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Sergio Ramos records as a scoring defender



Sergio Ramos is one of the most iconic players in the history of Real Madrid. He played for the Spanish team for 16 years and it is for sure that he did not disappoint his fans. His aggressive playing style and his productivity make him a unique player, unlike any other. Find the latest news about the Spanish defender.

How many goals does Sergio Ramos have?

If we are talking about UEFA Champions League, Sergio Ramos is the only defender to have scored in two finals. He also became the highest-scoring defender in the entire history of the League in early 2020, when Real Madrid won 2-1 over Real Sociedad. Within the League, he has won an outstanding 22 trophies, played 671 games and scored 101 goals, 55 of which have been header goals. 

The Spanish player has also played 45 classic matches and he is the player to have played the most Champions League games without being a substitute. He has played 129 Champions League games, all of them as an incumbent for Real Madrid. In total, he won 5 titles in La Liga, 4 Champions Leagues and 2 Copas del Rey.

It seems that 2020 was a brilliant year for Ramos, who also plays for the Spanish national team. This team has seen him break a couple of records as well. That year, he broke the record for most minutes played in the national team —13,340 minutes at the time—. This record was previously held by Iker Casillas, who had played 13,336 minutes. 

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Sergio is also the most capped player in the history of the Spanish national team, in which he has played 180 games. In the year 2020, he also became the European player who has played the most matches in the Spanish national team, with a grand total of 177 international games at the time, overtaking the Italian soccer player Buffon, who had previously held that record. Ramos broke Buffon’s figure 15 years after making his national team debut, in the Spain vs. Portugal game that took place in October 2020.

Real Madrid’s hero

Ramos began his formal career in Sevilla F.C, but his biggest exploits were performed during his career in Real Madrid, which he joined in 2005. Back then, at only 19 years of age, he broke a transfer record, costing an amazing €27m. It was 10 years later, in 2015, that he was made captain after Iker Casillas left Real Madrid for the Portuguese team F.C. Porto.

For all the accomplishments he made, there is one that will surely stand out the most to Real Madrid fans. In the final match of the 13-14 Champions League against Atlético Madrid, Ramos became the man of the match by scoring a header goal which secured “La Décima” the team’s 10th trophy in UEFA Champions League. This match will definitely be engraved in Real Madrid fans for life.

Not the best record to have

Sergio Ramos is appreciated for the aggressive nature of his playing style. It has earned him countless records, but it has also backfired for him, since he is the player with the most red cards in La Liga, having accumulated 20 red cards and also 26 send-offs. Surely not the record he appreciates the most.

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New horizons: PSG

Unlike his brilliant 2020 season, the 2021 season has been rough for Ramos. He has struggled with injuries and also caught COVID-19. 

In July, there was an announcement that the Spaniard was transferring from Real Madrid to the French team Paris Saint-Germain after 16 successful years playing for the Spanish team. He chose the number 4, he said, to bring him good luck in this new beginning. 

After his medical examination, the doctors said he had the physique of a 25-year-old. There is no doubt he will be looking forward to breaking countless more records in his new team.

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BALL – the secret of the (excellent) lawn of the Parc des Principes (Paris Saint-Germain) is revealed



BALL - the secret of the (excellent) lawn of the Parc des Principes (Paris Saint-Germain) is revealed

Considered the most beautiful ground in Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain revealed the secret to the success of the Parc des Princes green carpet this Saturday: none other than…hawks!

Six years ago, a falconry company was hired to protect the lawn from pigeon attacks.

“It takes 12 weeks for a turf in good condition. This year the concerts had to work longer before the competition returned. Big cities like London or Paris are famous for pigeons. They eat grass seeds, and without seeds we have no grass. That’s where the hawks come in – a tactic to scare away the pigeons and thus allow the grass to grow naturally,” said Jonathan Calderwood, head gardener at PSG.

“On the first day we make thirty or forty attacks, some birds are specially trained to interfere with stadiums. For example, the hawk “Harris” comes directly from the United States, it is one of those who hunt in packs, like wolves,” Calderwood explained.

For this service, the Parisian emblem pays Christophe Puzin for falconry about 20,000 euros per year.

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BALL – Rangers legend: Goalkeeper dies after saying he had six months to live in May (Scotland)



BALL - Rangers legend: Goalkeeper dies after saying he had six months to live in May (Scotland)

Misfortune knocked on Andy Goram’s door. The former Scottish goalkeeper passed away this Saturday at the age of 58 from esophageal cancer.

The ex-Rangers had already left a chilling score on May 30, when he explained Daily entry that the doctors gave him six months to live. However, the disease progressed faster than expected, and the guardian died about a month later.

Born in England and educated at Oldham, Andy Gorham experienced the best period of his career from 1991 to 1998 at Rangers. He won six titles and was even recognized by the fans as the best goalkeeper in the history of the club. He also had a spell at Manchester United (2001) in which he won the Premier League and made 43 caps for Scotland, starting in the 1992 and 1996 European Championships.

Gloves hung up, he still worked as a goalkeeping coach at minor clubs in Scotland such as BSC Glasgow, Dunfermline Athletic and the Airdreonians, from which he left in October 2016.

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Discussion at the airport control regarding the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Menorca



Discussion at the airport control regarding the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Menorca

According to the local press, the security of the star entered into a heated skirmish with representatives of the airport.

Cristiano Ronaldo spent only one day in Menorca, but his short stay on this Spanish island was overshadowed by a small incident on the way to the island’s airport. According to the Menorca newspaper, as the Portuguese striker’s escorts were preparing to go through security in the space’s VIP area, there was a “bitter argument” between one of the CR7 guards and the airport authorities, which even led to the intervention of the Guardia Civil. According to the publication, which reports sources at the airport, it all happened when one of the attacker’s bodyguards walked past the control device and sounded the alarm. It was about the protection that he had on his finger, but since at that moment a woman was at the place for control, she asked to wait for the man to arrive in order to conduct a search. An element of the CR7 team did not like this, “he raised his voice, gesticulating furiously” before passing through security without proper body vision, although he was warned by officials that the Civil Guard would be called. Upon the arrival of the authorities, the situation was quickly rectified and Cristiano Ronaldo’s private jet took off half an hour late. According to the Menorca newspaper, Cristiano “watched the entire scene without participating, with the face of a few friends”.

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