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Computer exam | Clearest images of 42 largest objects in the asteroid belt revealed



The European Southern Observatory (ESO), located in Chile, using the Very Large Telescope (VLT) instrument has detected images of 42 of the largest asteroids. is located in the asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. “Never before has such a clear image of such a large group of asteroids been obtained. Observations show a wide variety of unusual shapes, ”ESO said in a statement. These more detailed observations help scientists trace the origins of asteroids in the solar system.

“To date, only highly detailed images of three large main-belt asteroids – Ceres, Vesta and Lutetia – have been captured by NASA’s Dawn and ESA Rosetta spacecraft,” explains Pierre Vernazza of the Space Research Laboratory. The astrophysicist from Marseille, France, who led this study, published in the journal Astronomy and astrophysics… “Our observations now show very clear images of many other objects, 42 objects in total.”

This image shows the 42 largest objects in the asteroid belt, located between Mars and Jupiter. Most of them are more than 100 kilometers, and the two largest asteroids – Ceres and Vesta – have a diameter of about 940 and 520 kilometers, and the two smallest – Urania and Ausonia – are only about 90 kilometers each. The asteroid images were captured with the Spectropolarimetric High Contrast Exoplanet Research Instrument (SPHERE) on the very large ESO telescope.

Between 2017 and 2019, Vernazza and his team surveyed the major bodies of the asteroid belt to solve the problem of missing important details such as the three-dimensional shape or density of asteroids. “Most of 42 objects this sample has a dimension of more than 100 km; in particular, the team photographed virtually all asteroids in the belt over 200 km in size, that is, 20 out of 23. The two largest objects observed were Ceres and Vesta, with a diameter of about 940 and 520 km, respectively, and the smallest were Urania and Ausonia– both are only 90 km, ”explains ESO.

These observations also allowed the team to understand that the observed asteroids are essentially divided into two groups, the team explained. Some of them are almost perfectly spherical, for example Hygiene and Ceres, others have more unusual shapes such as Cleopatra, which, according to scientists, has the shape of a “dog bone”. After combining information regarding the shape and mass of the asteroids, the team further realized that the density varied significantly across the entire sample, thus concluding that the four least dense asteroids, including Lambert and Sylvia, have a density of about 1.3 grams per cubic centimeter, which is about the same density as coal, while denser ones such as Psyche and Calliope, have a density of 3.9 and 4.4 g / cm3correspondingly higher than the density of diamond. Thus, a large difference in signal density suggests that the composition of the asteroids is changing.

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“Our observations convincingly confirm the significant migration of these bodies after their formation. In short, this diversity in their composition can only be understood if the bodies originated in different regions of the solar system, ”explains Josef Hanusz from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, one of the authors of the study. Thus, these results support the theory that less dense asteroids formed in distant regions of the solar system, beyond the orbit of Neptune, and then migrated to their current position.

These results are made possible by the tool SPHERE (Study of spectro-polarimetric high-contrast exoplanets), juntamente com o VLT ESO. “The improved capabilities of SPHERE, coupled with the fact that little is known about the shape of the largest asteroids in the main belt, have allowed us to make significant progress in this area of ​​research,” says co-author Laurent Jorda. also from the University of Astrophysics of Marseille.

with the future Extremely large telescope (ELT) of ESO under construction in Chile, astronomers expect to get even more detailed images of bodies in the asteroid belt. The ELT is expected to be operational by the end of this decade. “ELT observations of asteroids in the main belt will allow us to study objects with a diameter of 35 to 80 km, depending on their location in the belt, and craters with sizes from about 10 to 25 km,” says Vernazza. “Also, if we have a tool like SPHERE installed on the ELT, we might even be able to get images of a set of similar objects, but located in the far Kuiper belt! In this way, we were able to characterize from scratch the geological history of a much larger sample of small bodies.“, he adds.

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Grand Theft Auto – The Definitive Edition Finally Gets Its First Images



Grand Theft Auto - The Definitive Edition Finally Gets Its First Images

After the announcement and many rumors, the 3D classic of the GTA saga is presented with improved graphics.

