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25 years without Renato Russo: political activity in the work of the Brazilian rocker – Romulo Mattos



25 years without Renato Russo: political activity in the work of the Brazilian rocker - Romulo Mattos

Romulo Mattos *

In a statement recorded in the book Memórias de um Legionário, Legião Urbana guitarist Dado Villa-Lobos does not skimp on the importance of the band’s singer Renato Russo to the rock generation of the 1980s. for his fellow rockers Tom Jobim for the bossa nova and the MPB gang in the 1950s and 1960s. And he uses Gilberto Gil’s song “Gilbertos” about his teacher João Gilberto to deal with his bandmate, transferring his lyrics to the band. eighties rock context: “Appears every one hundred years, one / And every twenty-five an apprentice.” While to conservative minds this parallel established by Dado Villa-Lobos seems heresy, they are two of the most prominent Brazilian generations in popular music – and no one intellectually mature would agree with the validity of imposed hierarchy in art and culture.

If an unusual comparison appears at the end of the aforementioned book, it begins with the guitarist’s recollection of the death of Renato Russo on October 11, 1996. Dado Villa-Lobos recalls that he received the news on the phone at 2:15 am, which left him “stunned” despite learning about his music partner’s shaky health when he said goodbye to him for several days before. The musician also mentioned how much attention was paid to the death of the singer in today’s edition of Jornal Nacional, the program with the highest audience on Rede Globo. To convince journalist Lilian Witte Fiebe of the legitimacy of creating a special story about the life and death of Renato Russo in this TV news, William Bonner threatened to play the kilometer-long texts from Faroeste caboclo, in an unusual way explaining the importance of the Urban Legion to Brazilian pop culture. Dado Villa-Lobos also mentioned the path before the funeral, during which he listened to songs from the band’s recently released album A Tempest on radios installed in cars stopped at traffic lights. Finally, he mentioned the crowd of fans at the Caju cemetery in Rio de Janeiro with flowers and guitars; it gave the environment a strong dose of emotion.

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Why are these stories still grabbing our attention 25 years later, as evidenced by the various stories that have spread across the Internet? They belong to the leader of the most popular rock band in the history of the country, which has sold over 15 million records. But it is better not to limit the discussion to quantitative indicators. If your lyrics combine love, friendship and politics with a poetic quality, the tunes co-created with Dado Villa-Lobos and Marcelo Bonfa have made them easier for Brazilians to absorb. Legian Urbana was at the forefront of musical and cultural renewal during the political re-democratization, besides being most responsible for the consolidation of the rock chain in the 1980s, when the genre stopped swearing and became appreciated by record companies. The group, which played in clubs or discos, played with growing success in gyms, and at its peak in football stadiums.

Unlike the current music scene, Legião Urbana was a massive rock group that was heavily involved in political issues. It seems inconceivable today that a few decades ago a large Brazilian audience would consume songs that criticized: machismo (“A Dança”); a sharp comparison of the prison and school systems (“O Reggae”); militarism or war (“Soldiers”, “Plants under the Aquarium” and “Song of the Warlord”) and the most evil elements of the military dictatorship (“What is this country?”, “Faroeste Caboclo”, “1965” and “La Maison Dieu”); imperialism and consumer society (“The Coca-Cola Generation”); the naturalization of violence in the modern world, human failures reflected in Justice, and cultural alienation generated by television (Badder-Meinhoff Blues); bureaucratization of access to social rights (Metropolis); and the right-wing New Republic governments (Theater of the Vampires, Metal Against the Clouds, and Perfection). However, when buying the records of the group Brasiliense, fans came in contact with lyrics that: defend the historical struggles of the working class, while not forgetting about the environment (“Fábrica”); engage in gay topics (“Soldiers”, “Daniel in Cova dos Leoins” and “Boys and Girls”); and they carry out political protests without brochures (Lost Time and The Indians). Finally, these numerous listeners could come in contact with extracts from “Internacional Comunista” subconsciously mixed with “Será” in the introduction to the 1986 Dois album.

