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A BOLA – Remember Election Day for President Benfica



A BOLA - Remember Election Day for President Benfica

This Saturday, Benfica elected its 34th president in 117 years of history. Rui Costa from List A defeated Francisco Benitez from List B.

The number of voters broke all records: 40,115 voters were present, with Rui Costa winning with more than 84 percent of the vote.

Live elections:

5:36 am: elections closed

5:24 am: Rui Costa ran for election

5:10 hours: Rui Costa took office

4:55 pm: Benfica’s new governing bodies take over.

4:54: Rui Costa is already in Pavillan da Luz.

4:51 am: Benitez addressed electoral defeat. Read here.

4:41 hours: Rui Costa officially won the election with 84.48 percent of the vote.

4:27 am: Benitez entered Pavillão da Luz.

3:51 am: Benitez is already at Luz Stadium.

3:43 am: Benitez will turn to electoral defeat.

3:31 am: Rui Costa won the election with 84.5 percent of the vote.

1:10 o’clock: The official result is expected at any time.

0:34 pm: Rui Costa is the 34th President of Benfica.

0:31 pm: Rui Costa is already in Luza.

0:12: Vice-Presidents Rui Costa are already at da Luz stadium

0:06 o’clock: TVI24 reports that 86 percent of the vote goes to Rui Costa in a partial count

11:54 pm: TVI24 states that Rui Costa was the candidate with the most votes in Casas do Benfica, with 95 percent of the vote.

22:19 hours: The final number of voters is 40,115 people.

22:17: The doors of Luz Pavilion No. 2 closed.

22:00: Time to close polls: vote counting begins immediately afterwards. It is expected that around midnight a trend in the end result can already be noted.

22:00: 40101 participants voted.

21.42 hours: 39832 participants voted.

21:28: 39466 participants have already voted.

21:18: João Leite, a spokesman for List B, issued a formal complaint to the Board of the General Assembly about electoral violations in several chambers in Benfica, in which the delegates on the list did not have access to all acts of the electoral process, as stipulated in the Statute. He rejected and considered incomprehensible the statements of Luis Filipe Vieira, who said that “too much democracy” in Benfica is “bad”.

20:22 o’clock: Voter record beaten. The previous value was 38102, and now it has reached 38208. Read Here

20:15 hours: 37850 people have already voted.

19.44: Adepts in Luza shout: “Benfica is ours, and so it will be until I die.”

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19:28: More than 36 thousand participants have already voted.

19.16: The queues for Estádio da Luz are over.

June 19: The number of voters in the Luz Pavilion alone has already exceeded the number of voters who also voted for Luz in October last year.

04.19: Fernando Ceara has already voted: Read Here

18.51: Voting is fast, partners praise the speed of the process.

18.40: 33,574 people voted.

18.13: Eusebio’s wife Flora has already voted, accompanied by her daughter Carla.

18.12: Nunu Gomes, former Reds scorer, has already voted.

18.07: List B makes a statement to journalists at 21.00 from spokesman Joao Leite.

17.57 hours: more than 31 thousand people voted.

17.40: queues again, past door 18, so everything moves slowly.

17.31 hours: Manuel Damasio has already voted. read Here

17.27 hours: More than 30,000 people have already voted.

17.02 o’clock: Tony cast her vote. read Here

4:45 pm: Former President Manuel Vilarinho has already voted. read Here

16.30: 26,593 people voted.

16.11: More than 25 thousand people have already voted.

04:04 PM: João Noronha Lopes, candidate for the 2020 elections, asks Benfica to come out “stronger” from this electoral law. read Here

3.47 pm: The Servir o Benfica movement, by Francisco Benitez, rejects the claims of Luis Filipe Vieira. read Here

15.38: After lunch, the voting queues increased again. 23,245 partners have already exercised their voting rights.

3:15 pm: About 50 supporters were waiting for Luis Filipe Vieira at the exit of the pavilion, many of whom were seen supporting the former leader, who was detained on July 7 during Operation Red Card. The atmosphere was tense and made the PSP calm. Contrary to what one might expect, Luis Filipe Vieira left through the side door and did not go through the mixed zone, which had about fifty fans.

3.35 pm: In statements to BTV, the former incarnate president declares that he is innocent of all charges against him and guarantees that he has “never robbed or harmed” the club. read Here

14.58 hours: Luis Filipe Vieira is already in the Luz Pavilion to vote.

14.39 hours: Exceeded the mark of 20 thousand voters.

2:25 pm: Pedro Nunes, a former roller hockey coach, also stopped by Luzom to vote.

14.21 hours: Benfica’s predictions point to a record number of votes.

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Voters at 13:00: 16 827
Projection at 22 o’clock: 47 116

Voters at 12:00: 13,392
Projection at 22 hours: 46,872

Voters at 11 am: 9,174
Projection at 22 o’clock: 42 812

Voters at 10:00: 5776
Projection at 22 o’clock: 40,432

Voters at 9 am: 2639
Projection at 22 o’clock: 36,946

13.51: Right now, around lunchtime, the situation in Luza is much calmer, there are not even queues.

13.47 hours: Francisco Benitez, List B nominee, was pleased with the broad support of partners. read Here

13.31 hours: More than 17 thousand participants have already voted.

