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BALL – Lions present the new Gamebox (Sporting)



BALL - Lions present the new Gamebox (Sporting)

Sporting released a new Gamebox this Friday for the 2021-22 season after it was revealed that new deconfinement measures are allowing 100% capacity from October.

Sporting Note:

For Members who own a Gamebox in 2019/2020, the Club will, for the first time, provide a full online renewal process to provide a more convenient and faster experience for Sportingwists. Eligible members will be sent an SMS and email with the website so that they can renew their subscription in a few steps.

Sporting CP also announces that, in the interests of its Members and given the moment of the pandemic, it has decided to keep unit prices for each game for 2019/2020, i.e.:

• Exclusive offer for the point of payment
– Scarf of Champions
– 20% discount at the Green Shop at Estádio José Alvalade (one-time purchase until November 15, 2021)

• Games included
– 13 matches of the national championship (start in the next match of the 9th round against FC Moreirense)
– 2 UEFA Champions League group stage matches
– 1 game of the group stage of the League Cup

• Term and place of renewal
– Available to all participants with special seats and Gamebox 2019/2020 from October 4th to 9th.
– The partner retains the option of renewing in the same location he had in 2019/2020, on an exclusive basis during this period.

• Sales period of the new Gamebox
Available to all participants from October 11th.

• Gamebox Antiquity
The participant retains his seniority and the 2020/2021 season is counted as zero (example: A participant is 17 years old in the 2019/2020 season, he becomes 18 years old after purchase).

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• Terms of payment
Cash or three interest-free payments.

• Prices
From € 63 (children), € 105 (youth, women and seniors) and € 129 (adults), with the price per game being identical to the price charged in the 2019/2020 season:
Children | from 4.0 € per game
Discount | from 6.5 € per game
Adult | from 8.1 € per game

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Abel Ferreira talks to players about the ‘immutable’ factor: ‘I’m ‘angry’…”



Abel Ferreira talks to players about the 'immutable' factor: 'I'm 'angry'…"

The writing

Abel Ferreira, Palmeiras coach, gave an interview to the Buzz Talk podcast.

Does not suffer a lack of intensity and effort: “I don’t get angry when they miss a cross, a shot or a goal. This is when they have to share the ball with everyone and remove their foot. When they need to run and they don’t go. efforts. The physical part, I’m angry. The technical part, no, because I’m sure they want to succeed. It’s because they saw an opportunity. I am not criticizing the decision. The player wants to do whatever is best for him and the team. Issues of effort, attitude, giving up everything… It’s non-negotiable.”

A responsibility: “A coach, when he loses, is very lonely, he is very lonely. Everyone criticizes. I tell the players that we all have responsibilities within the club. Outside, I will always protect them, but inside I will say everything I think. “When someone is at fault, it’s me. The defeats belong to me. It’s no coincidence that when something goes wrong at the club, the coach is the first to fall. That’s part of the deal. On the outside, I always protect my players. But on the inside, we are in our family, and whatever is a problem must be solved.”

Watch the full interview:

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The fourth referee of the mythical match Portugal-Holland 2006 makes a revelation: “Did you have Ronaldo injured?” – Collections



The fourth referee of the mythical match Portugal-Holland 2006 makes a revelation: "Did you have Ronaldo injured?"  - Collections

Marco Rodriguez recalls the moments after the exit of Bularuz because of the young CR7. “Van Basten is laughing,” he said.

The Portugal-Holland match at the 2006 World Cup went down in history as one of the most memorable matches for the national team in the final stages, due to the difficulty required to defeat Van Basten’s orange, as well as the referee’s disciplinary criteria. Valentin Ivanov. The “Battle of Nuremberg”, as this clash of the 1/8 finals of the tournament was also called, ended with four red cards shown by the Russian referee and 16 yellow cards that fell out of his pocket. Despite Maniche’s decisive goal already in the 23rd minute, Luis Felipe Scolari’s team suffered a major setback after 11 minutes. Despite his youth, Cristiano Ronaldo was already one of the stars of corner formation and was savagely hit with hooks to the leg by Dutchman Khalid Boularuz, who folded with a yellow card. The fourth referee of this match, Mexican Marco Rodriguez, has now revealed that CR7’s injury must have been intentional. “Remember the game between Portugal and Holland? Cristiano Ronaldo was a sensation and he was very young and they nailed him here. [na perna]. He walks away with an injury and at that moment Marco Van Basten [n.d.r. treinador da Holanda] laughing, laughing! They didn’t tell me I was there. He is laughing! Felipao wanted to attack him and said to him, “Did you kick him?” The World Cup is not romance, it is war,” he said on the air of the SagaFoot program.

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“Chikimarco”, as the now retired umpire is also known, reported that “the most-carded game in World Cup history ended with four umpires out of control”. “We couldn’t do it anymore. I grabbed Figo and someone hit him, then the Dutch came … It was chaos! ”Rodriguez recalled.

The truth is that Portugal will go to the “quarters” and face off against England.

Flavio Miguel Silva


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″Has potential for a team like Porto″



″Has potential for a team like Porto″

Chosen by the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport to defend eleven of Europe’s under-23 stars, the guilista left the former Botafogo coach full of pride.

The Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport has named Andrew Silva the best under-23 goalkeeper to have played in nine major European Championships, giving himself the title of an all-star team with names like Benfica midfielder Enzo Fernandes and Manchester City’s Haaland “. .

The choice was received with great enthusiasm by Andrew Silva’s former club Botafogo (Brazil). Marcelo Inácio, who was Chilista’s goalkeeping coach for almost a decade, did not hide his pride: “I already told him that here at the club we were very happy. Me especially. Andrew was 11 years old when we started and he stayed with me until the age of 20, I am very happy to see this growth in the first year in Portugal”, comments O JOGO.

The coach adds that the evolution, and now this Italian praise, does not surprise him, nor does the recent interest of the national champion: “I never had any doubts that this could happen. I am sure that this is just the beginning and that he will shine much more. He has the potential to be in an even bigger team, as is the case with Porto. He has many technical qualities and an excellent reading of the game, but the main thing is his focus and ambitious personality. Of course, he is still very young, he is 21 years old, but he takes this first opportunity very hard.”

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Also João Paulo Marangon, Andrew’s manager, emphasized the precocity: “I work a lot with goalkeepers and I know it’s rare to see someone so young playing with such consistency and regularity.” He also suggested that the news of the alleged interest from Porto spurred him on further: “We heard that his name is strong there, he has a personality and that was the impetus to keep working in search of a great club in the future.”

Property caught in the light
It was Ricardo Soares who bet on Andrew, launching him into the starting XI on February 2 at the Da Luz Stadium, to the detriment of the then owner of the establishment, Sige Frehli, and the club’s young player, Brian Araujo. Gil Vicente won that game (2-1) in a perfect baptism because the goalkeeper was one of the best on the field. Since then, he has already made 21 appearances in eleven and was also Ivo Vieira’s first choice, a situation which, combined with Kritchuk’s return to Barcelos, led to Ziga Frelich’s loan to Chaves.

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