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Festival outside Paris brings fado to former Portuguese slums – DNOTICIAS.PT



Festival outside Paris brings fado to former Portuguese slums - DNOTICIAS.PT

The Fado Carminho singer sings today in Champigny, the arrival point of the Portuguese in France in the 60s, where many lived in the slums until they got a better life, at the invitation of the Val-de-Marne department, on the outskirts of Paris. …

“Carminho will sing Champigny, and this is symbolic. Champigny is a region with many Portuguese and where in the 60s and 70s, when the Portuguese arrived in France, there were the largest slums, ”said José Tavares, programmer at Festi’Val de Marne. , in statements to the agency Lusa.

The slums of Champigny were among the largest on the outskirts of Paris and welcomed immigrants of different nationalities, being the arrival point for thousands of Portuguese who chose France to work in the 1960s, an experience recorded by photographer Gerald Bloncourt.

These slums were home to 15,000 people and were gradually dismantled. Champigny still has a strong Portuguese presence through associations, sports teams and businesses such as supermarkets and restaurants, owned by Portuguese descendants.

The Fado singer is not the only Portuguese speaker on the program of this music festival, which runs throughout October, and on October 22, Angolan Pongo arrives in Gentilly, another city with a large Portuguese-speaking community in the Paris region. …

“It turned out to be the best time to attract these artists because Pongo has new opportunities in his career and for a while we wanted to attract Carminho. Festi’Val de Marne fulfills this very function, which is to attract not only French artists, but artists from all over the world, ”explained José Tavares.

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This festival has already brought together other Portuguese-speaking singers such as Bonga or Mayra Andrade in this department, which has a population of nearly 1.4 million and has very different origins.

“Our program at the festival is a reflection of our department. Val de Marne is a place where there are many people of different nationalities, and this is what we want to show, ”said Jose Tavares.

This Portuguese is also a part of this diversity: he came to Paris in the 60s at the age of seven and built his career in the music business, starting with organizing concerts of rock bands, then managing a concert hall and for two decades. he worked on the schedule of the Festi’Val de Marne festival.

Carminho sings today at the Théâtre Gérard Philippe in Champigny, and Pongo is scheduled to have a concert in the Party Hall of the Gentila Town Hall, which is also home to many Portuguese speakers.

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A BOLA – Joao Felix justifies Simeone’s bid (Atlético Madrid)



A BOLA - Joao Felix justifies Simeone's bid (Atlético Madrid)

The Spanish press seems to have given up on João Felix’s early season. The Portuguese player is in great shape at Atletico Madrid, promising to fight for his spot and make his mark in the tournament. mattresses, after a more turbulent period in the Spanish capital.

Was hired by Benfica in 2019 for an operation that brought in 120 million euros to the treasury eagles, the Portuguese striker quickly gained attention in the first games he played for the Spanish side, with goals and influential performances for Diego Simeone’s squad.

But what seemed like João Felix’s meteoric rise was overshadowed by a string of injuries and lack of rhythm, reasons that led him to lose confidence and place in the team. mattresswho has names like Luis Suarez, Lemar, Correa or Carrasco playing in positions where the Portuguese can act.

Having decided to undergo surgery due to an injury that has plagued him since he arrived in Madrid, João Felix recently returned to the team and, as writes AS, proves the reasons why Atletico officials paid the amount they paid for it.

In the last three matches against Milan, Barcelona and Liverpool, the player played a decisive role in the attacking process of the team, playing well and giving assists. The team has always shown him good results on the field, and Felix seems to have finally taken a dominant place in Coach Simeone’s team.

The Portuguese have shown great talent in recent games and the ability to communicate with attacking players. mattress, the reasons why Luis Suarez recently praised the player: “This will be the year of Joao Felix,” the Uruguayan player guaranteed.

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Portuguese government approves proposed labor law amendments



The government approved today (21) in the Council of Ministers a proposal to amend labor legislation, which takes into account the priorities identified in the Decent Work Agenda.

Portugal Digital with Lusa

The proposed law, approved today, said the minister under President Mariana Vieira da Silva, “continues to amend labor legislation under the Decent Work Agenda through a range of measures to promote employment and its quality, combat instability,” strengthen workers’ rights, strengthen protecting young people and improving the balance between personal, professional and family life. “

The government is making it possible to amend labor legislation at a time when this topic is also one of the central ones in the discussion of the State Budget for 2022 (OE2022) and when the approval of OE2022 is not yet guaranteed.

The proposal will now be sent to parliament, where bills by various parties are already being discussed on labor issues, namely remote work or overtime pay.

Prior to this approval, changes in labor legislation under the Decent Work Agenda were discussed by the Public Concern, and this process ended without a proposal from the government, which managed to obtain the consent of the social partners.

Fixed-term contracts and overtime

Compensation for termination of fixed-term contracts will be extended to 24 days in accordance with the proposed amendment to labor laws approved today, and the cost of overtime work in excess of 120 per year will resume in effect until 2012.

The measures were announced today by Labor Minister Ana Mendez Godinho at the end of the Council of Ministers meeting and are part of a government proposal developed under the Decent Work Agenda, which will now be sent to parliament.

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“With regard to combating unjustified volatile work and avoiding unjustified volatile work, the Council of Ministers decided to increase compensation for termination of fixed-term contracts, which is now 24 days a year,” said Minister Ana Mendes Godinho.

This measure doubles compared to 12 days a year, which are now provided for in the law, and, according to the minister, this measure is applied “for the future” from the moment it comes into force, that is, it no longer applies to contracts. during.

The proposal also includes a change in the amount of overtime pay, the restoration of amounts that were in force before the amendment of the Labor Code in 2012, in the event that overtime hours exceed 120 hours per year.

“With regard to overtime hours exceeding 120 hours per year, the amount of payment for hours valid until 2012 will be replaced,” the minister explained.

In 2012, after the amendment to the Labor Code, workers began to receive for every hour of overtime work an increase of 25% in the first hour (instead of 50% foreseen until then) and 37.5% for every hour of overtime. the next (against the previous 75%).

At the same time, the allowance for each hour of overtime work on a public holiday was reduced from 100% to 50%, and the rest period in force before that was canceled.

In 2015, a 50% reduction in pay for overtime work, work on public holidays or weekly days off was canceled, but only for situations covered by collective bargaining.

The restoration of values ​​is one of the measures that trade union centers and left-wing parties advocate.

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Check minigame titles in Portuguese



Check minigame titles in Portuguese

Everyone already knows that Mario Party Superstars will be the first Nintendo Switch game to be fully localized in Brazilian Portuguese. But how this process is progressing is a big question.

Fortunately, Mario Party Superstars official site in Portuguese can show a preview of how the game is translated. On the game page, you can see how the minigames from the title have been adapted.

The official site divides mini-games into categories: “All against all”, “Duels”, “One against three”, “Two against two”, “Record”, “Sports and puzzles” and “Collecting coins”. In addition to the names of the minigames, the descriptions were also localized.

A highlight are some fun adaptations such as Tonto Correio, which derives from the carrier pigeon, Deton Bowser, which is a clear reference to the Deton film Ralph, Shy Guy Mandau, which originates from the game Master Mandau, and Espinhozo Bospo, which references the classic The Godfather; among other examples.

Mario Party Superstars launches on Nintendo Switch on October 29th. The game will support online matches.

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