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It is worth emphasizing that the singer hated the military. Along with his college friends in Brasilia bars, he cursed the dictatorship through the microphone – definitely a dangerous position. And, in addition to being physically affected by the repression of that period, he saw his own songs vetoed the bureaucracy of military governments in the first half of the 1980s. Renato Russo’s critical appetite for dictatorship was also evident in songs recorded by other bands such as Veraneio Vascaíno, which appeared on Capital Inicial’s 1986 debut, “Oh no, the military must return.” (…) Have these people forgotten? (…) Have we really forgotten (…) how bad it is not to have freedom? “. In the same program, he mentioned fascism, which, in his opinion, it was necessary to talk about:

“I think the big press hesitates, it steps on the ball, and here in Rio de Janeiro there are big newspapers that give a whole page to fascists and bald people (…). Nazis are everywhere. (…) I mean they are sexist, they are intolerant, they are idiots, and the problem is that they are idiots with ideology. And suddenly I, as a person, as a person and as an artist, in order (…) to preserve a purity of conscience, it would be nice to give an answer to this. (…) I think information is important. Fascism, prejudice and intolerance are based on a lack of information. “

Twenty-five years after the death of Renato Russo, his texts and public statements are important for understanding and criticizing Brazil in the conditions of fascism and neoliberalism, and this is the main reason why his figure is highly revered – despite the fact that we live in the context of the trivialization of ephemeris, for which contributes to the accelerated production and consumption of news on the Internet.

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* Romulo Mattos – Historian (PUC-RJ)

** This article does not necessarily reflect the views of the Forum.

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Argentine Justice Tries to Derail Cristina Kirchner’s Political Future



Following in the footsteps of the same whore they did to President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa, the Argentine judge is trying in every possible way to derail the political career of Argentina’s vice president and senator. , Christina Kirshner. On Tuesday, she was sentenced to six years in prison for allegedly running a criminal organization to steal public money. She denies the allegations and says she is the victim of political persecution. Christina will not be arrested as she has privileged jurisdiction. In Argentina, the Vice President also holds the position of President of the Senate, and she serves in both roles until the end of current President Alberto Fernandez’s term next year and can run for a third term even if there is a court verdict. first instance. Christina can still appeal the verdict elsewhere until it reaches the Federal Supreme Court, a process that could take years. If she is ultimately found guilty, she will forever lose her right to hold public office. The vice president was convicted of allegedly patronizing businessman Lázaro Báez, a contractor from the Santa Cruz region (the province where the Kirchners began their political life), who won 51 public works contracts. Cristina was cleared of allegations of illegal relationships.

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political defendant



O arguido político

Alexander Faria
Writer, lawyer and president of Estoril Praia

Since this name does not exist in some countries, in Portugal a defendant can be identified as a person officially recognized as possibly responsible for the commission of a crime in a criminal proceeding. In the Portuguese legal regime, this only happens when there are indications, to be proven later, that a criminal offense has been committed.

Drafting a person as a defendant either for a hypothetical crime or for a possible traffic offense, for speeding or for driving a continuous lane gives him very relevant procedural rights and obligations, emphasizing the following: a lawyer, representing his defense and evidence that he did not commit such acts, as well as using the most important principle of criminal procedure law, his presumption of innocence until a final and non-appealable verdict is delivered, which condemns him completely, that is, the moment when you no longer have the opportunity to appeal. For this reason, in order to be able to cooperate with the administration of justice, the constitution as a defendant can be requested even by the person himself.

Our Penal Code, often regarded as one of the best in the world due to its humanistic vision of reintegration rather than a punitive one, does not include in its text a new figure that has emerged in recent decades in the Portuguese legal system. system, political defendant.

Holders of high government positions perfectly embody this new procedural subject. Since they have more responsibilities compared to the example they set, it is understandable that the demands are much higher and they should be severely punished in case of proven ultimate guilt. However, at the investigation stage, they lose the usual rights of a normal defendant in the rule of law. A political defendant does not enjoy the presumption of innocence, the consecration of material truth is distorted by the influence of public opinion, and the formation of a value judgment is carried out before the trial. Even the announcement of the term of identity and residence, a legally binding measure that merely confirms the elements of identification and determines the address for future judicial notices, involves penalties.

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In a society greedy for scandal, saturated with misinformation, infested with organized movements doing their best to discredit the political class and weaken the foundations of democracy, let’s agree that there is nothing more stimulating to fuel typical Latin envy than a political defendant. In this context, helping to discredit those we mandate is an added pleasure, allowing us to fight with a joy based on disappointment.

