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Fajã do Cumbre Vieja already has over 40 hectares and threatens to collapse



A fjaja, formed as a result of falling into the sea of ​​lava erupted by the volcano Cumbre Vieja, continues to grow and already occupies more than 40 hectares and threatens to collapseThis is reported by the Spanish National Security Department.

The volcano took effect on 19 September and the magma flow reached the sea in the Tazacorte area around midnight on Tuesday 28 September and activity has now increased again.

Contact of lava with temperatures over a thousand degrees Celsius and seawater with a temperature of about 20 degrees caused a cloud of acid gases, which forced them to restrict nearby populations, and immediately began to form a peninsula, extending the territory. islands.

A pile of lava gave birth to what is called fajã, name given to the flat peninsulas created in the Macaronesian islands (Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde) with lava entering the sea.

La Palma has two famous fahanas, French and Barlavento, but there is another terrain superimposed on the sea the eruption of the volcano San Juan in 1949, which has become a fertile field for growing banana trees.

The last known eruption before the current one was the eruption Volcano Tenegia in 1971, which lasted 24 days and captured from the sea an area of ​​two square kilometers, known today as Ecentiv Beach.

Cumbre Vieja Fadjan is still in service and unstable… According to experts, it has already crossed the shelf of the island, and since the lava is still flowing, it sinks deeper and deeper, and this threatens to destroy the delta front, which, if this happens, could cause a sharp cloud of toxic and hydromagmatic explosions, authorities warn.

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Growing peninsula is already at a distance of more than 500 meters from the coastline and at a depth of 30 meters

O the land increased to an island, oddly enough, is the property of the Spanish state.that are part of the national geological heritage and therefore fall under the Natural Heritage and Biodiversity Act.

The total surface affected by magma on the island of Palma, Canary Islands already exceeds 471 hectares, a perimeter of 36 kilometers and a maximum width of 1250 meters., including 120 hectares of sown area, mainly banana trees.

Latest loss data points to at least 726 buildings destroyed by lava and 128 partially damagedMore than 33 km of roads were damaged, including 26.47 km completely covered with lava.

Copernicus European satellite service estimates over 4,800 hectares of volcanic ash

The volcano continues to erupt large amounts of lava, and given the current seismic activity recorded at Cumbre Vieja, more than 100 small earthquakes in 24 hours, experts admit that new outlets of magma may appear.

The main cone has given way, and this has increased the ejected lava, which appears to be more fluid and raises concerns about changing the course of existing flows, experts warn.

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Pastor shot dead after refusing to pay €1.61 ​​for electrical repairs



The pastor of the church and another man were shot dead in palmas, in southern Parana, Brazil, after refusing to pay 10 reais (€1.61 ​​at current exchange rates) for a neighbor’s electrical repairs.

On Friday evening, the church, to which the pastor’s house is attached, stopped working the power supply system. The pastor decided to find a neighbor who could make repairs, and the man asked for 10 reais (1.61 euros) for the service, and the pastor said he would not pay, G1.

According to witnesses, after the refusal to pay, confusion began between those involved and other intervening people.

A few minutes later the man returned with two brothers who started shooting at people in front of the church. Four men aged 21, 22, 25 and 32 were shot dead, and a 25-year-old man died. The suspect in the shooting at the group was also shot, and shot in the stomach.

Early on Saturday morning, four hooded men approached the pastor’s home and killed him with more than 10 shots, according to police.

The municipal police said that residents of the community rioted against the suspects in the murder of the pastor and set fire to the house of one of them.

The case is under investigation.

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A 67-year-old man underwent surgery to remove a hernia, and doctors discovered he had a uterus and ovaries.



A 67-year-old father of three was admitted to a hospital in Kosovo, Russia, for a hernia operation, and doctors found that the patient had a uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries, and was missing a testicle.

Doctors have diagnosed a man with normal male genitalia as having persistent Mullerian duct syndrome (PMDS), an extremely rare condition that occurs when men also have female reproductive organs along with a penis and scrotum.

Symptoms of the disease include testicular retraction and inguinal hernias, but female organs are usually not discovered unless surgery is performed to treat the mass. Only 200 cases have been reported in the medical literature. Daily mail.

The case was published in a magazine Urology Case Reports doctors working at the University of Pristina in Kosovo.

The patient had suffered for 10 years from a lump that enlarged when he stood up or coughed, and was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia, which occurs when tissue penetrates the groin at the top of the inner thigh.

It is estimated that 30 to 80% of PMDS patients have an inguinal hernia, infertility, or pseudohermaphroditism.

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Britain says Russia wants to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine



On Saturday, the UK said it had information indicating that Russia wants to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine as it considers invading and occupying the country.

Former Ukrainian MP Yevgeny Muraev is being considered as a possible candidate, according to a statement from the British Foreign Office, which indicates that it has information about Russian intelligence ties to many former Ukrainian politicians.

These politicians, according to the United Kingdom, include Sergiy Arbuzov, Ukraine’s first vice prime minister from 2012 to 2014 and interim prime minister in 2014; Andriy Klyuev, First Vice Prime Minister from 2010 to 2012, as well as Volodymyr Sivkovich, former Deputy Chairman of the National Defense and Security Council of Ukraine (NSDC), and Mykola Azarov, Prime Minister of Ukraine from 2010 to 2014.

Some of these politicians have contacts with Russian intelligence agents currently involved in planning an attack on Ukraine, the British ministry said in a statement.

“This information sheds light on the extent of Russian activities aimed at undermining Ukraine and provides insight into the mindset of the Kremlin,” British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said in a statement.

“Russia needs to de-escalate, put an end to its campaigns of aggression and disinformation, and follow the path of diplomacy. As the UK and our partners have repeatedly stated, any Russian military intervention in Ukraine would be a huge strategic blunder with serious costs. Truss added.

The British government reiterates its “unconditional” support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, including Crimea.

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This information comes at a time of intense contacts between Russia and the United States over tensions caused by the deployment of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

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