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The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will honor the Galaxy Note with this (new) design!



The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will honor the Galaxy Note with this (new) design!

The smartphone will be released early next year. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and other members of the S22 lineup will include several design changes as well as general improvements to their performance. However, there is possible confirmation of an attribute that could convince users and fans of the Galaxy Note line to purchase one of the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra.

These are rumors that have spread on the Internet in recent weeks, pointing to this model as support. stylus S-Pen, as well as a slot in the phone for storing it. In short, the next Ultra will be the closest thing to the Galaxy Note you can find on the market in 2022.

S Pen almost confirmed for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Ice Universe profiler’s testimony on Twitter @UniverseIce adds his voice to a hypothesis previously reported by 4gnews.

This source also cites the Dutch edition of the Galaxy Club, which says that we will even have a hole and slot for S-Pen storage on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones. Actually a leak he is 100% sure of this hypothesis.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra digital images. Credit: OnLeaks / Digit

If confirmed, this will be a significant change to Samsung’s portfolio. Please note that until now only devices from the Samsung Galaxy Note line have had this feature, the S-Pen has been built into their case.

Consequently, when tested on the S22 Ultra, this would mean the final end of the Note range, as well as its assimilation with the S range. For the user, this could lead to better organization of the South Korean manufacturer’s production.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Possible Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra internals and S-Pen slot.

That is, instead of having to choose between the Galaxy S, which is due to arrive at the beginning of each year, or the Note, which is usually presented in August, we would have a single release in the first quarter.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the “new” Galaxy Note in 2022.

My guess is that Samsung is using as little footprint as possible in the camera area, which might save some weight and use that weight for the SPen to keep the overall weight of the phone at 228g.

– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) September 27, 2021

So far, the S Pen can be used on the Galaxy S21 Ultra as well as the Galaxy Z Fold3. However, it cannot be stored inside these devices, as with all models in the Samsung Galaxy Note line.

As such, we have significant design and construction changes to the Galaxy S22 Ultra to accommodate this component.

So for S-Pen enthusiasts and fans of the Galaxy Note lineup (a range we probably won’t see anymore, the Galaxy S22 Ultra would be a better alternative).

Finally, we will have to wait for the official presentation of this equipment to confirm or deny this possibility.

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Xiaomi will release another device on May 24



Xiaomi will release another device on May 24

Xiaomi has just announced that it will launch another product on May 24 to accompany the new Redmi Note 11T Pro and Mi Band 7 series of smartphones.

This is a RedmiBook Pro 2022 Ryzen Edition laptop with a new high performance AMD Ryzen processor.

RedmiBook Pro 2022 Ryzen Edition officially unveiled on May 24th.

A promotional poster announcing the RedmiBook Pro 2022 Ryzen Edition on May 24th.

The Xiaomi event scheduled for May 24 will be filled with new releases. Now, the Chinese brand has just confirmed that along with the new Redmi Note 11T Pro and Mi Band 7 series of smartphones, it will also officially launch the new RedmiBook Pro 2022 Ryzen Edition laptop.

As the name suggests, the new laptop will feature an AMD Ryzen processor. More precisely, it will be a chip from the more Ryzen 6000 family and from the H series, which means it will have high performance.

This new Ryzen 6000H processor is based on the Zen 3+ architecture, which includes an RDNA 2 GPU and uses a 6nm manufacturing process.

Although there is not much information about the new laptop, it is known that it will be equipped with a 14-inch screen and is expected to have DDR4 RAM and SSD storage.

Other information says that the new RedmiBook Pro 2022 Ryzen Edition will also be very light and thin, in addition to the fact that, like its predecessors, it will inspire with its design and performance on the competing Apple MacBook.

Some sources suggest that Xiaomi may also release a 15.6-inch variant of this laptop later, but for now, we should be very careful about this information.

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On May 24, Xiaomi also introduces new smartphones and a smart bracelet.

As we have reported in recent days, there will be a lot of news at the May 24th event as Xiaomi is also preparing to unveil its new Mi Band 7 and Redmi Note 11T Pro series of smartphones.

As for the new smartband, we know it will offer the best navigation experience with its built-in user interface, as well as built-in GPS support and a power-saving mode that can improve battery life.

The new series of smartphones will include two new models – Redmi Note 11T Pro and Note 11T Pro +, equipped with MediaTek processors and 5000 mAh batteries with support for 120W fast charging.

Book the date May 24th on the agenda now because the Xiaomi event promises a lot of welcome news.

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Microsoft is bringing a new search feature to Windows 11



Windows 11 Microsoft pesquisa novidade

Windows 11 is improving at an accelerated pace and getting a lot of news from Microsoft. Sometimes they appear shyly and unnoticed by all users and all functions.

Of course, the ongoing evaluation of this system reveals these changes and seeks to make them public. Thus, a novelty was discovered that will completely change the search for Windows, moving it to the center of the screen.

Windows Search is a key element for many users. They depend on this element to find everything they need, not only on Windows, but also on the Internet and in other places important to the User.

Build 25120, released a few hours ago, has an important new feature. This release debuts an easier way to search, though it's not yet available to all Windows 11 users.

Opening, even if by accident, confirms that Microsoft has now moved the search bar to the center of the desktop right in the middle of the center of this system. This is related to Windows 11 and therefore will show the results of the system first and then spread to the Internet and other places.

This new feature is not yet active for Windows 11 Insiders. However, with the right tool ViveToolyou can activate this novelty and thus explore what it has to offer users.

Windows 11 Microsoft Search new

Interestingly, when examining this new search, it's easy to see that Microsoft has changed the way it presents results yet again. This again links the user to Edge and ignores what is centrally installed in Windows 11.

There is still a long way to go to get access to this new feature in Windows 11. Microsoft will continue to develop this feature and will likely expand on the features it has, and then make it more versatile.

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Hogwarts Legacy is getting a touchscreen video of the game’s environment; check



Hogwarts Legacy is getting a touchscreen video of the game's environment;  check

BUT Warner collaboration with Avalanche and Portkey Games, released this Thursday (19) ASMR video of the new universe of Harry Potter; Legacy of Hogwarts. The premiere is scheduled for the end of 2022. The sensory experience presents the game environment and the sound of the rain intrudes and relaxes the minds of those watching. Check out the clip below!

So far, little information has been revealed about the Hogwarts Legacy other than the special gameplay in the special game state. what you can check here. For those who don’t know, the ASMR experience, or meridian autonomic sensory response, is a practice that is also used to relieve stress and anxiety in addition to relaxation. The method is widely used by people with insomnia problems, as it helps the brain to “turn off” and fall asleep.

Hogwarts Legacy will introduce players to a mysterious story involving the manipulation of ancient magic and the rise of goblins aided by dark wizards. The character in the game will be able to walk around Hogwarts Castle and visit several rooms, for example, four common rooms of famous houses – including Hufflepuff, which no one has seen before.

Read more!

An RPG game set in the late 19th century Wizarding World of Harry Potter, available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Warner Bros. I want to bet on Harry Potter

And speaking of the most famous wizard in the world of magic, recently the new CEO Warner Bros. DiscoveryDavid Zaslav, said that he wants to produce more content from the world created by J.K. Rowling for HBO Max; a way to use the power of a franchise to increase streaming. learn more here.

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