry of State (MPF) and Federal Police (PF). Other records, such as the hiring of the then husband of the Minister of Health’s firm to perform hospital work, were also sent for investigation.

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The Chairman of the Processing Committee disagrees with the application.

Counselor Fred Nunez (PSB) prepares to defend a plenary vote against the entire complaint. Late yesterday evening, in a conversation with Dirio Popular, the chairman of the data processing commission said: “The spheres are different, even if some of the facts are the same. [da CPI]”. Bodies such as the PF, TCEs and the MP analyze criminal, administrative and civil violations. The legislature, on the other hand, is investigating suspicions of political and administrative wrongdoing, he says.

“Therefore, we advocate that the process of presenting evidence should be instructed.” Referring, for example, to the mayor’s trip to Dubai, Fred Nunez emphasizes that the previous defense presented by Telis did not clarify the issues regarding funding and the members who made up the overseas delegation.

In the document, also eight pages long, the parliamentarian argued: Such information is necessary to free the mayor from any doubts about his behavior, to protect him from lobbyists and from his participation, even indirectly, in the Covaxin scandal investigated by the CPI of the Federal Senate, which has already shown the presence of connections. purchasing vaccines at inflated prices during travel of Brazilian government agents to the United Arab Emirates. While stressing the importance of follow-up to the Data Processing Commission, Fred Nunes considers the lack of information to be extremely serious, even if the acquisition of immunizing agents did not occur.

What Maria Fernanda Passos says

The adviser, a supporter of the complaint, expressed regret over Wednesday’s decision. Referring to Decree-Law 201, which found violations and served as the basis for the notes, Maria Fernanda Passos admitted: “We take this result with sadness, because it discredits the policy itself. People who think politics can be supervised and follow the rules are disappointed. “

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mayor’s word

In a conversation with Dirio Popular at the end of September, Favio Telis had already argued that the opening of the prosecutor’s office was “mainly political” and that there would be no facts to condemn and withdraw the mandate. “There are no forgeries or robberies, as we have seen across the country,” the CEO said.

understand better

The submission was approved by the Commission by two votes to 1. Ricardo Pereira (MDB) from the government base was accompanied by rapporteur Luciano Terra (PP). Jay Fred Nunez (PSB) disagreed. The name of the troika, which will be part of the Application Review Panel, was awarded by lot.

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