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A BOLA – Sporting vence Besiktas (Youth League)



A BOLA - Sporting vence Besiktas (Youth League)

Sporting has achieved their first victory in the Youth League after two draws with Ajax (1-1) and Dortmund (0-0). In the third round of Group C, they faced Besiktas in Istanbul and won 3-1, in a game in which their number was reduced to 10 after 10 minutes due to the removal of Gilberto Batista, but they managed to balance and go into the break to win after Diogo’s goal Travassosa.

In the second half, Besiktas drew early, but his number also decreased to 10, and in the end the lions won: Chico Lamba went into the penalty area and made the score 2: 1, and then Samuel Justo, who entered a few minutes earlier, scored a goal. in the afternoon, with a shot from outside the site.

90 + 5: FINAL. 1-3.

90: Three more minutes.

89: New cross from Travassos, goalkeeper decides. After that, Diogo Cabral shoots.

86: SPORTS HEAD, Samuel Justo! just entered. Crossing Travassos on the left, at the entrance to the site Samuel Justo is already shooting the third. Great target.

82: Sporting new substitution: Mateus Fernandez leaves, Samuel Justo enters.

81 years: The game now has less intensity

80: Shot by Diogo Cabral, rescuing Bilgin

78: Renato Veiga shot from a long distance, exaggerating a little.

75: Yellow card for Ilhan

73: There are now two substitutions at Sporting: Chermiti is leaving, Rodrigo Ribeiro is entering; Exit Lucas Diaz and Diogo Cabral enters.

70: Double substitution for Besiktas: Kulichy leaves, Bilgich enters; Tutar left, Yildiz entered.

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70: Yellow card of Kulichoi

61: SPORTS goal, author: Chico Lamba. Free from Lucas Diaz, Chico Lamba dives and scores.

49: BESIKTAS GOAL, by Delibas. Sporting loses the ball in the center of the field, Ilhan leads the attack. Delibas shoots, Callai defends up, the ball flies in front of Sporting’s goal and Delibas kicks right.

47… Clash between Tutar and Mateus Fernandez, both recovered

46… Substitution at Besiktas, Yagchi leaves, Demir enters

46… The second part begins.


45: Another five minutes to play.

45: Besiktas player banished… The second yellow after Agrap, now due to the absence of Mateus Fernandez, and red.

44 years: Yellow card for Agrapu foul on Chermiti.

39: SPORTS PURPOSE Diogo Travassos. Gonzalo Estevez runs down the right corridor, at the entrance to the area where he leaves to the right, where Travassos appears, kicking him with his right foot and kicking him with his left.

38… Delibas takes a free kick from the left, but goes straight.

38… Renato Veige’s yellow card.

38… Terzi’s yellow card

36: Yellow card for Gonçal Estevez for foul on Terzi

35 year: Center Terzi in the hands of the Sporting goalkeeper, safe.

33: Besiktas counterattack, with Vardar, in a good position, right in the center.

31 year: Departure stopped again for help in Vardar.

29: Now it is Gonzalo Esteves, who shoots from the left, into the hands of Bilgin.

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27: Shot by Mateus Fernandez, low, Bingin catches.

24: Lucas Diaz Shot, Bilgin Defense

17: Filipe makes a substitution after eliminating Gilberto: Kiko Felix leaves, Emanuel Fernandez enters

16: Yagchi charged for a foul, Gonzalo Esteves.

12: The game has been stopped to provide medical assistance to Delibas

11- Gilberto Batista excluded for lack, he lasts in midfield over Delibas. The referee does not immediately show the card, points to the foot, and the Sporting players are distrustful.

ten: Chermiti Shot in Bilgin’s Defense

6: Gonzalo Esteves tries to isolate Chermiti in the center, but the ball remains in the Turkish defense

2: Lucas Diaz caught offside in counterattack

12.30 pm: Start the game

Heating finished.

Warm-up teams:

Eis os onzes:

Besiktas: Emre Bilgin; Egemen Tutar, Emre Aydemir, Okan Agrap, Serkan Terzi, Demir Tiknaz, Emirkhan Delibas, Emirkhan Ilkan, Berkay Vardar (s), Semih Kilichsoy, Koray Yagachi

Suplentes: Goktug Baitekin, Azad Demir, Burak Yildiz, Aytug Komets, Nekati Bilgich, Yusuf Oral and Kadirjan Bulikly.

Coach: Onder Caraveli

Sporting: Diego Callay (c), Gonzalo Estevez, Chico Lamba, Gilberto Batista, Diogo Travassos, Renato Veiga, Dario Essugo, Mateus Fernandez, Kiko Felix, Lucas Diaz and Yousef Cermiti.

Subs: Diogo Pinto, Emanuel Fernandez, Martim Marquez, Diogo Cabral, Samuel Justo, Rodrigo Ribeiro and Domingos Andrade.

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Coach: Filipe Pedro

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BALL – Rangers legend: Goalkeeper dies after saying he had six months to live in May (Scotland)



BALL - Rangers legend: Goalkeeper dies after saying he had six months to live in May (Scotland)

Misfortune knocked on Andy Goram’s door. The former Scottish goalkeeper passed away this Saturday at the age of 58 from esophageal cancer.

The ex-Rangers had already left a chilling score on May 30, when he explained Daily entry that the doctors gave him six months to live. However, the disease progressed faster than expected, and the guardian died about a month later.

Born in England and educated at Oldham, Andy Gorham experienced the best period of his career from 1991 to 1998 at Rangers. He won six titles and was even recognized by the fans as the best goalkeeper in the history of the club. He also had a spell at Manchester United (2001) in which he won the Premier League and made 43 caps for Scotland, starting in the 1992 and 1996 European Championships.

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According to the local press, the security of the star entered into a heated skirmish with representatives of the airport.

Cristiano Ronaldo spent only one day in Menorca, but his short stay on this Spanish island was overshadowed by a small incident on the way to the island’s airport. According to the Menorca newspaper, as the Portuguese striker’s escorts were preparing to go through security in the space’s VIP area, there was a “bitter argument” between one of the CR7 guards and the airport authorities, which even led to the intervention of the Guardia Civil. According to the publication, which reports sources at the airport, it all happened when one of the attacker’s bodyguards walked past the control device and sounded the alarm. It was about the protection that he had on his finger, but since at that moment a woman was at the place for control, she asked to wait for the man to arrive in order to conduct a search. An element of the CR7 team did not like this, “he raised his voice, gesticulating furiously” before passing through security without proper body vision, although he was warned by officials that the Civil Guard would be called. Upon the arrival of the authorities, the situation was quickly rectified and Cristiano Ronaldo’s private jet took off half an hour late. According to the Menorca newspaper, Cristiano “watched the entire scene without participating, with the face of a few friends”.

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The Brazilian’s intention to leave PSG has been widely publicized, as well as the fact that he has Thiago Silva (with whom Neymar shares the dressing room in the Brazilian national team) and Thomas Tuchel in charge (who spent time at PSG from 2018 to 2021). year). ) help entice a 30 year old extreme. The only question is the scale of the operation, as PSG spent 222 million euros in 2017 and intend to recoup some of the money spent on a world record transfer.

If confirmed, it would be a paradigm shift for Roman Abramovich, who took over the reins of the club in 2003. If it is true that the Russian oligarch invested heavily in the Chelsea team during his time at the club, his consulate began by hiring two goalkeepers at…zero cost. Austrian Jürgen Macho and Italy’s Marco Ambrosio arrived at Stamford Bridge on the same day as Abramovich, but they can hardly be counted among the most influential members of the team, as they played eight matches together.

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