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This rear does not deceive. Spy photos show the new Opel Astra van



Opel Astra carrinha fotos-espia

Since the first generation, the van Opel Astra is still popular in many markets – even in an unusual 2020, 51% of Astra’s total sales came from a van (source JATO).

You don’t expect anything but a van in the new generation Astra – recently and officially presented and which we have already been able to test, albeit as a test prototype… And this despite the threat posed by an SUV / crossover that puts enormous pressure on the sales of this body

However, with Opel Germany as “home”, which, in addition to being the largest market in Europe, is also the largest market for vans in the world, both in absolute and relative terms, there was nothing I could do but accept. with this.

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