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Sergio Conceição: “The referee gave yellow cards to FC Porto players easily” – FC Porto



Sergio Conceição: "The referee gave yellow cards to FC Porto players easily" - FC Porto

The coach explains Zayd’s departure right during the break and praises the dragons for the demonstration

Sergio Conceizau believes Porto had a good plan for a 0-0 draw with Atlético in their Champions League debut. In an interview with TVI24, the FC Porto coach emphasized Porto’s slight superiority in the second half and explained the eleven hits of Jesús Corona and Zaidu.

What does this result look like?

“It was a point won, we wanted to defeat all three. We knew about the individual qualities of Atletico. As I expected, it was a very competitive game in which Atlético got off to a good start. This or that problematic situation in our third match, but so do we. … balance. The second part is more divided, but we are with more dangers and clearer situations for us. “

Changes in eleven

“Some were surprised about the eleven people, but this is part of it, for me to decide, depending on what I see on a daily basis, as well as on the team that is in front of us. We must look at this with respect and humility. … “

Corona e Zaidu?

“I shot Zaid during the half-time for a yellow card. I felt that the referee could easily issue yellow cards to FC Porto players. I wanted the wingers to do important work. jump widely with intelligence and speed. Corona and Zaidu, because of who João Mariu was in the beginning, but with some notoriety, I thought Corona’s experience and Zaidu’s speed might be interesting. “

Taremi’s goal was not counted (already at the press conference)

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“I still haven’t seen the move, I don’t know if there is a penalty before a possible hand. I know that when Mbemba is removed there is no reason for it. in Game. The rest of the game was competitive. “

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Carlos Secretary, former Porto player, suffered a stroke



Carlos Secretary, former Porto player, suffered a stroke

Carlos Secretaryformer international and Futebol Clube do Porto, suffered a stroke and was hospitalized in intensive care, the newspaper said. The game.

In a brief interview after Porto’s victory over Vizela this Sunday, August 14, Sergio Conceisau already spoke about the situation with the ex-footballer, although he did not name him. “At the end of the game, I received the news that my former colleague had health problems and was in the hospital in a serious condition. I can’t feel happy right now.”said the coach of the blue and white badge.

However, the Futebol Clube do Porto later confirmed that it was Carlos’s secretary, sending a message of strength circulated in Twitter. “Go on, Secretary Carlos. The blue and white family comes together in a message of strength to our former player.”can be read.

It is recalled that the former footballer became famous in the service of the club from the invincible city, where he won six national championships, five Portuguese Cups, four Candido Oliveira Super Cups and one UEFA Cup. He also wore a Real Madrid jersey in the 1996/97 season when he became Spanish champion. He also played for Gil Vicente, Sporting de Braga, Penafiel.
Famalican and Maya.

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BALL – Real Madrid struggle to beat Almeria (Spain)



BALL - Real Madrid struggle to beat Almeria (Spain)

Real Madrid beat Almeria 2-1 in the first round of La Liga. Samu Costa and Diego Sousa were the starting lineup for the Andalusian side that has risen to the top tier of Spanish football this season.

And it looked good even for the home supporters who saw Almeria take the lead in the 6th minute as Rmazani ran behind the defenders and beat compatriot Courtois. With some changes from the eleven that won the European Super Cup, Carlo Ancelotti decided to put the most famous faces in the second half and ended up being rewarded.

At the 61st minute, Lucas Vazquez persistently restored equality. And in the 75th minute, David Alaba sealed the turn in Ancelotti’s genuine stroke of genius (see related news) that guaranteed Merengue’s win at the start of the competition.

Results of the first round of La Liga

Friday (August 12)

Osasuna – Sevilla, 2:1

Saturday (13 August)

Celta de Vigo – Spaniards, 2-2

Valladolid – Villarreal, 0:3

Barcelona – Rayo Vallecano, 0:0

Sunday (14 August)

Cadiz – Real Sociedad, 0:1

Valencia – Girona, 1:0

Almeria – Real Madrid, 1-2

Monday (August 15)

Athletic Bilbao – Mallorca (16:30)

Getafe – Atletico Madrid (18:30)

Betis – Elche (20:30)

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18 year old put Boavista on top! ::



18 year old put Boavista on top!  ::

Martim Tavares, an unlikely hero! At Bessa, Boavista added another win in a heated, uncertain game, with chances and penalties and a send-off that changed the course of events. At a meeting of friends Petit and Mario Silva, the second smiled during the break, but cried after all, as predicted by his childhood friend in the preview. The 2-1 victory was hard-fought but well-deserved and puts Boavista at the top of the league. It’s still too early, but it’s a great indicator for the new season. Still no reinforcements…

poisonous panther

A week ago, also with those eleven (as there is still no green light for reinforcements), Boavista came out more crouched against the offensive Portimonense and managed to score. So this first part was a bit of the opposite. Checkers were better, more offensive, more effective… but less effective.

Allano was one of the most disgruntled Manuel Morais/Capta+

Santa Clara hit the gates of Brakali only once, but came into the break with a precious advantage. As? Thanks to the genius of Rildo, still unknown to anyone and who even had bad deeds in the first part, where he kind of drove at a reduced speed. Except for this shot, of course. He left Cannon behind, faced Abascal and Cannon himself, and then even passed Brakali and scored. Either way, it’s best to see here.

With space on the flanks where Hamashe was better than Maleiro, there was freedom to cross, but very little skill in the finishing zone – Yusuf, who soon had a showy clash with an opponent, was especially disorientated in this role. In addition, Marco was not too bothered by the numerous shots from outside the area.

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The lead was short-lived and Mario Silva felt little comfort in seeing Boavista turn more aggressive in the second half.

red and new blood

Shortly thereafter, Azores security failed when Bruno Almeida was expelled. At 10, the defense became almost exceptional, despite attempts by Bobsin and Rildo to move the ball into safer areas.

Manuel Morais / Capta +

Boavista naturally grew and it didn’t take long to reach a draw, in a Hamash cross that Yusuf (already more oriented) deflected towards goal. However, this was not enough, so Petit took the risk of changing the system by removing a defender and replacing him with an attacker.

It was not just a striker, it was a young Martim Tavares who quickly emerged from anonymity. In the first act, he responded to Maleiro’s canopy on the right and returned to the frenzy of more than five thousand people who were in Bess.

From there, the team handled the game more calmly, but didn’t give Santa Clara much hope. Bracali had little to no work to do, but on the other hand, there was still a festival of opportunity: Luis Santos and Gorre were close to scoring a goal, and Yusuf still missed a penalty that hit the post.

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