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What to Expect From the New Metal Gear Solid?



Metal Gear is one of the longest-standing video game series, with the original release dating back to 1987. Throughout the last 34 years, Konami has released 23 different Metal Gear games.

However, the fans of the series have been getting impatient lately, as it has been almost six years since the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Since then, they showed their presence in other gaming aspects, such as in pachinko. For Westerners, pachinko is comparable to spinning the reels, such as those found on slots online Canada. However, they only made it so far, considering the only games released were the underwhelming Metal Gear Survive and the MGS3-themed pachinko jackpot slot machine.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t come out with any official announcements when Metal Gear 6 will come out. But that hasn’t stopped us from hearing all sorts of rumours in the past several years.

So, what are these rumours exactly and is it even likely that we see MGS6 any time soon?

Rumours That Keep Appearing

The main reason for Metal Gear Solid 6 being put on ice for so long is the departure between Konami and the series creator Hideo Kojima in 2015. Kojima has moved on to create his own development studio (Kojima Productions), and his premiere game Death Stranding has done exceptionally well.

This has made many people believe that Kojima’s return to Konami is improbable. However, several rumours arose claiming that Kojima Productions will be involved in the announced Silent Hill reboot for PS5.

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Since Konami is the sole owner of the Silent Hill brand (and Metal Gear, for that matter), this would mean that Kojima and Konami may work together once more.

Unfortunately, these are still just rumours, and nothing official has been announced yet. When and if Metal Gear Solid 6 comes out and whether Kojima works on the project or not is anyone’s guess right now.

But if MGS6 were to come out, what would it look like? The most likely scenario is that the game continues the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain story. The game’s non-ending got many people scratching their heads and wondering if it was meant to be so from the beginning or it became a product of tensions during development. MGS6 would resolve that if it were to continue the story.

Alternatively, the new game might be a remake of the original Metal Gear in 1987. The game provides a great plot, and seeing the remake on next-gen consoles would make many fans happy.

Franchise Too Big to Remain Silent for so Long

The franchise hasn’t been inactive for more than two straight years since Metal Gear Solid came out in 1998. For some, it has been almost six years since the last actual Metal Gear game was released, as a lot of people were disappointed with 2018’s Metal Gear Survive and don’t consider it a worthy part of the series.

Since Kojima’s involvement with future Metal Gear games is questionable, many fans fear that even if MGS6 comes into existence, it probably won’t meet players’ expectations.

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Whatever the case may be, it’s almost a guarantee that we don’t see the new Metal Gear Solid in the next couple of years.

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Galopim de Carvalho awarded by the Portuguese Association of Geologists | Geology



Galopim de Carvalho awarded by the Portuguese Association of Geologists |  Geology

This Saturday, Antonio Galopim de Carvalho will be honored by the Portuguese Association of Geologists (APG). This morning at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL), the Session “Scientific Dissemination, an Important Part of Life Story” is part of the APG’s 13th Annual Meeting and provides an opportunity to see and hear a Portuguese geologist known as the “grandfather of the dinosaurs.” The night before, this Friday, at the end of the day, Galopim de Carvalho will also be at the National Museum of Natural History, Lisbon Botanical Gardens and Principe Real Gardens, participating in the Night of European Explorers program in the inevitable talk of dinosaurs. …

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Palmeiras-loaned defender joins Portuguese Championship round



Palmeiras-loaned defender joins Portuguese Championship round

Defender Pedrau, loaned by Palmeiras to Portimonense from Portugal, started the season well at the club and was selected to compete in the 6th round qualifier for the Portuguese Championship. The nomination came after a 2-1 home win over Santa Clara. On the field within 90 minutes, the defender made six cuts, two interceptions and two tackles, which was the third-best result of the match according to SofaScore.

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In total, Pedrao has four appearances for Portimão’s side in the competition, all in the starting lineup, with two wins, one draw and only one defeat. In 360 minutes on the field, he has eight interceptions, eight tackles and 13 undercuts, averaging 64 hits per game.

– I am happy to participate in the selection of the sixth round. I thank Professor Paulo Sergio for giving me the opportunity and continuity, it is very important for me to get along with my colleagues. I played only four games in the squad and already feel very good and have adapted to our game system, ”the defender analyzed.

Good play is also a consequence of the moment Portimonense is experiencing in competition. After six rounds, the team is ranked sixth in the league with three wins, one draw and two losses, four points behind the team. Sporting, the first club in the Champions League classification zone. In addition to Pedrao, the cast includes Ivan Angulo, who was also loaned by Palmeiras.

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– I think that my appearance in the round selection is completely connected with the moment in which the club lived. We are sixth in the championship and second in defense. The defensive work of our team has been done very well, ”stressed Pedrau.

Taken by Verdao for the season, the player traveled to Europe with a value set at 800,000 euros for 50% of his economic rights. For the negotiations to take place, Verdao extended the player’s contract, which expired at the end of 2022, until the end of 2023. The Portuguese club can take advantage of the purchase priority at the end of the rental period.

“Now I will continue to work hard to show my maximum at Portimonense, to be among the best in the round more often and to achieve the club’s goals for the season, because we started very well and it gives us full confidence,” he concluded.

Pedrau asked coach Abel Ferreira, returned, but was again loaned out. Wearing an Alviverd shirt, he played only two matches for the professional squad. At Verdao’s base, he became part of the group that was the 2018 Brazilian Champion.

Leila Pereira selects a ticket for the presidential election in Palmeira
After a goalless draw, Abel confirms Palmeiras’s strategy: “The plan was executed.”

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Meet Road 96, a procedural adventure entirely in Portuguese



Meet Road 96, a procedural adventure entirely in Portuguese

French independent studio DigixArt recently launched Road 96. Led by veteran Ioan Fanise (Valiant Hearts, Memories Retold), the game is an ever-evolving narrative adventure inspired by Tarantino, the Coen brothers and Bon Joon Ho.

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Developed by a team of 15 developers, Road 96 chronicles a summer 1996 journey, not just travel. On this risky journey to the frontier, you will meet amazing characters and uncover their interconnected stories and secrets in an ever-evolving adventure.

However, every kilometer opens up a choice. Your decisions change the whole adventure, the people you meet, maybe even the world. There are thousands of roads in the authoritarian country of Petria, and you will need to determine which one to take?

Road 96 is available for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam, GOG and Epic Store for R $ 49.96). On October 8, the game will still receive a physical version, which includes several exclusive items, as shown above.

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