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FIFA President Reacts to Differences Between Brazil and Argentina: “This is Unacceptable and Harms Football” – 2022 World Cup



FIFA President Reacts to Differences Between Brazil and Argentina: "This is Unacceptable and Harms Football" - 2022 World Cup

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said today that the 2022 World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina, suspended due to intervention by Brazilian health authorities, should be resolved on the pitch.

On September 5, in Sao Paulo, the match was suspended for five minutes due to alleged violations of the protocols of the covid-19 pandemic.

“It’s always good to decide games on the pitch, not off the pitch. [de supostamente fornecer informações falsas na chegada] this cannot happen and the match cannot be interrupted in this way. This is unacceptable and harmful to football, “- defended the leader of the organization that monitors world football, at a press conference held today in Buenos Aires.

However, Infantino reminds that “this is not always possible, as there are rules”, so it is necessary to wait to “see what the disciplinary bodies of FIFA decide”.

The National Health Oversight Agency (Anvisa), escorted by police, broke into a playground in São Paulo, claiming that four Argentine footballers did not comply with the covid-19 pandemic after being urged to remain in quarantine at a hotel.

The eternal South American rivals met at the Neo Chimik Arena in the South American Zone qualifier for Mundial2022, which was canceled five minutes later.

The event in the match between “the two most glorious teams in South America” ​​marked a moment of “madness” but also exemplified “the challenges that COVID-19 presents” for clubs, continental associations and governments, Infantino said, on top.

Anvisa accused the four Albiseleste players, who play in England, of providing “false information” in their entry details into Brazil, without disclosing their stay on British soil in the previous 14 days, which would have required a quarantine period as the country was included in the red list of Brazil in the fight against covid-19.

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Giovanni Lo Chelso and Christian Romero, coached at Tottenham by the Portuguese Nuno Espiritu Santo, Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Buendía, who play for Aston Villa, are players targeted by the authorities.

Eventually, upon arrival in Brazil, the four players were quarantined and advised to “return to their country of origin.”

After some discussion, the Argentina team left the field for the match, while the Brazilian footballers remained on the field for training.

The Argentines, protected by the permission of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), denied any misconduct, and the interim president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Ednaldo Rodriguez, felt that Anvisa “exceeded the limits of common sense” by interrupting the game.

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A BOLA – nominations for the 14th round (League) are known.



A BOLA - nominations for the 14th round (League) are known.

On Tuesday, the FPF Arbitration Board announced the appointment of referees for the 14th round.

In Alvalada, Sporting will host Boavista on Saturday with Nuno Almeida judging, assisted by Vitor Ferreira from VAR.

On Sunday, Benfica will take to the pitch in Famalicana in a match to be judged by Hugo Miguel and André Narciso in the VAR.

At Dragão, the big match on Sunday night between FC Porto and SC Braga will be judged by Rui Costa and Antonio Nobre from Cidade do Futebol will be VAR.

Full records:

Pasos de Ferreira – Gilles Vicente
Judge: Arthur Soares Diaz
Assistants: Rui Lisinu and Paulo Soares
4th referee: Bruno Costa
WHERE: David Silva
AVAR: Nuno Manso

Marine – Santa Clara
Judge: Fabio Verissimo
Assistants: Pedro Mota and Pedro Martins
4th referee: Joao Casegas
VAR: Gustavo Correia
AVAR: Inacio Pereira

Vitoria de Guimaraes – Tondela
Judge: Fabio Melo
Assistants: Sergio Jesus and Carlos Martins
4.º Referee: Janku Vasilica
VAR: Arthur Soares Diaz
AVAR: Claudio Pereira

Belenenses SAD – Estoril
Judge: Elder Mulheiro
Assistants: Gonçalo Freire and Rui Cidade
4th referee: Bruno Vieira
WHERE: Hugo Silva
AVAR: Hugo Ribeiro

Sporting – Boavista
Judge: Nuno Almeida
Assistants: André Campos and Pedro Felisberto
4th referee: Marcos Brazao
VAR: Vítor Ferreira
AVAR: Nelson Cunya

Moreirense – Portimonense
Judge: João Pinheiro
Assistants: Thiago Costa and Luciano Maya
4th referee: Carlos Macedo
VAR: Luis Godinho
AVAR: Miguel Nogueira

Famalican – Benfica
Judge: Hugo Miguel
Assistants: Bruno Jesus and Ricardo Santos
4th referee: João Bento
VAR: André Narcissus
AVAR: Paulo Brush

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FC Porto – SC Braga
Judge: Rui Costa
Assistants: Joao Bessa Silva and Andre Diaz
4th referee: João Gonçalves
VAR: Antonio Nobre
AVAR: Nelson Pereira

Aroka – Vizela
Judge: Thiago Martins
Assistants: Hugo Ribeiro and Jose Luzia
4th referee: Elder Carvalho
VAR: Luis Ferreira
AVAR: Carlos Campos

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Spanish journalists condemn the attacks during FC Porto At. Madrid – FC Porto



Spanish journalists condemn the attacks during FC Porto At.  Madrid - FC Porto

Movistar commentators are surprised by the “four freaks”

Movistar commentators especially noted FC Porto-At. Today’s Madrid condemned the attack on the air by a group of Porto supporters. The situation was shared live by José Sanchis, the main commentator, shortly after a goal by Rodrigo de Paul, the Colchoneros’ third home after the Dragons. “They’re attacking us … Four madmen. Very anxious people … Calm down, calm down. Security has arrived, and everything is getting terrible. This has never happened to me in my life! ”- said the commentator. , and then, as reported by “AS”, there is a long silence. The situation, it seems, will be corrected with the presence of guards. “Fortunately, they didn’t hit us directly,” Sanchis added later, more calmly.

Later, after the game, a trio of commentators appeared in Movistar’s images, making sure that everything was overcome and that they were safe. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” he said. There are just people who don’t understand that it is part of our job to communicate the goals of At. Madrid, especially with the euphoria and enthusiasm that Atlético’s qualifications deserve. From now on they get upset, but they are dysfunctional minds. And nothing else. We note right away that the part of the security service of FC Porto, which was on our side, made a mistake in the team they were supposed to defend … “

By appointment

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BALL – the wound is still open (Benfica)



BALL - the wound is still open (Benfica)

The days following the loss to Sporting have been challenging for the players and the Benfica technical team. On Saturday at the Seixal, the team appeared in a tense atmosphere, which, of course, was caused by a very negative result and performance, but the holders carried out only a recovery training. Sunday was a day off, and yesterday the coach started preparations for the fight with the Ukrainians in the last round of the Champions League stage.

The wound in the derby at Benfica is still open. First of all, because everyone knows that Sporting’s superiority is undeniable. Even without center-back Coates and midfielder Paligny, two of the most powerful players on the team, the Lions were more of a team, with an idea and strategy that Red lacked.

Jorge Jesus, as usual, came to Seixal very early to prepare the training and, as a result, the strategy of the fight with the Ukrainians. The coach does not want the players to get stuck in the derby, but is thinking about the match with Dynamo Kiev, in which the Reds can reach the 1/8 finals of the Champions League – they have to win and hope that Barcelona will not beat Bayern. , in Munich. And the message is really to take a step forward, at the moment thinking about Dynamo Kiev.

Triumph can help relieve immediate pressure.

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