13.16 hours: Rui Costa downplayed the criticism he received and recalled being a Benfica supporter in the past. read Here

12.55 pm: Several dozen participants gathered at the exit of the pavilion, who expressed their support for Rui Costa. List A candidate unfolded in selfie with several present and left to thunderous applause.

12.52 hours: Rui Costa has already voted for the union and appealed, stressing that the decision-making power is in the hands of partners. read Here

12.45 pm: Haris Seferovic, Adel Taarabt, Diogo Gonçalves and Rafa also voted for Luz.

12:43 pm: Alvaro Magallains, former player and assistant coach of the Eagles, also came to vote.

12.41 hours: Rui Costa will vote at this time.

12.23 pm: The threshold of 14 thousand voters has been exceeded.

11.57 hours: Rui Costa, the A candidate, is already in Luza to vote.

11.51 hours: More than 12 thousand participants have already voted. Keeping the rhythm, a record a year ago, when 38,102 members voted.

11.35 am: Players Julian Weigl and Diogo Gonçalves also voted for Luz.

11.30am: Luizao, CTO and Director of Performance, voted and said he was rooting for a “no-incident day,” calling for Benfica to unite after the election. “I expect there will be hard work and victories in the future, Benfica always come first.”

11.25 hours: the barrier of 10 thousand voters has already been overcome.

11.22: Rui Gomes da Silva, a former vice president and candidate for the 2020 elections, also voted and foresees new elections in a year and a half. read Here

10.58 hours: From what we have learned with some partners, the waiting time in line and the voting process does not exceed 20/25 minutes.

10.55: Benfica captain André Almeida was also in Luz to vote: “This is important not only for me, but for all Benfica fans. This is an opportunity to defend your opinion, and I think that being here today at the club is extremely important, ”said the defender.

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10.50: Rui Pedro Braz, CEO of Football, voted in the morning and, via a social media post, urged partners to be present at the polling stations. read Here

10.47 hours: 8 370 participants voted.

10.42: Pizzi, one of the team captains, has already voted.

10.35: Ricardo Araujo Pereira has already voted and, on leaving, did not spare the criticism from Rui Costa. read Here

10.09. The queues in Luza are still very crowded, but traffic is progressing at a good pace.

10.02 hours: 5 440 participants have already voted. At the moment, Ricardo Araujo Pereira, the partner who most recently supported Francisco Benitez’s list, is next in line. read Here

9.55 am: Sheu Khan spoke a few short words as he left the pavilion after voting early in the morning. read Here

9.20 hours: 3749 members have already voted

9.18: Jorge Jesus and football director Rui Pedro Braz vote.

9.17: 2639 people have voted by 9.00, BTV reports. At the Luz Pavilion, the lines are long, but always moving.

9.06. Benfica’s director of international relations Simão Sabrosa called on the partners to vote. “Partners make me come back to the time when I was a player, I felt affection. I encourage them to come and vote so they can choose, ”he told BTV.

9.06 o’clock: Central Ferro voted a few minutes ago.

8.58 hours: According to BTV, the barrier of one thousand voters in the Luz Pavilion has already been overcome, and a total of 2,200 people are registered in the country.

8.19 am: Antonio Pires de Andrade, President of the General Assembly (MAG), wanted to be the first to vote in the Luz stadium pavilion when everything was ready for the ballot boxes to open. “We already had a lot of people at the opening and everything went quickly,” he told BTV.

Jorge Jesus and the players will also vote. read Here

Luis Filipe Vieira vote in the afternoon, as part of a group of former leaders.

8.15 am: Sheu Khan, a symbolic figure, has already voted.

8.10. The queue at the Luz stadium is long; even before the opening of the doors in pavilion 2, where there are 20 polling stations, about a hundred people had already gathered.

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It is on the field number 1 of the Benfica campus in Seixal that the official women’s national football season will begin this Wednesday at 17:30, when Benfica hosts Braga for the Super Cup.

This season, the top four players from the last BPI league will compete for the trophy, facing each other in a semi-final system, followed by the final scheduled for the 26th at 20:30 in Leiria.

Philippa Patao announced the match at the José Martins Vieira Stadium in Almada. “We can count on a prepared team or trying to do our best given the somewhat atypical pre-season we’ve had. Since we are at Benfica, there are no excuses, we have done everything possible to ensure that the entire squad is at the same level, in the same form. They did a great job, they were flawless,” praised the coach.

“We will fight and I am sure they will give a great answer in the first official competition. The main challenge for our players is to understand that they will have to adapt a lot more to the game, it depends a lot on their understanding of the game itself and the involvement that is going on. We will also do our job to convey as much information as possible. In the end, this is a good test of the adaptability they can have in the game,” he stressed.

Philippa Patao considers this semi-final to be “a good challenge and also a moment of growth”. “For our part, we should focus more on who we are, on our principles and dynamics, and then try to adapt that in the game. We are very focused on getting trophies, although we know that even in terms of timing it is not ideal, given that we have Champions League qualification ahead of us, but it is a great goal.

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“We want to win everything, so we have to do everything to win. We usually tell these players that if they want to win and be happy for Benfica, they will have to fight for Benfica on the pitch as well. That’s where we need our biggest strength, the fans who are sure to give us another push when needed. I know that game time is not attractive, but I am sure that these girls deserve it,” she assured with conviction.

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