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Jacaresinho – Caravan Requião promotes the political scenario in the Pioneer North



Jacaresinho - Caravan Requião promotes the political scenario in the Pioneer North

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Caravan Requião has been pushing the political scene in Parana since last month when it launched in Francisco Beltrão. During his visit to Jacaresinho earlier this month, former Senator and Governor of Parana Roberto Requian showed that he had the courage to rule the state. The presence of the movement’s coordinator, MP Arilson Chiorato (PT), also attracted attention, who prepared the script and structured, along with Requião, the main agendas of the meetings.

Arilson, who was at CAT (Conjunto Amadores de Teatro), estimates that Caravana Requião now has a very simple mission: “to bring hope to the people.” “Requião is synonymous with hope, yes, jobs, quality public services, true public policy and respect for the individual,” the MP and state president defends against the Labor Party (PT).

Deputy Arilson estimates that the Caravan repeated the success of the South-West at Pioneiro North. “In Jacaresinho, we were again very well received and we took the opportunity to hear the wishes of people who were tired of the government, which, among its main tasks, serves the economic market and does not displease shareholders. exchange or friends of the “wine club” “- he comments.

Multiple movement
For Arilson, Caravana Requião is a plural and non-partisan movement that emerged on the Internet in February this year. “Using the name Geringonça, we held several virtual meetings that we used to communicate with people from all over Parana. Now, with the development of the vaccine and the reduction of Covid-19 cases, we are visiting the main cities of Paraná, ”he says.

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According to Arilson, the goal is to listen to the opinion of the population and join forces to restore a more humane Parana. “This is a chance to make Parana more prosperous through quality jobs, government services and respect for people. We cannot continue this policy, which prioritizes the profits of the few, while the majority die to pay for water and electricity. This is an unjust government. We are with Requião because we want and believe in an administration that puts real people first, ”he emphasizes.

Ponta Grossa
The next stop, Caravana Requião, will take place on 23 October in Ponta Grossa. The meeting will take place at the Union of Metallurgists of Ponta Gross and the Region at 9:30.

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Psychotic budget – ECO



Psychotic budget - ECO

What shocks Portuguese political life at the moment is the general political frivolity and the great importance of the little characters.

This is fatigue, satiety, anxiety in the labyrinth of nostalgia. The budget is a political issue at the moment. At the same time, the topic seems to be a more serious, complex, lofty, more worthy reference to a fundamental political document. But Budget is a scene of hate by chapters. The government, in its vagueness and negligence, leaves the matter to the narcissism of petty disagreements with an indifferent country and its intense focus on pornography about fuel prices. And the government is losing control of reality due to the madness of so many disparate measures in the 25th hour.

There is a lesson to remember from this political experience of the left. PS remained for several years away from the PCP and the Bloc for the simple reason that in this political area of ​​Portugal there is no agreed set of ideas capable of supporting the vision of the regime and the country. PS is the pink wall dividing the democratic Portugal of Bloc’s political adventurism and the orthodoxy of the PCP. Six years of ignoring the issue, and PS is acting like a bankrupt going to the market to sell what’s left of historic real estate to monopoly buyers who always offer the worst deal.

And isn’t it a shame for the PS without honor and dignity to surrender to speculators with an ideological service? Political dignity in a disgraced country is always a concept between the volatile and the useless. The political dignity of PS and the historical honor of democratic Portugal do not need any services, assistance or benefits. It seems that for this version of the PS, political dignity is not the approval of an idea for the country systematized in the budget document. Dignity boils down to survival in power or zero political density. This is followed by a repulsive speech of apologies, recriminations, understanding, goodwill, to which is added the rise of sentimental chaos in arsenic-chewed negotiations.

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Blok does not have a culture of political negotiations. The peculiarity of the cosmopolitan association is adolescent irreverence and business practices, understood as surrendering the other side and publicly burning all images. Block devises arguments that oscillate between fraud and tacit acceptance of an imaginary country. Masters of manipulation, they hold the country hostage to the irreversibility of their political prejudices, dreaming of the abolition of all laws. And PS is more like a toy without life or will in the grip of the Trotskyist tactics of the residual party.

The PCP has no political vocation for negotiation. This is not a party of large coalitions or small compromises. Red dinosaurs suffer from the erosion of political time, they lose votes, they lose fighters, they represent the decrepitude of a generation of vampires who only know the language of political blood. When they trade, they lose. When the strategy is blackmail, they win. They speak the language of bronze statues abandoned in the political ruins of old Europe. And PS, endowed with primordial innocence, fuels the importance of the party, which has always been an unbearable monument to suffering. Negotiating in favor of the PCP is a capitalist overkill, as it always points to the enthusiastic unanimity of the Central Committee.

I acknowledge that the comedy will only end with a reference to the many “moralizing crusades” of all employers, unions, professionals, amateurs, opportunists, responsible, motivated, dedicated, combative, who with zeal and honesty follow the limited interests of society. The nation is the political and budgetary economy of each group. Traces of old degradation in fashionable political terms.

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What shocks Portuguese political life at the moment is the general political frivolity and the great importance of the little characters. An approved budget or a failed budget, a crisis has been established – a crisis of confidence, a crisis of political ideas, a crisis of the political present, a crisis of the national future. Ask the form to tell you that you have a budget and it will always be a bad budget for everyone in charge. However, trying to pass and approve a document that is a collection of accounts to be closed represents a toxic degree of political cowardice and the exhaustion of a political decision that was never a decision. As can now be seen, this is just a pathological hatred of the democratic right that converges on the opposite cynicism of an even greater hatred – a fraternal hatred among the political families of the left. And during this break of time, Portugal continued and continues to postpone and silence without a consistent and coherent discussion of the future.

