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BALL – Champions League: Lion Lord half dozen to elite round (futsal)



BALL - Champions League: Lion Lord half dozen to elite round (futsal)

Goals by Diego Cavinato (2), Cayo Ruiz, Gitta, Valtinho and Miguel Angelo allowed Sporting to beat Dobovec (Slovenia) and thus secure the first place in Group 2 of the Main Round of Champions. With this triumph, the third in a row, the Lions completed the qualification for the Elite Round, which will take place from 30 November to 5 December at a location yet to be determined, the most important UEFA club competition, which also managed to reach the same stage as head of the series. The draw for this Elite Round, in which 16 teams will take part (four groups of 4 teams, the winner of each group will go to final four), will take place next Wednesday at 13:00.

Feature film:

The finale of the party. Dobovets 1 Sporting 6.

40 minutes: Thiago Macedo, escaping from under the Duskaka insignia, punches Cesarek above the line.

36 minutes: Sports goal! Miguel Angelo, with his left foot kicked, enters his name on the marker list and places a bet. 1-6

36th minute: Cayo Ruiz with his left foot shoots from the left goal post of Pushkar.

Five minutes before the game, Sporting has everything to confirm the victory and thus finish this main round in first place in Group 2. Nuno Diaz’s men have already reached their full potential, having won 5: 1, the result with the contours of the defeat. and which should no longer be reversed. Until the final whistle, it will only be a matter of management.

33 minutes: Tomas Paso in the person of Pushkar admits the defense of the Slovenian goalkeeper.

Minutes 31: An excellent pass from Novak and Kuyc with the first hit is very close to the result.

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30 minutes: Peric’s throw in Gitta’s defense, the film repeats the next second, Sporting goalkeeper again fails to score Dobovec’s ninth goal.

28 minutes: Sports goal! Perfect help from Flying and Valtinho just had to stop. 1-5

Minute 28: Paulet’s front kick after excellent work by Ziki Te and Puskar’s excellent save.

26th minute. A strong blow from Tomas Paso, shot, and the ball went out at the right goal post of Dobovec.

25 minutes: Golo to Dobovets! Novak, still out of the zone, used Gitta’s knockout to shoot the lion’s goalkeeper in the leg and cut it to 1-4

24 minutes: throws by Perich and Cuyek, two good saves from Gitta.

23 minutes: Sports goal! Gitta, after one of his usual individual attacks with controlled ball, shot from a long distance, very hard, and the ball went near the left post of Pushkar’s goal. 0-4

The beginning of the second part.

To be honest, Sporting has won thanks to goals from Diego Cavinato (2) and Cayo Ruiz. The Lions, despite the fact that only a draw was needed at the top of the group to complete this stage, they perform in accordance with their European status and thus rest in front of the scoreboard … without any surprises. In the additional stage, the trend should continue and the marker will be expanded at the expense of Commander Nuno Diaz.


19th minute: Alex Merlin, having escaped from the Turk’s pressure, goes over to Pushkar’s defense.

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17 minutes: A technical break has been requested by Dobovets coach Kuitim Morina.

17 minutes: Sports goal! An excellent pass from Alex Merlim, from zone to zone, and Diego Cavinato, represented by Pushkar, shot well for 0-3

16 minutes: Sporting CP commits fifth foul. This time, Eric Mendoza defeated an outlawed opponent, and the eight lions even received a yellow card. Nuno Diaz’s wards four and a half minutes before the break covered fouls.

15 minutes: Kujek’s long-range strike, Gitta escaped to the corner.

15th minute: Novak’s cross, the ball went out very close to the left goal post of Gitta.

Six minutes before the break, Sporting beat Dobovets 2-0 in a game where the lions combined maturity with quality. Remember that the green and white team only needs an equal number of points to secure the first place in the group.

14 minutes: Technical break at the request of Nuno Diaz.

12 minutes: Duskak, after passing Kuek, shoots Gitta’s crossbar from the heel. This has been Dobovec’s best opportunity so far.

12 minutes: Free kick Diego Cavinato and Alex Merlim hit the goal and Pushkar saves the ball.

12 minutes: yellow card for Zig Cech.

11 minutes: Nuno Dias currently has a quartet of fielders who are world champions for Portugal. With Gitta at the gate, the lions are at the same time on the site of Eric Mendonza, Joao Matos, Miguel Angelo and Ziki Te.

8 minutes: Gitta fails to score against Dobovets twice in the same game. Two excellent saves for the Brazilian goalkeeper of the Sporting national team.

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8th minute: Alex Merlin turned his gaze to the opponent’s defender and shot hard, as a result of which Pushkar made an accurate save.

7 minutes: Sports goal! After excellent individual work, Cayo Ruiz gets shot. 0-2

6 minutes: Pass past Valtinho and Paulet, removing the opponent from the road, dealt a strong blow, while the ball went very close to the left post of Pushkar’s goal.

5 minutes: Help from Valtinho and first shot by Eric Mendonza, just above the crossbar. Sporting was close to a goal again.

3 minutes: Tomas Paso shot, but Pushkar prevented the second goal of the Lions with the help of the bar.

