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Actor James Michael Tyler, best known for his role as Gunther in Friends, dies – Observer



Actor James Michael Tyler, best known for his role as Gunther in Friends, dies - Observer

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American actor James Michael Tyler passed away this Sunday at the age of 59, having failed to resist prostate cancer. The actor became world famous for his role as Gunther in the cult television series Friends.

James Michael Tyler was diagnosed in 2018 – a disease that was already in its advanced stages and which had spread to the actor’s bones over the past few years – according to what he himself announced a few months ago – alarmingly worsening his health. James died “peacefully” at his Los Angeles home, according to his agent reporting the incident.

“Michael’s family knew him as an actor, musician, cancer fighter and loving husband,” he added. Diversity… “Michael loved live music, cheered his Clemson Tigers and often got into fun and unplanned adventures. If I met him once, I would become a lifelong friend. “

Recently, the actor has insisted on conducting an examination for the disease so that it can be diagnosed prematurely. “Wanting to help as many people as possible, he boldly shared his story and became an activist for those with a prostate to have a blood test at the age of 40,” the agent continued.


In June of this year, the actor revealed that the disease had spread to other parts of his body. “I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer that has spread to my bones. I have been dealing with this diagnosis for almost three years…. It is now stage 4, advanced cancer. So, you know, it will probably affect me, ”he said on NBC Today. At an early stage, the actor received hormone therapy, but last year he began a course of chemotherapy.

No TwitterFriends’ official account has already reacted to the actor’s death by writing: “And Warner Bros. Television mourns the loss of James Michael Tyler, a beloved actor and an integral part of our Friends’ family. We think about your family, friends, colleagues and fans. “

His character on the show worked at the mythical Cafe Central Perk and was considered by many to be the “seventh friend,” despite not listing the group consisting of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross. The actor, who appeared in nearly 150 episodes of the series that aired from 1994 to 2004, ended up also appearing – via videoconference – on the channel. The latest HBO Max special is Friends Reunion.

“I wanted to be a part of it, and initially I was going to be on stage, at least with them, so that I could participate in all the activities,” Tyler said of the reunion. “To be honest, it was bittersweet. But I was really happy to be included. I decided not to be a part of it physically and not appear on Zoom, mainly because I didn’t want to bring up the depressing moment, you know? I didn’t want to say, “By the way, Gunther has cancer.”

During his treatment, he continued to act, starring in two short films, Gesture and Word and Handling, which won him Best Actor awards at various national and international film festivals. James Michael Tyler has appeared on TV shows such as Sabrina the Little Witch, Scrubs and Contemporary Music.

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Will Smith cries and reveals his nephew’s startling question about slaps



Will Smith cries and reveals his nephew's startling question about slaps

On Monday night, Will Smith starred in an impactful interview in which he spoke openly about the controversy he was involved in for hitting Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars.

The actor admitted on The Daily Show hosted by Trevor Noah that it was a “terrible night” when he lost his mind and went on stage after hearing a joke about his wife to attack the comedian.

After all, Smith says he knew he “went crazy” or failed to cope with a painful moment that same day when his nephew, who is only nine years old, interrogated him about the act he had just committed. .

Dom, a nine-year-old “nice boy”, was waiting for his uncle at home after the gala and didn’t hesitate to ask him what at that moment intrigued everyone who watched the moment on TV.

“We get home, he stayed up late to see Uncle Will, we sit in my kitchen, he’s on my lap, holding an Oscar, and he says to me: “Why are you tired of this man, Uncle Will?” “, – recalled the actor, unable to hold back the tears.

Will Smith admits that he was going through a difficult time that day, and this factor, combined with many others, including growing up watching his father beat his mother, led to an unexpected reaction that he regrets. .

“There were many things […] I was the boy who saw his father beat his mother, you know? It all came down to this moment. […] I went through something that night, but that doesn’t justify my behavior,” he said, making sure he learned a huge lesson from the whole situation.

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“You asked me what I learned? I learned that we should be kind to each other,” he concluded on this occasion.

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Martha Melro in tears with a message from Vintém



Martha Melro in tears with a message from Vintém

The actress becomes emotional and cries when she hears a message from Paulo Vintema, her partner. It happened today “Two in 10” (TVI). What did the former member of Strawberry and D’ZRT say to Martha Melro?

Martha Melro is touched by a message from her partner Paulo Vintema.

On 2 in 10 (TVI) this Tuesday, Martha Blackbird she is surprised by a message from her partner Paulo Vintema and cries. The actress is clearly moved as soon as she hears words of praise from their daughter’s father.

“My love, look … today I took care of Aurora🇧🇷 Usually it’s you, because I go back and forth. And here we are joking, and now she is laughing at me. Aurora, I don’t know if you want to say something to your mom?!”, the artist began.

And while listening Paulo Vintemthere are images of him with their daughter Aurora, who was born last August.

Paulo Vintem continues: “…you are a wonderful mother. You followed your instincts from the very beginning. And one has only to look at her to understand that she is fine and continues to grow healthy, friendly, smiling and in a good mood. A very big kiss and… I love you very much!”

With a message like this Martha cries and says, “I’m a little out of my mind.” And he also shows that it was an “incredible” but difficult process. However, both she and her partner in that initial period of the first 15 days after the birth of their daughter had fun even from the nonsense they did.

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On a special date, Clara de Souza introduces a new member of the family: “Another reason to smile.”



On a special date, Clara de Souza introduces a new member of the family: "Another reason to smile."

Clara de Souza Congratulations! On Tuesday, November 29, the journalist and presenter of SIC celebrates her 55th birthday. Already in the morning and to commemorate the date, the face of the Paso de Arcos station was one of special guests of the programHappy House.

But before that, and through her social media, Clara de Souza also took the opportunity to mark the moment. The journalist shared a photo in which introduced a new member of his family.

(…) In addition to celebrating my 55th birthday with health and vigor, personal and professional satisfaction, I have one more reason to smile at my growing family.“, – he began with what he wrote in the caption for the publication.

His name is Lucky, and I’m lucky that he came into my life like that, without waiting.“, he added, showing pictures of the quadruped. Look below:

The publication apparently added sympathy to thousands of Clara de Souza’s followers. Among the many who congratulate the communicator, several are also partial to the tender photographs published by the journalist.

Clara de Souza recalls: “My mother gave me this responsibility when I was 9 years old.”

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