As for the elections, they still talk about the height of the crisis. After all, who is afraid of elections? Everyone and no one, except for the president of the republic, in the version of the political commentary. The dilemma stands between stagnation and political acceleration. It seems that in the distance I can hear the exclamations of the crowd: “Be responsible!”

Suddenly, the thought occurs to me that the Budget should have the lyrical realism of a person who travels through the invisible cities of the country and imagines signs of happiness that have yet to be achieved.

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Duda Mendonsa and the lessons of the Master of Political Marketing



Duda Mendonsa and the lessons of the Master of Political Marketing
Advertiser Duda Mendonsa died on August 16 at the age of 77. Credit: Victor Moriyama / Folhapress.

Twenty years late, I decided to read Duda Mendonza’s book, Casos e Melhores, published in 2001, when he had just been hired by PT to advertise the party. Later, he is known to run a campaign that resulted in Lula being first elected president in 2002.

Even though the book is old, social media frenzy, it contains lessons in political marketing that remain relevant, as well as tasty stories, behind-the-scenes politics, and childhood memories, as if it were a great chronicle, light and well-written.

Duda said that the first thing he did when he started the campaign was to carefully study his candidate: “His manner of speaking, his demeanor, his typical gestures, his favorite phrases, adjectives that he uses most often, etc. These are, apparently, little things, but they can never be changed: he is, and he must remain so. If you try to change a candidate, he will cease to be who he is and can never be who you want him to be. “

Political marketing is commonly criticized for converting candidates into a well-packaged product like soap. But it’s one thing to make small adjustments to the image. Another, very different, general reform: “There are people who change everything from hair color to how they dress, to how they express themselves, demoralizing citizens. This is not marketing, this is sheer madness. “

Duda was famous in the 2002 campaign to create the “Lulinha paz e amor” figurine. In the book, he talks a little about these behind the scenes. One of his innovations in the PT campaign was that Lula just smiled. Before that, he always seemed very serious, almost angry. And in fact, in personal communication, Lula has always been a sympathetic figure – regardless of the results of his administration, his charisma is undeniable, so much so that today he ranks well in opinion polls.

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Since the book was launched even before the creation of Facebook, which appeared in February 2004, the book stands out as a big bargaining chip for the campaign on television, which has gained relative weight, especially after victories such as Bolsonaro in 2018. , relying mainly on powerful content distribution technology (which is not always the case) on networks.

But television remains important, and on both television and networks, a candidate cannot do without a well-defined communication strategy. “There is no politician with an executive or legislative function who can do without good communication advice. This is the first rule. And when I talk about the public relations team, I broadly mean a group that includes press relations, public relations, advertising and marketing, ”says Duda, naturally defending his own interests, but not without reason.

Died 16 August last year at the age of 77 Duda Mendonça was a Brazilian advertising genius. He was the subject of lawsuits while paying his monthly allowance and gasoline, he was investigated by Lava Jato, he became an STF defendant, and even made an award-winning statement that was approved by the Supreme Court. Something awesome for anyone who has gone through episodes like this one below.

“I like correct, clear, direct things,” the advertiser explained. “My accounting department said you were wrong. We were paid the same installment twice. I just want to know who I am returning the money to. ” Everyone in the room lost their voice.

Dudley was a spiritual man. In August 1999, he decided to travel to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela with his son Alexander. Once there was some kind of lighting. I write down a summary: “I was not happy, but I was not sad either. No thoughts. Just a strange feeling of freedom, peace and well-being. For the first time in my life, I realized what I was looking for. It was not called happiness. His name was world. Then I started crying so much that I scared my son. “

Finding success can also jeopardize your happiness because it means giving up your personal life to devote yourself to business, he said. I finished reading the book and thought: hey, I would like to have a beer and talk to this guy. Now it doesn’t work anymore. But there is a book, and it is worth reading. Even with a delay of 20 years.

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Political and financial scenario continues to put pressure on Ibova – Market – Estadão E-Investidor – Highlights from the financial market



Friday was characterized by mixed market sentiment. In the United States, the day was a day of volatility: the Fed President’s speech confirmed expectations that interest rates would start hike in the second half of 2022, which negatively affected assets, causing stock exchanges to close the session in a mixed direction.

In Asia, news that Evergrande will be able to pay off debt this weekend has boosted some exchanges in the region. In the domestic market, the session was unstable again as political news and concerns about financial problems were seen on the radar.

The PEC by court rulings, which was approved by a committee in the chamber, changes the rule for adjusting the ceiling of expenses, in addition to deferring the payment of part of the government’s legal debts, it affected assets, and Ibovespa decreased by 1.34%. up to 106,296 seats.

In the interest rate market, the day was also a stress day. Future interest rates ended high, with Selic’s market price exceeding expectations at the next Copom meeting next week. In the foreign exchange market, the dollar fell 0.71% to 5.62 reais. Next week, the highlights of the domestic agenda are: Wednesday’s monetary policy decision, IPCA-Oct 15, unemployment rate and IGP-M. Overseas, consumer confidence and the preliminary 3Q US GDP figure stand out. In the Eurozone, preliminary 3Q21 GDP results will be published.

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