1 minute: sports goal! A corner from Alex Merlim and Diego Cavinato at the far post touches the back of the net. 0-1

Start of the match

Starting five:

Sporting: Gitta, Eric Mendonza, Joao Matos, Diego Cavinato and Alex Merlim.

Dobovets: Pushkar, Chekh, Perich, Novak and Matoshevich.

Judges: Yuri Neverov (Russia) and Ingus Purinsh (Latvia)

Follow here at A BOLA online for all the events of this meeting.

The beginning is at 19:00. Sporting CP play in the third and final round of Group 2 of the Champions League main round against Dobovec from Slovenia. The Lions head to this encounter with their already guaranteed Elite Round qualification, knowing that a draw or win will also guarantee group top and seeding status for the aforementioned Elite Round on November 30th. and December 5th.

Good evening!

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The authorities demolished the house of the family of an athlete who competed without a hijab



The authorities demolished the house of the family of an athlete who competed without a hijab

Elnaz Rekabi made a splash around the world when he competed at the Asian Climbing Championships in Seoul in October, climbing without a hijab (Islamic veil). The action, interpreted by many as a gesture of solidarity with the protests of women in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini, cost the Iranian authorities to take revenge on the Elnaz family. Now it turned out that the athlete’s family home was completely destroyed.

Footage posted on social media shows Elnaz’s brother, Davud, crying in front of the rubbish pile that will become the family’s home. The video also shows the medals recovered from the rubble, which will belong to Elnaz and his brother, who is also a rock climber.

According to BBC Persia, a month ago, police ransacked the house and then demolished the house, which was supposed to belong to Dawood Rekabi, the brother of the Iranian athlete.

The Tasnim news agency, controlled by the Iranian government, reports that the house was demolished, but it was not an act of retaliation. According to Iranian authorities, Dawood did not properly obtain one of the building permits for the house, so it had to be demolished.

After the competition without an Islamic veil, Elnaz posted a video on social media in which he says that he forgot to wear a “hijab”. Again, upon her arrival in Iran, the athlete again stressed to reporters that “it was not intentional” that she did not wear a veil, saying she forgot to put it on when she got dressed.

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Shortly after returning to their homeland, Elnaz and his brother were detained and interrogated by the Iranian authorities.

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“He’s very lucky I didn’t catch him in front of me.” Deschamps is outraged that Kunde spent 42 minutes with a gold necklace – Observer



"He's very lucky I didn't catch him in front of me."  Deschamps is outraged that Kunde spent 42 minutes with a gold necklace - Observer

The clock was 42 minutes into the game between France and Poland when a violation of one of the rules of the game was recorded – in this case the 4th – by the French defender Jules Kundet. The Barcelona player entered the field with a gold chain around his neck. and was forced to seek the help of one of the members of the technical team to remove him after one of the members of the refereeing team drew attention to him.

The thread has already appeared in television footage, but apparently its presence escaped the attention of everyone, including the French coach Didier Deschamps, who spared no criticism of his player. “Kunde couldn’t start playing with the string stretched. I don’t know what he has on the necklace, I know he’s a bit superstitious and wears it in training. I don’t know what the thread means to him but I told him that he was very lucky that I did not catch him in front of me at that moment.— admitted the coach after the game.

BUT law 4 rules of the game aims to “equip the players”. Article 1 on safety specifies that they “may not use” the equipment or any items that present a hazard. 🇧🇷Use of any kind of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather or plastic bands, etc.), and must be removed before the game starts. The use of adhesive tape to cover them is not allowed. Players must be inspected before the start of the game and replaced before entering the game.

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The same law clarifies that players must be screened before the start of the game – it is not known how the golden thread escaped screening – and substitutes before entering the playing field. “If a player is wearing unauthorized/dangerous clothing or jewelry, the referee shall order the player” either “to remove the object in question or to leave the field of play at the next interruption” of the same “if he is unable or unwilling to remove it”.🇧🇷 If the athlete refuses, he must be warned. Kunde avoided the yellow card by quickly removing his collar.


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BALL – Leao receives a warning from the coach: “He has to jump” (Milan)



BALL - Leao receives a warning from the coach: "He has to jump" (Milan)

Stefano Pioli, Milan head coach, gave an interview Heaven Football Club and among the various topics covered was the talent of Rafael Leao, who is currently in the service of selection for the World Cup in Qatar and was considered the best player in Serie A last season in which Milan became champions. technician Rossoneri left a clear signal to the Portuguese international.

“Rafael is happy because Portugal had a good World Cup, but there is a lot of quality and competitiveness in the attacking sector of the Portuguese team. Rafael has the technique and speed that few players have, but he had to adapt to the realities of Milan, with all due respect to Lille, where he comes from, but here the pressure is different. Anyone who sees him train knows he has incredible potential, but he has yet to make the leap to become a champion because he can be even more determined on the opposite court. He goes there more shrewdly and decisively, but he is a player who can do anything.

– He is very smart and I am sure that he will achieve great success in his career. In an open field, he is unstoppable, he needs freedom of movement around the field, but I want him to be closer to the finish zone, I constantly tell him about this, ”Stepano Pioli emphasized.

In the service of Portugal in the World Cup, Rafael Leau scored a goal (against Ghana) in 58 minutes of use in three games by Fernando Santos.

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