But this socially-instigated penchant for the political defendant is no indication that democracy is at stake. On the contrary, the conviction of the defendant for the crimes of evasion or abuse of power proves the principle of separation of powers in action. While we wait for the verdicts to become final.

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Lula is preparing the announcement of the bloc of ministers on the 13th



Lula is preparing the announcement of the bloc of ministers on the 13th

President-elect team Louis Ignatius Lula da Silva (PT) is preparing the announcement of the block of ministers on December 13, next week – the day after the diplomat’s PT in the EEC (Higher Electoral Court). In addition to guaranteeing a few more days to resolve deadlocksthe party intends to use the symbols of the “lucky number” on the date when it will announce the new folders.

Lula himself has already admitted that most of the future ministry has already been chosen. in Brasilia, former Minister Fernando Haddad (PT), Senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS) and former TCU (Tribunal de Contas da União) Minister José muzio they are already treated with the status of ministerial ministers – there is not enough officiality.

I will finish my studies on the 12th [de dezembro]🇧🇷 After graduation, after I am recognized as the President of the Republic, I will start choosing my ministry. No one needs to suffer, be nervous, create expectations, because deep down I already have 80% of the service in my head.”
Lula, at the press conference on Friday (2)

Lula was forced to announce the names of the new government. But it endured. He does not want to give the impression that he bows to any sector, be it political, economic or military.

In 2002, during his first term, he was under similar pressure and announced: December 10Antonio Paloccithen Transition Coordinator from the Ministry of Finance and Marina Silva from Environmental Protection.

Piece by piece. If he delivers on campaign promises at the start of a future government, the Esplanade should have ten more ministries early next year. The total number will increase from 23 to 33, three of which are new.

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The first names given for the declaration are:

  • Haddad on the farmwith the dismemberment of the Ministry of Economy, and
  • Muzio on defense🇧🇷 The statement of the former PTS minister could be the first this year, already this week.

It is likely that these readings will be confirmed prior to release. AT dinner with the senators, last week Lula already confirmed the names Muzio and elected senator Flavio Dino (PSB-MA) in fairnessaccording to Estadão.

Cited. However, on the next 13th, a more reliable list should be announced:

  • Vamet in the new Ministry of Social Development,
  • dino in justice, dismembered from public safety,
  • O Governor of Bahia Rui Costa (PT) in the Civil House,
  • O ex-chancellor Mauro Vieira return to Itamaraty,
  • BUT elected MP Marina Silva (Rede-SP) back to the Ministry of the Environment, and
  • O Deputy Alexander Padilla (PT-SP) upon return of the Ministry of Institutional Relations.

Lula’s team is still negotiating

Without confirming any names yet, the future government still needs to sort out some dead ends – and according to close leaders, everything was ideally resolved before the first big announcement next week.

With the dismemberment of the Ministry of Economy, it would be ideal to announce the name of the Treasury along with the name of Planning. Persian Aridone of the founders of Plano Real, received a higher rating.

Arida went so far as to say she wasn’t going to take over Planning folder, but according to interlocutors of the transitional government, his name was proposed by vice-president-elect Geraldo Alkmin (PSB) and accepted by Lula. The plan was to have a technical profile and a political one, with clear and complementary economic views on finance and planning, but negotiations cooled off. Arida is not ruled out, but not confirmed either. The only thing PT supporters guarantee is that Alcmine will nominate this portfolio.

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How wags make MDB. Vamet it also depends on your party. O MDB is bidding for at least three folders in the new government, but hopes it ends up in Lula’s private office given the senator’s importance in the second round of the campaign.

Emedebists are examining at least one leadership, senator and deputy for appointment to office:

  • Senator-elect Renan Filho (AL), former governor of Alagoas, will lead the Ministry of Mines and Energy.
  • Governor Helder Barballo (Pennsylvania), re-elected with the highest approval rating, will appoint the head of the Department of Regional Development.
  • There will still be room for an MP to be determined by the emedebista bench commanded by President Balea Rossi (MDB-SP).

Lula is in Brazil and his meetings with the transition team and political leaders are divided. Members of the Working Group on Planning, Budget and Management are scheduled to give interviews to the press today.

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