– Advertising –

After a sudden announcement Rockstar games opens a pre-booking period with a lot of information about Grand Theft Auto – Ultimate Edition

The new package includes a “mini-trilogy” of cult video games. Gta 3D em – Gta 3, GTA: Vice City e GTA San Andreas – with improved visuals and gameplay, which we can now see with new images and a trailer

While maintaining the artistic direction, games support 4K resolution, frame rates up to 60 fps, modern post-processing effects, high-resolution textures, redesigned models, improved reflections and shadows, more realistic weather effects, and more, while retaining all the old-school aesthetics of the original games …

On the collection’s official website, we can read a summary of the gameplay that promises an experience similar to GTA V, with an improved firing system, new ways to change radio stations, more readable maps, the ability to restart failed missions, among others.

On consoles, games will be adapted for the next generation of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (in particular, where it will be possible to play at 4K and 60FPS. On PC, players with NVIDIA graphics cards will be able to take advantage of DLSS technology. Finally, on the Nintendo Switch there will be support for haptic and gyroscopic control for various actions.

Grand Theft Auto – The Definitive Edition launches on PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

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This is Huawei nova 9 – executive digest



This is Huawei nova 9 - executive digest

This Thursday, Huawei unveiled “Huawei nova 9”, a smartphone designed and thought for the younger generation, with equipment equipped with a video system with multiple cameras, with a special gift for shooting and filming at night, and even with a battery that can be charged in almost half an hour.

As noted by Gonzalo Guerreiro, training manager at Huawei Portugal, “it is the ideal device for young people who go out at night and want to take pictures and take pictures,” as well as “a smartphone with fast charging and ultralight”.

The new Huawei nova 9, which marks the entry into the third flagship category that joins the already well-known Huawei Mate Series and Huawei P Series, will arrive in Portuguese stores on November 12. The pre-purchase campaign begins on October 22nd and ends on November 11th, when the brand offers Freebuds 4 headphones, free access to Huawei Music for 3 months, and 50GB of cloud storage for a period of 3 months when purchasing a Huawei nova 9 smartphone.

With a powerful camera system and new video recording features, the latest Huawei smartphone promises to awaken new inspiration for users. First included in the Huawei nova series, the Huawei nova 9 debuts a camera system that includes a set of RYYB (CFA) color filters and an XD Fusion Engine. The camera’s built-in hardware and software solution allows users to capture stunning images and videos even in low light conditions with minimal effort.

With 120Hz original ocher curved display, powerful processor and Huawei SuperCharge-enabled battery[1] At 66W, Huawei nova 9 delivers an even smoother user experience, while smart collaboration capabilities such as Device + bring synergy between your smartphone and other Huawei products.

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“With the launch of Huawei nova 9, Huawei is demonstrating that it is committed to providing excellent photography experiences to its users,” said Kevin Ho, Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group.

Ultra Vision camera to capture your story

Huawei nova 9 has a powerful 50MP Ultra Vision camera system. Whether you’re shooting night shots, panoramas, portraits or close-ups, the Huawei nova 9 lets you tell a story with high-quality images and almost professional sharpness.

The rear camera system is equipped with an Ultra Vision 50MP lens, an 8MP ultra wide angle lens, a macro lens.[3] and a depth lens. It also features a 1 / 1.56 inch sensor and a high light sensitivity RYYB CFA sensor that collects 40% more light than a standard RGGB sensor. These features allow users to capture exceptional photos and videos even in low light conditions, ensuring that bright parts of an image are not overexposed and dark parts are bright and detailed.

As soon as the camera hardware captures the image, the XD Fusion Engine launches, using sophisticated computational photography techniques to improve image detail and quality.

Becoming a video blogger has never been so easy

With the rise in vlogging, driven mainly by social media trends, the Huawei nova 9 is the ideal smartphone for getting the best content as it is packed with innovative features to make the user experience easier.

For a high-quality video blog, the Huawei nova 9 is equipped with a 32MP high-resolution front camera. Like the rear camera, it also supports 4K video capture and AIS (AI Image Stabilization) video stabilization, which allows users to capture themselves in high resolution while interacting with the camera, as well as any exciting event happening around you.

