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These are the October premieres of Netflix movies and TV series.



These are the October premieres of Netflix movies and TV series.

It is useless to harbor illusions, because the heat is already low and she is ready to say goodbye to us. The cold is already felt, and with it the desire for a warmer sweater, jacket and shoes that are more suitable for the season. Of course, Netflix always helps in this scenario.

In that sense, today we are leaving films and series that will debut on Netflix this October.

Since the beginning of this month, there have been several new features on Netflix. These premieres are published Netflix portugalhowever there may be others not mentioned here.

Day 1 - Seinfeld

About Nothing is an iconic series in which comedian Jerry and his three grumpy friends find the fun side of the mundane and the ridiculous.

This popular and entertaining series debuts on its first day on Netflix.


Day 1 - Maid

Fleeing an abusive relationship, the young mother becomes a domestic servant and struggles to meet her daughter's needs in the hope of a better future.

The original Netflix series opens October 1.


Dia 1 - Forever Rich

The famous rapper loses control when a humiliating video goes viral and pulls him into a dignity struggle for a long night.

The original film will also premiere on October 1.

Eternally rich

Day 1 - The Guilty

During a frantic day filled with revelations and solutions, a detective, overwhelmed by an emergency operator, tries to save a desperate woman.

You can watch this movie on Netflix next Friday, October 1st.


Day 1 - Diana: The Musical

The glamorous and tragic life of Princess Diana is revealed in this original musical, recorded prior to her official Broadway debut.

This film will also air on the 1st of next month.

Diana: The Musical

Day 6 - Someone's Home

Makani and his friends from Osborne High try to identify and stop the masked assassin who attacks the students at the school and reveals their deepest secrets.

This film opens on October 6th.

is there someone in your house

Day 13 - Safe Distance

The intense relationship between two young mothers, one of whom lives in the region and the other locally, testifies to an imminent environmental catastrophe and spiritual crisis.

The 13th is when you can see this original Netflix movie.

Safe distance

Dia 15 - YOU T3

Possessed and dangerously charming, he goes to extreme lengths to enter the lives of those who captivate him. Women can get hooked without even realizing it, and it may be too late.

The third season of this series will air on October 15.


Dia 20 - Night teeth

A young driver is in the service of two mysterious women on a night of binge. He does not understand that he has something to fear, except for the dangers of the road.

This Netflix movie will be available on the 20th of next month.

Night teeth

Dia 21 - Insiders

Twelve people think they are going through the final stage of selection to participate in a reality show. However, they are already being filmed in secret, at stake is 100,000 euros.

The first season will premiere on October 21.


Diameter 22 - lock and key T2

In this supernatural series starring Emilia Jones and Connor Jessup, the Locke brothers open the door to magic, mystery and danger.

You can watch the second season of this Netflix series on October 22nd.

Locke and the key

Day 29 - Army of Thieves

In this prequel to Army of the Dead, a mysterious woman hires a bank employee to steal impregnable safes across Europe.

This Netflix movie is set to premiere on October 29th.

army of thieves

Will you see any of these new releases on Netflix?

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Bruno Nogueira regressa à antena da SIC com ″programa que vai abalar consciências″



Bruno Nogueira regressa à antena da SIC com ″programa que vai abalar consciências″

“Tabu” é o novo programa de Bruno Nogueira, que a SIC estreará em breve. “Depois de princípio, meio e fim”, humorista assume formato inovador e premiado em todo o mundo, pelo sucesso em países como Israel, Canadá, Dinamarca, Espanha, Austrália, Suíça ou Bélgica, onde foi criado.

“Um dos maiores desafios de humor alguma vez feito na televisão portuguesa”, anunciou a SIC, promovendo o regresso de Bruno Nogueira à ação. A estação de Paço de Arcos promete um “programa que vai abalar consciências e suscitar o debate na sociedade”.

Adaptado do formato de sucesso internacional criado na Bélgica, “Tabu” irá explorar os limites do que se convencionou ser interdito ao exercício do humor. Quebrando preconceitos, Bruno Nogueira vai provar que os temas mais sensiveis podem ser abordados sem receios ou pudores.

Um exercício que se antevê libertador para os participantses na experiência, os telespectadores e até para o próprio humorista. Depois de passar uma semana com um grupo vulnerável, observando limitações e interações, absorvendo histórias e atitudes, Bruno irá tornar cada um dos elementos e as suas vivências protagonistas de um espectáculo de stand up ímpar.

Premiado pelo sucesso em países em países como Israel, Canada, Dinamarca, Espanha, Austrália, Suíça e Bélgica, “Tabu” tem estreia prevista para breve.

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At 78, Carlos Areya confesses his “sudden desire” to become a father again.



At 78, Carlos Areya confesses his “sudden desire” to become a father again.

Together 13 years Carlos Areya e beautiful rose told a little more about their relationship in the program Julia, from SIC. The actress conducted an interview with her partner, where they both talked about the possibility of having children.

“Two years ago you had a sudden desire to have a child from me”Rose said.

It was unexpected, but very well thought out. It took years to think”, – admitted Carlos Areya, recalling that the actress showed a desire to have children at an early stage of the relationship.

“I would say to you: “You are so young and just starting to take your first steps in the profession. Maybe it’s not good.” When an actress has more or less established a career, it’s good. Get married, get pregnant, get pregnant, go sign up, don’t sign up… Here you are, at the beginning of your career, it was a hindrance to your career. I thought so. Maybe I thought wrong”– said the actor.

“Then I thought about the instability of the profession and that we are surrounded by close relatives who could somehow support us. We didn’t have anyone, then financial instability … I put everything on the balance sheet, and no, not there.”, continuation.


“Suddenly everything became more or less calm, and what I thought about the people around us who could give us this support, I have two sisters who are the best women in the world. They would be happy if I gave them a child in their arms, and I would like to leave another child here, and Rosa too., reinforced.

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For her part, Rosa Bela explained that the baby has not yet been born because she believes that he is at a stage in life that “this shouldn’t happen”.

However, the couple does not rule out this desire.

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Khloe Kardashian criticized for selling her daughter’s used clothes: “Greed is above average”



Khloe Kardashian criticized for selling her daughter's used clothes: "Greed is above average"

She belongs to the most media-rich family in the world and recently made a name for herself by listing some of her three-year-old daughter’s used items for sale online. Khloe Kardashian shared link to buy clothes, but reactions in Twitter they were not kept waiting.

One of the things dress out Aristocrats Children, costs about 490 euros and a pair of jeans fendi were put up for sale for 438 euros. There is also tennis Gucci for 220 euros. “Who’s going to pay that much for baby clothes and second-hand clothes on top of that? These clothes could be donated to those in need”, “Tru’s clothes are much more expensive than many mothers can afford”, “Are you broke? These prices are ridiculous.” e “Greed above average– here are some of the dozens of comments criticizing the businesswoman and the star reality show.

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