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With the rear and front camera continuous recording function, users can also switch between the two cameras, allowing them to smoothly record their history in a single video file. Dual vision video recording allows users to show their reactions live using both front and rear cameras without editing.

With the Petal Clip app, new in EMUI 12, users can easily choose from a variety of video templates and themes before posting their vlogs or other videos to social media. In addition, complex editing processes have been simplified with one-click video search and video creation. Just enter a keyword for the images or videos you’re trying to find in the Gallery and the device will detect any matching media. Then just hit Edit once to create high-quality content quickly.

To make group photos and videos easier, Huawei nova 9 also supports Remote Shutter, allowing you to mount your smartphone on a tripod and take perfect group photos with friends, supported by Huawei watch.

Captivating design

Huawei nova 9 features an incredible 6.57-inch original 120Hz curved color screen with a narrow surface that flows like a waterfall, minimizing both sides of the bezel for a more immersive viewing experience. The new Huawei smartphone can display 1.07 billion colors with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.[6] and 300Hz touchscreen sampling rate for better response. Combined with full DCI-P3 color support, the display delivers an impressive viewing experience with smooth images, vivid colors and incredible detail.

The design of the Huawei nova 9 is also impressive, with a thickness of only 7.77mm and a weight of 175g. A new blue model with a matte rough appearance on the back cover, created with a completely new process that adds a unique chassis texture, makes the camera module stand out. giving it a greater visual accent.

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Power is “in your hands”

Mobile games are another huge global phenomenon and more and more users are using this format. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 4G platform, Huawei nova 9 uses Huawei’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology to intelligently prioritize tasks and optimize device performance for an incredible gaming experience.

The powerful processor is complemented by an equally powerful cooling system that combines VC liquid cooling and graphene to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently. This means the device can operate at full capacity while remaining cool to the touch – even after hours of gaming or watching videos. streaming

Huawei nova 9 uses the Huawei EMUI 12 operating system. EMUI 12 introduces a set of new features, user interface (UI) design, animation effects, built-in device driver and other features that provide an enhanced experience for users. This is the first smartphone of the brand with the latest version in Portugal.

In addition, Huawei nova 9 also supports the new Touch Turbo technology, which takes mobile gaming to the next level with more precise and responsive controls.

With a 4300mAh battery, the Huawei nova 9 is perfect for gaming or just spending the day on social media. In addition, the new Huawei nova 9 smartphone supports 66W Huawei SuperCharge.

Nova 9 costs 549.99 euros and is available for pre-order from October 22 to November 11, and will be in stores the next day.

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Android apps in Windows 11 perform much better than expected



Windows 11 Android Microsoft apps sub-sistema

The arrival of Android apps in Windows 11 marks a major milestone in this system and in Microsoft’s own ecosystem. Thus, the software giant was able to deliver on a promise made a few months ago.

With a clearly defined offering, we will now have access to everything that Android has to offer, right on the desktop and without a smartphone. Now that they are available, the first tests are showing up and the results are better than expected.

It was yesterday when Microsoft publicly launched Android apps in its new Windows 11. This opens up the possibility for us to have everything we have today in smartphones without depending on them.

The list of apps is still small, but it gives the user a very accurate idea of ​​what they will have access to. Of course, later, and not only through the Amazon store, users will be able to download more applications and thus expand the available range.

It was for sure via download applications using alternative methods (unpublished download and apks) which could be tested already the performance of this Android subsystem. With just 716MB of RAM, the resulting performance is promising for this new feature.

The evaluation purchased the performance of the hardware running Windows 11 and the Android subsystem itself. Despite limited resources and software, the results haven't lagged far behind.

Microsoft Windows 11 Android Application Subsystem

We found a performance decrease of about 12% in single-core tests and 11% in multi-core tests. It is also likely that there is still some optimization to be done and these values ​​will improve.

It is interesting to note Microsoft's huge investment in Android in Windows 11. Thus, the software giant wants to conquer another market by providing a bridge between its system and Android. The goal seems to have been achieved, even with constant improvements, which it will definitely receive in the near future.

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